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The way I see it - Part 1

By rwakeley23/8/2021 12:22Mon Aug 23 12:22:07 2021

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I stand by my thoughts - so this morning, having a bite to eat, waiting for the cup draw - I thought I would delve in and give my take on where we are at!
I was annoyed Saturday, not because we lost, had a bad day at the office, injuries, or Saturn being in Mars - I usually choose Mercury in Retrograde! It's because, in my view, that was identical to the clash between the two, last time out, suggesting we have an underlying problem against certain sides.
I place teams in this league, somewhat patronisingly, into camps. Teams traditionally, like, Dorchester, Farnborough and Harrow, (denote the irony of current fixtures), play to mind predominately on the deck. Most of these sides, to be fair, prop up the table, and their main threat comes of a No 10, of whom drifts around links things up. Dorch, for me had lost Diaz, so going in, I was optimistic. I thought their No 10, was as fate in the stars was a given, again turned out to be the best player on the park. Farnborough have just signed Hodges. I've just watched the lad on Youtube, talking of his signing to Woking, denoting his telephone conversation with Dowse, stressing how he wanted him as a 10, capable of carrying the ball foward. There is a pattern here. Incidently, I think that is what we are crying out for - a 10 of whom can carry the ball forward and link things together. Distribution and graft are for me the staples of that demonination.

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Re: The way I see it - Part 2

By rwakeley23/8/2021 12:31Mon Aug 23 12:31:47 2021In response to The way I see it - Part 1Top of thread

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Sorry for the 'part' - never know how much room I have! I tend to waffle!
I question how we set up in the middle of the park. I think we are broadly over-accomodating. I think this factors in wholesale to our home performances at SJP - and frankly remain in situ and have done so since joining the Southern.
I have waffled on here for 4 years be-moaning our second 45's at home - worryingly, I think the positves are more positives, but the negatives are also increased. Every time we go foward, balls supplied mainly from the defence - I expect us to score, - we will blow some sides away - the problem, every time on the counter-attack, I equally expect the opposition to score! I do not think, we have yet to get to grip with this problem.
Saturday, was from a last time out comparison, identical. Lee touched on his excellent interview, overall performance stuff yes. I think this is unresolved, longer-standing issues. If we broadly know what to expect from certain sides, then surely, we are entitled to enquire as to why these similar patterns remain.
I don't know if its personnel or shape - I like everyone else, will have my own views on that one - I think it is a bit of both.
If we are going to have a belter of a campaign, this for me is overrriding concern as SJP has to become a fortress, and right now, I fancy us more on the road. If fact, away games at the likes of Dorchester and FB with an expansive pitch, I think are ripe for exploitation.

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Re: The way I see it - Part 3

By rwakeley23/8/2021 12:39Mon Aug 23 12:39:11 2021In response to Re: The way I see it - Part 2Top of thread

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Notwithstanding all that, in the current wind conditions, I don't think we have helped ourselves in certain passages of play. Again, particularly at home. I think we play deeper than many of our contemporaries and I feel we have an overall reluctance to play out from the back - a hallmark of most of the top sides. Ironically, when fit, I think we have the players to do this more than effectively. Tommy Brewer is built for the job. I tried to rally around Luke Tingey, when James was boss, more in hope than expectation. So I think we have yet to form a solid identity. A lot of this may of course be resolved. I thnk for now considerations have to be made.
The first Dorch goal Saturday - I wanted to combust - and would still have done so had we won. Everybody talking about the cross, stopping the cross, the keeper, the back - I go back to the very start of the move. We lost the ariel confrontation from our goal kick. We have no target man to win flick ons. Even Joe, when present, has to drop back, Connor Cullen style to flick on to nobody in particular. I have stressed a need for a Lee O'Leary type in the middle of whom can challenge and win a fair percentage - Goal kicks Saturday, trying to locate wide players, going out of touch is as bad. We are just handing possession back to the opposition.

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Re: The way I see it - Part 4

By rwakeley23/8/2021 12:47Mon Aug 23 12:47:16 2021In response to Re: The way I see it - Part 3Top of thread

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Immediate future, I can equally see us getting six points this weekend as nothing! That's a pretty unique sentiment.
I do think we have really missed the pace of Brooks. The lad up front, looks another potential solid recruit. I will await judgement until this has blown over. I think we have an extremely talented squad. Irrespective of individual games and what they serve up, I personally want to see us start delivering - and I see no reason why we should not. My concerns, remain until then. Lee could soon have an embarrassment of riches from which to choose and we go from there.
My concern is that 12 months down the road, Dorchester roll into town and dictate the play in the middle of the park and if that is the case, this fan will have actually combusted and leave behind a big gooey mess for someone to clean up!
Interesting weekend on the horizon. The potenital remains fully intact.

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