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Projected league for 2022-23

By ChrisHFC4/5/2022 10:39Wed May 4 10:39:12 2022

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Recently there has been some talk about which league we will be in for next season; some of that talk generated by myself. This was influenced by League Projections for 2022-23 posted on the Non League Matters website forums.

At the time of the Awards evening and our last two matches, the current projection then on NLM showed us placed in the Isthmian Premier for next season.

Now that the playoffs at our level (step 3) are complete, and 87 of the 88 clubs at our level next season are known, (the one exception - who is to be relegated from National League North - will not affect us), the projections across all steps have been updated on NLM.

The latest projection shows us remaining in the Southern League Premier South, and not transferring to the Isthmian Premier. It also shows that potentially we will face six new clubs in the SLPS next season, namely Bognor Regis Town, Corinthian-Casuals, Bracknell Town, Hanwell Town, Plymouth Parkway, and Winchester City - these replacing Taunton Town, Farnborough, Merthyr Town, Wimborne Town, Chesham United, and Kings Langley.

Please note that this is only the latest projection for next season; it is not set in stone, and is subject to further change.

The final placement of clubs in leagues at steps 1-6 is to be decided by the FA, and will be announced by them on a date yet to be specified, but which is expected to be before the end of May.

Once the league makeup for next season is officially announced by the FA, we will make it known on the website as soon as we can.

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Re: Projected league for 2022-23

By The Ancient One4/5/2022 15:30Wed May 4 15:30:19 2022In response to Projected league for 2022-23Top of thread

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Whilst I appreciate that the league structure is only projected and we are not sadly returning to the Ryman it will be good however to meet up with the likes of Bognor and Casuals again. Will the traveling be any less?
Disappointed not to get an end of season interview with Lee after the Merthyr game and the outstanding effort by him and the squad to follow it up with the Brentford match. Outstanding effort! An improved home gate last game, and it would have been interesting to see who from the 1972 team came along. Ah well never mind.

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Re: Projected league for 2022-23

By ChrisHFC4/5/2022 21:47Wed May 4 21:47:09 2022In response to Re: Projected league for 2022-23Top of thread

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Regarding the travelling for next season, based on the current projection there's not a definite like for like, but Plymouth Parkway replaces Merthyr Town, Winchester City replaces Wimborne Town, Bognor replaces Taunton Town, Bracknell replaces Farnborough, Hanwell replaces Kings Langley, and Corinthian-Casuals replaces Chesham United.

Assuming these changes hold, we have a third trip to Devon, and gain a trip to Hampshire and one to West Sussex against trips to South Wales, Dorset, and mid-Somerset. There's not much difference involved in the other three changes, so travelling may be a bit less, unless Truro move to play somewhere in Cornwall, which is a possibility, though a slight one.

We won't know about travelling for next season for certain until the FA announces the make-up of steps 1-6 for 2022-23; this is expected by the end of May.

The improved home gate against Merthyr was chiefly due to the 1972 squad plus family members, together with a number of youth team players, though fewer of these than expected or hoped for. Merthyr brought a good number of supporters.

The 1972 players attending were John Evans (manager), Jimmy Quail (assistant manager), John Swannell, Gary Hand, Peter Deadman, Alan Phillips, Rod Haider, John Connell, Tony Bass, John Baker, Keith Jameson, and Ted Moore. Also attending were Micky Cooper, Micky Cannon, Paul Currie (all occasional players in 1972), and Alan Campbell, who joined us in 1975 and who is a regular at the Dermot Drummy days. Various family members of these players also attended, and I think Peter Anderson (ex-Luton) was also there.

Missing players were Tony Jennings and Bobby Childs, who have both died in the interim. David Hogwood and Arthur Paisley both intended to be present, but had to cry off.

I don't think I've forgotten anybody - my humble apologies to those concerned if I have missed anyone.

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Re: Projected league for 2022-23

By David B5/5/2022 09:47Thu May 5 09:47:50 2022In response to Re: Projected league for 2022-23Top of thread

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I loved catching up with the former players, but I always do! The Peter Anderson who was there was the centre-half/right-back, who joined from Ilford with the returning Peter Deadman and Dave Holden. Peter played for John Evans at Lynn Road when the Foxes played in the final FA Amateur Cup in 1974 – Tony Bass was at centre-forward for the Bishops, who were managed by future Hendon boss Ted Hardy. I have seen Messrs Deadman and Anderson socially at lovely lunchtime gatherings with members of that Ilford team and a few other Essex clubs. Sadly these gatherings died with the organiser early in Covid-19 lockdown 1.

