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Any coverage of the final

By saintetienne13/9/2020 21:20Sun Sep 13 21:20:02 2020

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Will there be any radio stream / audio stream for the final.
Or will thee be updates on twitter.

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Re: Any coverage of the final

By johnnybaker15/9/2020 16:32Tue Sep 15 16:32:44 2020In response to Any coverage of the finalTop of thread

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Sorry for the delay in replying - see full match coverage here -

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A very special set of lads!

By rwakeley15/9/2020 19:11Tue Sep 15 19:11:07 2020In response to Re: Any coverage of the finalTop of thread

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I stood next to the Bees dugout. Contrasting differences. Their boss, constantly barking orders at anything going square or backwards. Modern day emphasis. A tad harsh but onus on their objectives were very direct. Then Hendon. Steadfast, mentally assured. Not rushed, just waited for their chance and took it. Eddie and Tommy for me. Decision making, tackling cleanly. Brewer, his positional awareness, his nous and anticipation a joy to watch. Proper old school characteristics, worthy of a proper footballing occasion. One piece of bad news....That is now the benchmark. You have set the gold standard. The demeanor of these lads is what impresses me the most. We look unruffled. We have self belief. Wonderful traits.
Delighted for Lee, sorry gaffer, gave you praise last time out. Last night, the players to a man were incredible.
The lad up top by himself, cannot praise them enough. I could go on for hours...

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Re: A very special set of lads!

By Deadman16/9/2020 11:22Wed Sep 16 11:22:39 2020In response to A very special set of lads!Top of thread

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I thought it was a thoroughly disciplined performance and we made the best of our limitations.

The defence was superbly organised, helped in no small part by our very competent and experienced goalkeeper North. Oshidi and Brewer were magnificent at snuffing out attacks and getting in vital blocks.

The midfield held it's shape despite Bees moving the ball well and Sambou in particular impressed with his ball winning.

Lucien at least got us moving forward on occasions and James up front was rewarded for his tireless running in an often isolated position, when his smart cut inside resulted in the trip.

This was an excellent performance against very worthy opponents. In the Bees ranks they had an England U21 and a Swedish lad who had played in an FA Cup tie with the 1st XI plus a lot of other young talent. It made for an absorbing contest.

Edited by Deadman at 11:29:51 on 16th September 2020

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By rwakeley19/9/2020 17:40Sat Sep 19 17:40:05 2020In response to Re: A very special set of lads!Top of thread

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At face value it would appear that a lot of what manifesred could have been telegraphed. Early goal, albiet not that early. Carried over from Monday. Back in it. Ebb and flow. My gave theory. A goal around the hour mark, then a scrap for the final third.
I spent part the afternoon drifting in and out of the league website. The usual explosion of subs, cautions and goals around the hour mark leapt of the page. Brings me onto sjp this season. The amount of games and points lost around this time....think Truro. I think this is the difference. Our game management. We need to turn this around, and I think this season we will. We salvaged a valuable point today. Credit to all. A very difficult place to go. Very well done.

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NHS app

By rwakeley22/9/2020 18:30Tue Sep 22 18:30:11 2020In response to SalisburyTop of thread

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Sorry, having problems starting new theads with my designated access device. No doubt lots of confusion with regards the scope of this season following the days earlier announcements. From the Poole forum. The NHS app is due to go live suggesting via that particular source, that football May at least have chance this going forward. Have to focus on the job in hand. Good luck to the lads tonight.

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5 Star - System Addict

By rwakeley26/9/2020 23:54Sat Sep 26 23:54:25 2020In response to NHS appTop of thread

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Not the band, their number 10. Their number 3, sets the shape. Not afraid to reset, brentford take note. We had limitations but were fundamentally outclassed on the day. Impressed with our lad at number 3. I thought our best moves emanated from his domain. We have to get delivery into our front lads. The heat map in their box today would have been embarrassing. We lacked aggression, and lost possession easily. My quandary equates as to if that is a genuine reflection our our mettle. I think it's more a lack of firing on all cylinders. The lads out wide are failing to get to the byline. That for me is rather the key address. I would certainly like a rematch on another day. Full marks to them. We need more fluency to match them.. One can certainly envisage a more beneficial scenario. Equally, we need to see evidence of it at that level. Well played Truro. Deserved on the day.

Edited by rwakeley at 00:01:16 on 27th September 2020

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Re: 5 Star - System Addict

By rwakeley27/9/2020 00:27Sun Sep 27 00:27:44 2020In response to 5 Star - System AddictTop of thread

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As I'm sitting here with a late night bacon sandwich, just thought I would drop a line to say how impressed I was with the match day programme. Up there with their number 10 in my view on the day. Impressive stuff. Cracking input lads.

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Re: 5 Star - System Addict

By David B27/9/2020 11:24Sun Sep 27 11:24:58 2020In response to Re: 5 Star - System AddictTop of thread

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Thank you for the compliment. I have absolutely loved doing the research for my two series. I spoke with a good friend and William Hill Sports Book of the Year finalist on the subject and we agreed that research is often greater fun than writing the actual words, especially when we dig up juicy nuggets for stories to be used at a later date.

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Re: 5 Star - System Addict

By rwakeley27/9/2020 01:04Sun Sep 27 01:04:37 2020In response to Re: 5 Star - System AddictTop of thread

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I'm in a talk to myself mood. Need more booze! Agree with PB over on FB. I think they could have shifted up through the gears. They let in less than a goal a game last season. That is damn impressive. I bash on about how the games at shop open up around the hour mark. When good, very good, when it goes the other way......
Corks, for me is an interesting lad second 45 the role and impact he has. I do think there are days when evaluations need to be made. Our subs are going with the pendulum swing. The top sides get stronger, consistently. Putting games away. It is a pattern. There are lessons. That first playoff side saw games out. Very tight, but consistent. Thoughts going on before the land of snooze takes hold.

