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Thoughts - Part 1

By rwakeley28/10/2020 21:22Wed Oct 28 21:22:55 2020

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First and foremost. Great to read that the Farnborough lad is back on his feet!
Now onto us. Things that make you go mmmm.....
That opening spell. Not seen a Hendon side that vibrant since Gary's last play-off mob. More scrutiny required...
We are seeing signs that we are dominating early and now scoring early. A trait Gary's great side had - more in the next posting!
I would characterize last night under the heading of self-belief. Despite faltering second 45, more to follow, I believe the lads would have felt internally reasonably secured predicated on our defensive line which frankly looks very impressive. Lee, is of course spot on to warrant the complacency card.
Further comparisons with 2017. The first month or so, not fully flowing, different obstacles, but similar results/feel. I was waiting for us to trounce someone in the way that 2017 spanked the snot out of Harrow 6-0 on the Bank Holiday Monday. Again 3 early goals that day. What we've had this time around a 4-0 HW and 2-0 FB. Similar hold taking place. Agree with Lee's post match comments about Brewer. My imagination playing tricks. I thought he and one or two others looked leaner. Physically, in tune. An incredibly tough start. Plenty of injuries. I think having gotten over this initial period, it may actually pay dividends. Forbes and Tommy looked in fine fettle for having some time off. Other players have benefited from game-time. Factoring everything to date, it is all looking rather promising. Keep progressing. The younger players are equally growing in stature. It's all rather promising.

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Re: Thoughts - Part 2

By rwakeley28/10/2020 21:55Wed Oct 28 21:55:19 2020In response to Thoughts - Part 1Top of thread

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From the appropriately named site, The stats don' lie...
I've been bashing on about this since joining the Southern. Early in this season, I know, but I do think the following says something about are overall performance on the pitch - draw your own conclusions. Alternatively, I maybe just mad! The first exit polls are in. Stats are showing up and my fave is already flashing! Early, I know, but two thirds of goals conceded have gone in in the second half. We have been consistently from day one in the top quartile, in fact very near the top, for scoring the first goal. I have a theory, that we have generally folded like a pack of cards around the hour mark. Even last night, FB most productive spell was when they hit us on the counter. The stark difference is that HW and FB lacked the quality that the likes of Truro had around the same timeframe. A bit more convincing required, but it falling into place.
Last season, of all our goals conceded we let in more in the 2nd half. A staggering 84% of the goals we let in at SJP came in the second 45. Getting hit as the game gotten stretched.
I do think however that these stats, that have been solid for over 2 years could be about to turn. It will take time to show up. The other contrast is the first goal. When under James, we would often score first and lose 1-3 and the likes. That opening spell for me last night was extremely relevant. Gary's 2nd play off side had notorious bursts of inflicting damage, quickly capitalising on one goal after the other. I don't think it is too early to suggest we maybe starting to witness some similar traits taking hold. Here's hoping!

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Re: Thoughts - Part 2

By David B29/10/2020 20:50Thu Oct 29 20:50:15 2020In response to Re: Thoughts - Part 2Top of thread

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Totally agree with Lee that we were not good in the second half. In truth, Farnborough looked rather toothless up front. I can recall North making one (routine) save in 90 minutes and he had to rush out of his box to clear a through ball, but that was just about it. We invited too much pressure on ourselves, but we still kept them at more than arm’s length.

The second half was very dull, but we were 2–0 up and still comfortable. As Lee also said, if Farnborough had scored, however, it would have been a different story, but I don’t know if we wouldn’t have lifted our tempo and game.

Its funny many fans seemed happier after losing 6–2 last week than after winning 2–0 on Tuesday. Maybe everyone remembers more about the second half than the first.

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By rwakeley7/11/2020 12:08Sat Nov 7 12:08:58 2020In response to Re: Thoughts - Part 2Top of thread

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Top post Mr B! Sat at home in solitary watching Brentford B's, remember them! 0-0 at HT away at Maidenhead. Top interviews with Lee recently by the way. His thoughts, I thought, were quite revealing. Trying to fathom out the Bees side is in itself a challenge. I liked them the LSCF night. Poked fun a tad. Then the sequel, well documented. So far today. An indication of progress. I see similarities with us - I really do..... They've moved in a direction, we have somewhat stalled. I looked at Northy and his distribution, hit and miss. Their keeper first 45, rolling the ball out to the right/left back, building from the back. They have progressed to an all-round footballing unit. Highlights from the Met, the new lad up top reminded me in physical terms of Dwade. Winning flick ons ect...
I do think this break has come as we stand at an inflextion point with regards identity. I think the gaffer has to make a choice. Do we stick as we are, taking into consideration that as to date, we have had no chance to see our full potential due to injuries or do we develop akin to the Bees.
The top sides for me, physical. like to play a high line, reminds me days at Dulwich in the autumn leaves. I think there are huge similarities in benchmarks in terms of competing with the best. Brentford for me have been a wonderful example of how to progress. The huge positive for me is that we have the personnel. I do have a problem with central midfield. The best pairing I've seen, Bally and Forbes, just once! I think we are ironically, probably at the same stage the Bees were on the first meeting. Not a bad thing at all...

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Getting Stoned!

By rwakeley21/11/2020 20:36Sat Nov 21 20:36:48 2020In response to BeesTop of thread

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A nice touch over on the Stonesnet Forum. A bit personal this one. No apologies in the circumstances for that. Tuning in to the Stones v Sutton game, I wandered onto their forum only to discover a past Telford player, (I live in the town), has passed away. I watched Telford for over a decade and through-out the shot-stopper was a lad by the name of Kevin Charlton. Certainly the best keeper I've ever seen in non-league football. A really fitting tribute to Kevin is on the AFC Telford website. If Harrow fans are reading this, the infamous FAT SF 2nd leg 1983 has recently been put up on YouTube. The 83 final again recently added has interviews with Kevin, his character shows through.
I advocate you create teams in the present built on the successful DNA of what has gone before. Watching the Stones tonight. I can't help seeing similar styles from their famous 85 double side. A lot down the flanks, a la Cordice. Wainwright, Bowgett all of whom were consistent reliable performers. I do think they for what it's worth one or two additions in a similar mode would not go amis. I do think there is a modern trait in the game of over indulgence in flamboyant formations. The game on BT now Man U/WBA line up resembles a Napoleon battleplan. What happened to central midfielders. All the play in these games is placing emphasis on getting out wide. On Hendon, I do think Lee has a cohort of whom resemble consolidation and a foundation.
I do think its going to be interestng to see how both clubs down there in London move forward. It's been a while, I would like a game vs the Stones - a good test. Great to see some good young managers making headroads. Its proper football - turning Man U off!

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Re: Getting Stoned!

By David B21/11/2020 21:06Sat Nov 21 21:06:58 2020In response to Getting Stoned!Top of thread

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Sad news about Kevin Charlton. His reputation was as one of the best keepers in Non League football in the 1980s. As for Wealdstone, I was lucky enough to be asked by the Non League Paper to cover Wealdstone’s game against Altrincham two weeks ago. I mused that the match between the two teams 35 years ago would have borne no similarity to the one I watched. For a start, both teams tried to play football, the surface was immaculate and no semi-psychotic malfeasants committed acts of near GBH on opponents. I reckoned that the 1985 game refereed by a 2020 official would have seen about half a dozen red cards before half time.

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