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History repeating...

By rwakeley5/9/2021 00:41Sun Sep 5 00:41:23 2021

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I was not present today and hence I maybe open to incoming flack, but I have arround enough to be able to distinguish some previous. We had a game v Harrow with little or no quality. The red cards, now boiled over into malfeasance.
Akin to Sudbury, FAT territory. On reflection, they were probably favourites. Short-passing types through the middle our un-doing. I thought this was almost inevitable. We looked ripe for a more energetic couter-part post Harrow.
We are, not right now, in the right physical shape or mental shape. It happens. I was far more critical post Dorchester for different reasons. Not past lessons learned. Today, a tough day, different criteria.
Not the disaster some may portray - more indicative of our overall curtailment. I think it's good. A different test.
The bottom will soon be in and we will turn fortunes around.
Plenty of time to make this a season to unleash our potential - keep the faith. We are blessed with some great talent at our disposal. We have a point to prove. Frustrating now as it is, use it as a positive. Quietly, go about putting things right!

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Re: History repeating...

By Dessie5/9/2021 08:45Sun Sep 5 08:45:53 2021In response to History repeating...Top of thread

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Rob I was there. This was a dismal showing. Poor Liam, in for his first game after injury pre-season. Who thought that a long aerial ball tactic would be suitable against a team with three huge centre halves? We created one good chance in 90 minutes and Troy managed to slam it wide. Corcoran was sent on with about 15 minutes left and was laughably out of condition. This is not a good look, and nor is three red cards in the last four games plus two street brawls. Driving back I heard the Corby manager on Radio Northampton. He said it was the first time they had played well this season, praised his keeper for catching a few crosses and thought they should have got a couple more. Remember Corby are near the bottom of a Step 4 division and absolutely nothing special at all.

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Re: History repeating...

By Warwickshire Dons5/9/2021 19:05Sun Sep 5 19:05:21 2021In response to Re: History repeating...Top of thread

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Well said! I was also there yesterday and that sums up the encounter quite nicely. "Not good enough" was a comment at the end of the match and it was hard to disagree.

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Re: History repeating...

By John Rogers5/9/2021 19:21Sun Sep 5 19:21:27 2021In response to Re: History repeating...Top of thread

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Absolutely - can't argue with anything said above. A hugely disappointing afternoon.

I remember a few years ago banging on about ill-discipline, I can't really be bothered to today. The whole episode that led up to the red card was pathetic.

It was a performance that lacked direction, creativity, guile, particularly second half which was witless. There were a couple of passengers in the side. I know we're struggling for a centre-forward at the moment but we're not even looking like creating anything at the moment, let alone scoring. Farnborough, Harrow and yesterday I think we've forced one 'good' save from the opposition goalkeeper.

Really felt for Liam Brooks - first match of the season and he's not even getting scraps to feed off yet still he ran his knackers off.

Big improvements needed in many areas.

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rt 1

By rwakeley6/9/2021 19:58Mon Sep 6 19:58:03 2021In response to Re: History repeating...Top of thread

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Appreciate the feedback. Lee said 'not all doom and gloom' - same thought Saturday in my head. Different Saturday.
Is it possible to form conclusions on a 6min post-match video? For me, a very revealing set of highlights.
Early Corby attack. The contrast. Ball out wide, we with Brooks, Sean or Wilson would almost certainly make a bee-line for the by-line. They passed back for a back to deliver a guaranteed cross for a target man. Not just in the current climate we have limitations in that regard. That is not a cricism, but a style related issue. A physical side in our league, A Truro, a Taunton would have almost surely replicated the Corby instance. Regardless, I do think we can mix and match more, moreover there are times when you have to mix things up. The second ball ratio of wins for me is a concern. I do have an inherant problem with our shape. For me, our wide lads are very high and are constantly in wait for service. There is not the interaction with other players. A Carshalton side spring to mind. Quick gives and goes.
I have recently highlighted my thoughts on our distribution in this regard from the back-line being our main source of attack. Part 2. Coming up, the date 20th March 2018!

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Part 2 - Computer problems aside!

By rwakeley6/9/2021 20:14Mon Sep 6 20:14:34 2021In response to rt 1Top of thread

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Staines away lost 0-4, part of our run into the play-offs! The significance. For me, the best performance I've seen from Tommy Brewer. It was for Staines! My view from playing from the back is not predicated on some dodgy passing amongst the backs, it's what he did that night. He stood all night around the centre-circle - goalie rolling the ball to him, everybody using him as a fulcrum. Short passes to the wide lads pushing forward - longer balls, the type now being played to Sean - only on this occassion to Elliott Buchanan. He ran the show.
I spent the first two seasons in this league, wanting someone like him. Now we have him. Not only that, I think we have others of whom can fullfill the role. I want to see him do more of that. That night he was 20 yards further up the field.
Other sides have an outlet from the back. I thought the Willie Young lad at Arsenal's level had it. We need link-up play to start from the back. Lee knows, he used the word 'fluency'
I thought Saturday rammed home a lot of pointers. Also with Brewer/whoever else, I want to make another point.
A lot of oppos main threat all constitute around the No 10. I think Tommy is equipped more than most to intercept this threat. I always admired 'Big Dave' for closing down and blocking shots, there's improvements here because frankly we losing a lot of the second balls. Onto Part 3.

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Re: Part 3

By rwakeley6/9/2021 20:31Mon Sep 6 20:31:00 2021In response to Part 2 - Computer problems aside!Top of thread

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Since joining the Southern, I have had a problem with our midfield. I agree with John Rogers on the creativity front. I would add the short-passing and possession components are array. I thought the video was revealing. The lad Hamza.
Just seeing footage of he and Forbes playing in tandem was a revelation. I do think we need to look overall at how we distribute the ball and significantly aquire space. That roaming No 10 that everyone else appears to have. Some sides, Carshalton spring to mind, give and go. Triangles. I think with Joe up top we are more akin to evolving similar to the Met. Hamza, albiet early days, is the first lad I've seen for a while that is prepared to push the envelope and try and get things going. In the vid, it appeared the was under instructional guidance just to hold back. This tells a lot. I think we have had a continual reluctance to commit and knowing how to and when. I think this clearly demonstrates Lee is trying to get things in order. For me the No 10 is a maverick. I don't know if I will ever personally warm to the idea of Liam in a 10. I think it suffocates things and if we get things right from the back to up top - I think his role is almost surplus to requirement. For me, we get the best bang for our buck from him out wide. He's an utter pain in the ass for a defender to contend with - Good! Problem solved.
I think we need a bit of patience. Personally, I would not be overly concerned. Far from it. I agree with John, improvements all round. I do think with the right improvements we could become a very strong side.
I have essays on what I think with regards to Kyren. I thought he looked next generation Armatey. We're going to need a bigger forum!

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Re: Part 3

By Tintown9/9/2021 21:38Thu Sep 9 21:38:46 2021In response to Re: Part 3Top of thread

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As someone who when in the bar forgets to come out and watch lets not get downbeat lee will turn it round once we get over the injuries and then we can all start being positive about the team

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