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Another big week!

By rwakeley27/9/2020 12:42Sun Sep 27 12:42:30 2020In response to Re: 5 Star - System AddictTop of thread

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Blessings in disguise, this centre-half combo. Not often I express my thoughts on whom should go where, so here goes. Brewer, a big fan. I have to say, I do think he benefits us most in front of the back four. I think that role is protective and he has creative attributes. Frankly, Lee has options but I think this could potentially free us up. Should he add one as cover or match and mix, that of course is down to him. I'm really optimistic, I do think in the current circumstances a tweak is required. Expect the lads to do well on Tuesday. Saturday could be a real good clash. A good result there really would make a statement. Roll those sleeves up!

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By rwakeley29/9/2020 22:06Tue Sep 29 22:06:59 2020In response to Another big week!Top of thread

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Strange thing here - l'm going to talk about the match! I think we needed that tonight, just to settle a few qualms despite it being so incredibly early. Maybe an ideal type of test for the lads. A chance to get the ball down and play. Taking nothing away from their endevours. a foundation to go into Saturday. Let's go!

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Re: Tonight

By Dessie30/9/2020 11:30Wed Sep 30 11:30:56 2020In response to TonightTop of thread

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How perceptive for a man who wasn't at the game! I felt we were highly energised last night, a much stronger press from the whole team than seen in recent games. At about 75 minutes Walton looked ripe for slaughter, so the last section was a little below peak and I expect the boss noticed this.

Everybody had a good game, which is saying something. Toby Byron coped very well at CB and it was heartening to see Eddie eat up everything next to him. Matt Ball had a lovely evening in the no.10 role and Simeon scored a delightful goal. Joe White scored a Joe White goal. Also praise for our keeper Jonathan North who looks (and sounds) like a class act this season.

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By rwakeley1/10/2020 10:06Thu Oct 1 10:06:54 2020In response to Re: TonightTop of thread

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One thing that has really impressed me regarding the top sides in this division is the high line they implement. With that thought in mind last night I watched their highlights v Weymouth. Down at Maidstone, the very first action reminded me of our epic 2-2 draw when Frannie crashed a free header in identical fashion against the bar. The return game at Weymouth, The Terras linking well down the flanks. Weymouth had their lad Brooks, we have ours! I think the lad is starting to show some form. I think we can weave amongst them and get in behind them. This is David v Golliiath stuff. These are potentially truly memorable games, as was our performance in that draw. I say bring them on! Just yet another stern examination in a potentially very engaging season. Enjoy!

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Re: Maidstone

By rwakeley4/10/2020 00:11Sun Oct 4 00:11:53 2020In response to MaidstoneTop of thread

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Last week for me, we struggled to match them tactically. A high line gave them a commanding stance. Today, seeing them at the back, I thought we were in with a shout. I maintain the key take away is what we do. I think we have to impose ourselves more from playing out from the back. I thought we could have been a tad more adventurous in our play. I do think there are a few niggles at home and it's not too early to draw coclusions. Nor thy,s distributions. We win them, we progress, they dominated the air battle and launched a succession of raids. Today, the positives override. The best is clearly yet to come. The lads at ch for me were solid. Hard to tell apart in terms of perceived standard. I thought Sean played a solid all round game. We have to get more out of our wide lads. I often wonder in this instance if their starting positions is too high. I want to see these lads unleashed. Overall take, things to work on but the upside and potential of these lads is enticing. Someone is going to get a thrashing one of these days. Cracking set of lads. We are certainly on the right track. Keep at it.

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By rwakeley7/10/2020 20:51Wed Oct 7 20:51:35 2020In response to Re: MaidstoneTop of thread

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Eddie vs Amartey. What a contest. Compelling stuff.
I have always thought the Southern, a poorer contrast to the Ryman. I now think that may have swung the other way. At least at the top of the table. We can clearly hold our own. Cricket, we are resilient and rock solid at the back. On Hayes. Really impressed with their close control on the deck. For me, a tad Truro-esque in their approach. I have from day one with Luke Tingey been an advocate of adopting a similar approach.
I would also state the contrast between the top sides and some ofthose in the bottom quartile. More dependency on short passing games.
Last seasons highlights from Sjp, Eshun scoring for us in the first min. That similar build up is pretty much the template. Interesting to see at the close of play how we demonstrated our approach. Contrasting styles. These are the exact types we have shed so many points against over the past couple of seasons. A different type of test. Should make for yet more interesting viewing. Well done to the lads, time to demonstrate how clinical we are. Keep going and enjoy it.

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By rwakeley10/10/2020 23:39Sat Oct 10 23:39:03 2020In response to HayesTop of thread

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For me, a totally different display. Based on that assumption, there were aspects, that I would personally advocate, would hugely benefit us against us versus the top sides, a notion which may only become apparent as players return. The signs are positive. Pleased for Howe. I like the lad. A traditionalist me. A contrast to Simeon in terms of pace, but a contrast. I thought the flanks performed well first 45. I think we need to integrate the best of both worlds. I think the lad Forbes is integral as is Brewer. Look at the other results today, we start to build some momentum,, it could take some stopping. Well played. Plenty of upside to come. Keep progressing.

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