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Re: Projected league for 2022-23

By ChrisHFC5/5/2022 19:48Thu May 5 19:48:00 2022In response to Re: Projected league for 2022-23Top of thread

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Thanks for the correction re Peter Anderson, David.

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End of season interview

By johnnybaker4/5/2022 21:02Wed May 4 21:02:33 2022In response to Re: Projected league for 2022-23Top of thread

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Lined up to be shown on HFCTV - our YouTube channel - are the end of season awards, the 1972 players and interviews with them, and a behind the scenes look at our final with Brentford.
You can subscribe to the channel so you get all the updates - see here

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Re: Projected league for 2022-23

By Fol-De-Rol4/5/2022 16:32Wed May 4 16:32:22 2022In response to Re: Projected league for 2022-23Top of thread

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The only semi-logical way I can see for Cor-Cas & Boggies to be moved to the Southern is for Suffolk (i.e. Leiston & Needham) to go back to the Isthmian.

With Stowmarket & Ware losing in the playoffs, the Isthmian Premier looks to retain a snug, logical fit by simply accepting relegated Billericay and the 4 clubs promoted from the North and SE divisions.

Worthing going up means two 1,500 - 2,000 gates for the Bognor-Worthing derby no longer need to be considered, but I still can't see why the Blazers would split Sussex.

Boundaries between the two Southern League divisions at Step Three look less clear.

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Re: Projected league for 2022-23

By ChrisHFC4/5/2022 20:52Wed May 4 20:52:44 2022In response to Re: Projected league for 2022-23Top of thread

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The current projection does have Leiston and Needham Market moving to the Isthmian, being replaced in the Southern Prem Central by Chesham and Kings Langley.

Alternatives moves from the ILP to the SLPS could be Corinthian-Casuals and Kingstonian, or Bognor and Horsham. The latter does have the advantage of keeping the West Sussex clubs in the same league. Lewes, being fairly well into East Sussex, are too far east to consider.

The relevant NLM forum suggests that the FA will, whenever possible, limit lateral transfers of clubs, i.e. moves of clubs between leagues at the same step. The current projection for ILP/SLPC/SLPS has six lateral transfers; the previous projection had three - Hendon to ILP, Brightlingsea or Bishop's Stortford to SLPC, and Berkhamsted to SLPS, but Berkhamsted blew that apart by losing in the SL1C playoffs.

It's not clear who the FA could move to the SLPS from the SLPC of the season just ended to replace Berkhamsted - Hitchin appear to be the most southerly club.

If anyone is interested in looking at the latest projections for him//herself, please use the following link:

To repeat, these are only projections at this time. The FA announcement, expected towards the end of this month, will be what counts.

Edited by ChrisHFC at 20:55:49 on 4th May 2022

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Re: Projected league for 2022-23

By rwakeley6/5/2022 13:59Fri May 6 13:59:50 2022In response to Re: Projected league for 2022-23Top of thread

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"As above, so below" FWIW, I agree with John Rogers over on Fans FB that in all likelihood nothing much will change. I'm probably the only one on here, advocating, purely from a footballing perspective, the merits of staying put. I believe, if and when we challenge, it toughens us up, in terms of preparedness for the next level. The Ryman, for me is starting to resemble the likes of Midlands football in the 80s. Squeezed out by the North and South, a bit bland and predictable. The expansion of the Connie South from next season, to me, looks like a failed concept. More games, a year of bad weather could create chaos. I don't believe any dilution through the means of expansion results in enhanced quality.
As for the Southen. The non-inclusion of the likes of Worthing and Bognor only undermines our own standards, leaving a greater concentration of games against the likes of sides, one would normally associate with earlier qualifying rounds of the FA Cup. I think the expansion of the league above is a key issue.
As for Cheshunt. Off the top of my head, I typed on here years ago how only once in approx, 50 combined amalgamated attempts of play-offs throughout the Ryman divisions had seen a side finishing 5th had obtained promotion. For me. maintaining a natural balance is significant as its alternative tends to drive the gaps in the longer run, farther apart.
I understand the argument for play-offs but with the expansion of the Conference South, I am feeling uneasy that the demands on clubs, in all divisions, maybe actually become more burdensome.

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