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Similarities and Differences

By rwakeley23/11/2019 23:07Sat Nov 23 23:07:48 2019

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Great post-match video, clearly we have a gifted young man at the helm. I have one recent thought, carried over from Swindon. Their goal, and moreover the one today, down the flank, around the edge of the box. Similar goal time to last season, practically identical. The DNA's of these sides coming to the fore. We seen these teams now, 2 years in, a lot, it appears can be telegraphed. One point I find interesting. That Tivvy side today, only 2 starters, in the same corresponding fixture last season. A lot of these teams are undergoing significant attempts at upgrading. Poole and Tivvy for me, clear, tangible progress. The stability of other sides evolution is interesting to monitor in and of itself. Conclusions are being established and defined as we familiarise ourselves with this league.
Style-wise, another top side of whom have the lad/s at the back as a fall-back provision to orchestrate the play. These top sides all have the same traits - and significantly for the fear of repeating myself to death, all score similar goals, again today, against us. Usually, from the back, down the flank, the rest is history. How we go in contrast under Lee remains to be seen. My opinions have been repetitive from day one. The possibility of the blistering pace out wide is significant and may well set us aside. I was highly critical of the likes of Shaq from a defensive stand-point, the goals at home to Weymouth and the red flags highlighted. I think the likes of Shaun and Kameron may start from deeper positions, how it interacts remains to be seen. The goals let in at SJP against the top sides all have similarities, we have to pay attention to leaving our right/left backs exposed. It's going to be really interesting to see how the midfield operates. Very impressed with some of their lads, the centre-half, the central midfield lads, the David Luiz look-alike. We look to be on an upward trajectory. I thought the lads today were a credit. We get in full throttle mode and the feel good factor is back with a vengeance.
We'll see the progress we make over the same timeframes. It could be very interesting. Very well done to Lee and the lad's. More of the same.

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Re: Similarities and Differences

By John Rogers24/11/2019 11:16Sun Nov 24 11:16:33 2019In response to Similarities and DifferencesTop of thread

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We did well yesterday against a good side, more than held our own and on another day would have come away with a warranted point.

We've come a long way since that debacle at Farnborough almost three weeks ago. Gained a lot of benefit from a number 9 willing to work the channels and show for balls forward.

The manager says he wants maybe two or three in place before Blackfield & Langley next week and then he'll be where he wants to be. Hope he can get them across the line because even if results aren't running yet, play like that and they will more often than they won't.

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Re: Similarities and Differences

By SteveHFC24/11/2019 14:20Sun Nov 24 14:20:42 2019In response to Re: Similarities and DifferencesTop of thread

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Obviously I'm commenting on yesterday having not seen any games since the last game of last season. I thought it was a good, hard working, battling performance, thought everyone gave 100% - Tiverton were just that little bit better. Continue playing like that and staying up shouldn't be a problem.

It was lovely to get a good warm welcome from everyone we spoke to. Regretfully, the reasons that have caused me to stop being a regular (off the field issues - nothing to do with on the field stuff or the board of directors) still exist and show no sign of being resolved.

I wish Lee Allinson every success going forward. Will continue to keep an eye on results from a distance.

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Re: Similarities and Differences

By rwakeley28/11/2019 12:35Thu Nov 28 12:35:15 2019In response to Re: Similarities and DifferencesTop of thread

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In search of some more of the above, I've nipped over up/down the road to St Albans. Their forum's section on player movement gives some useful pointers what to expect and offers differing views. My hunch is that we are going to be reasonably similar in style to St Albans in terms of blueprint. Then again, I maybe completely wrong! Pure conjecture. Just more random thoughts.
I pulled up the line-ups of the Saints from the start of 2019. Traditional back line, the lad Sambou, (highly recommended on their forum), tenacious type, looks to have strong qualities. Watched a vid of a goal of his vs Oxford, (off the top of my head), powerful. Big pointer from that side, Bid Dave in the defensive role. Who fills that role under the new gaffer is for me pretty significant. Ex-green Khale Da Costa one of the cast. They also mention the lad Lucien on their board. One recent post citing his tendancy to cut inward and curl shots over the bar. That's reminded me of the same accusation I made at the lad Stanislaus. I don't get that vibe. I think the lad has evolved, looks stronger, and has acquired a tendency to hit the by-line more.
My only personal disappointments have been the potential loss of Corks and presumably in time the Hemel lad. The latter if so, may prove less damaging dependent on the lad Brooks. I do think having such options out wide gives us a totally unique, separate identity and the Saints with Da Costa as a prime example demonstrates how both components are required. A bit of a Father and Son analogy perhaps, but I think there maybe similarities. Each case on it's own merit. If these wide lads fully function - frankly I would rather be in our position. As for the Saints, their average age on Saturday - 24. Whilst over there, I last night watched their gaffers recent post-match offerings. I think you can overlay a lot of the sentiments, all round, to similar sides. I thought Allinson Snr spoke very well, the same interview he gave on the Saturday we went to Swindon could have been equally delivered by Allinson Jr. Last week's Saint's vid vs Welling demonstrated the attacking style, I think we may see aspects of. Defensively, is a bit unknown again probably in both cases. As for the immediate, just gaining some cohesion, (I haven't seen us put more than 3 passes together all season), could prove transformational.
Interesting to see what happens when the rubber hits the road over the ensuing weeks. The gaffer clearly has set out his own stall and has a plan. How it equates to sides in this division with quite definable traits remains a key issue. At least we can stop banging our heads against the wall. I hate to type this yet again, - I'm reasonably optimistic. First objective - a win on Saturday.

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