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Swindon supermatine v hfc

By Rainham don17/11/2019 00:20Sun Nov 17 00:20:11 2019

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Having arrived from Prague at 8 this morning I travelled to Swindon by train and bus full of optimism. However in the first half we looked what we are a team full of strangers. The keeper played pretty well against orient only to be replaced by an academy from Watford. We played Romario at right back who certainly isn't better than Howard in that position. Having watched the game at Hayes the left back there Toby Bryan (spelling) had an excellent game but has been missing since was sub today and in my opinion should if fit be in the team. Our loanees looked either poor or disinterested. Word on the street is that the revolving door is still spinning and we can look forward to more coming and goings in the next week. Please only replace players with better players or else it defeats the object. One final point this is the 2nd time I have been there and as a club I admire them first class people running the bar and tea bar and I wish them every success in the future.

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Re: Swindon Supermarine v hfc

By Dessie17/11/2019 09:38Sun Nov 17 09:38:00 2019In response to Swindon supermatine v hfcTop of thread

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Snap! I got back from Prague at 11pm on Friday. I hope you enjoyed the architecture, meat and dumplings, it’s a fabulous place. As to the football, there was very little to get excited about and the comments about the loanees are spot on. The chairman has promised me a “new” Shaun Lucien but I saw the old one again yesterday. We move on but improvements are required pretty soon.

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Re: Swindon Supermarine v hfc

By rwakeley17/11/2019 11:13Sun Nov 17 11:13:04 2019In response to Re: Swindon Supermarine v hfcTop of thread

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I do this stuff in parts. I'm a waffler! First part - Swindon.
Typical, predictable visit as per on the pitch. 2 mins in already had an identical feel in terms of style from the previous visit. I thought both teams were slightly off in terms of comparable fluency. The fact we are where we are and they had established a 2 goal lead probably contributing factors. The goals changed the overall feel.
Big Dave's return at SJP. I thought the lad played well, but he did let his attacker turn him/wriggle away and get a shot from the edge of the box - same with Sergio yesterday. As for the keeper's role in the goal, well there is a Dante headline in that somewhere. Back to Sergio, I'll be honest. I would have let that lad go quicker than toxic waste. Last 2 outings, I think the lad has done well playing alongside Ryan. How and if that perception, if at all, fits in going further down the line. God only knows. I think the lad has proven this particular doubter wrong. Well played to the lad. How he fits in at SJP in a defensive solitary role, there's a lot of unknowns. He's certainly put in a shift. To be fair to the lads, I thought they all did. The second goal, quintessential Swindon-ee, (ish), move you could telegraph it. It was all too easy, but credit also where it is due. I do think Swindon is the one place in this league I've been to where you go in feeling as if both teams are going to have spells. I think it's un-predicatble, you don't get the chance to dominate, when chances come, you have to take them. Back in a bit....

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Re: Swindon Supermarine v hfc

By The Ancient One17/11/2019 16:33Sun Nov 17 16:33:13 2019In response to Re: Swindon Supermarine v hfcTop of thread

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I think we all went to or followed this match probably expecting rather too much. Having gained 3 hard earned points against fellow relegation candidates, here we came up against a top 4 team with a settled side. By all accounts and the score line reflects this we were not overrun. I doubt that the manager had them together for any more than at the very most two training sessions. Sadly our next league fixture is against another top of the table team. Please give the manager and the players a little bit of slack. They have only just been introduced, but sadly some of them it would appear have just a month before they move on. We do need a settled side particularly with the keeper and back 4.

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Re: Swindon Supermarine v hfc

By rwakeley17/11/2019 11:35Sun Nov 17 11:35:14 2019In response to Re: Swindon Supermarine v hfcTop of thread

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Touching on Rainham's comments. It's all about recruitment, recruitment, recruitment. I agree with his take on the potential whisperings on the potential developments. Comes with a new managerial appointment. Wholesale changes. Just another week at Hendon. I do think we have the nucleus of a real damn good side. The creative, passing aspect is basically what's missing. What transpires is going to be rather interesting to say the least and will probably formulate exactly how much work needs to be done in the next pre-season.
With regards, specifically to the lad Lucien. I think we have to give the lad a bit of a break. To a man, most would have been un-impressed with his first visit. In a different team, he may well prove a different proposition. Yesterday, I thought he showed more pace than what I've seen. I never saw him previously get to the by-line and cross before. If he turns viable, then that trait in this division, is useful weapon. It's factors like this is why I want someone on the edge of our defence distributing the ball out to these types. Luke yesterday in his central defensive role had several opportunities to distribute and did so, but from his starting position doesn't get the same precision when delivering down the channels. We really need to execute this better otherwise balls will just get over-hit.
Early impressions, I like the look of Lee with regards to how he has us organised. A key word missing from our vocabulary. I want to see the physicality aspects of any new players. Creative midfield types in this league are diminutive in stature and quick. We need some of that vibrancy in the middle of the park. We have no passing game, lots of effort. I do think this lad Lee will stick to a plan, that's half the battle.
I thought Tom was stellar at the back. I perceive SJP as a working laboratory. It's experimental. The scope for us once functional is evident. quickly. I've been typing that for 18 months! I looked at the fans yesterday. Everyone is so down-trodden. Hopefully, we will soon start to see the formulation of a coherent side. I see no reason why not. We have un-deniable talent and huge scope in terms for upside. Time is the unknown factor. We'll get there simply because, in some respects, I think it's harder not to. When it does come good, I one intend to bloody enjoy it. If the gaffer delivers the goods, next challenge for the lad - get the trains sorted! Now there's a real challenge!

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Re: Swindon Supermarine v hfc

By Weston Don17/11/2019 22:45Sun Nov 17 22:45:19 2019In response to Re: Swindon Supermarine v hfcTop of thread

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Players come, players go it's hard to judge any of them when the game is so regularly over as a contest in the first 30 minutes or so by which time we are generally 2 goals down.

We need a centre half, someone who can defend, whether they can play out from the back or not is irrelevant considering where we are at the moment.

We have never properly replaced Guri and have been awful since he got injured. I will despair if we bring in another batch of attacking midfielders on loan next week when we have an obvious long term problem at the heart of our back four which until addressed will make all other signings meaningless.

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Re: Swindon Supermarine v hfc

By Dessie17/11/2019 22:43Sun Nov 17 22:43:17 2019In response to Re: Swindon Supermarine v hfcTop of thread

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John Rogers, 6 and 4 🤫

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Re: Swindon Supermarine v hfc

By Deadman18/11/2019 09:39Mon Nov 18 09:39:42 2019In response to Re: Swindon Supermarine v hfcTop of thread

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Agree with Weston; somehow we've got to find one or even two dominant centre-backs. Swindon's first goal was just far too easy.

A goalkeeper is needed too. Our young lad did ok for a first game but he didn't compare with the Swindon keeper, who looked very safe indeed.

And even harder to find is a natural goal-scorer with a bit of pace (what a shame Lee Allinson hasn't had Francis Amartey up front).

All these requirements are easy to identify but so much harder to satisfy.

And I agree with the positive comments about Swindon SFC - nice ground, decent pitch, good little bar and very friendly people. Good luck to them.

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