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Be careful what you wish for.....Part 1

By rwakeley28/10/2019 22:02Mon Oct 28 22:02:22 2019

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I appeared to join the Fans Facebook Group at an interesting time! Objectively, we all know we are not in a good place on the field. I do think there is a over-reaction and a lot of external factors to be taken into consideration. I have seen this story unfold before and will amuse you all with it in the message below - it does go on a bit, so I will break off at some point. Firstly, and I hate to type this but I do feel, for reasons unknown, and some which may well go beyond matters on field, some do appear to have an agenda to oust James. As to weather that masquerades anything else off the field of play, I don't know. I hope your all sitting comfortably...
As many of you will know, I live in the hell-hole of Telford in Shropshire and followed them avidly in the club's most successful period under the stewardship of one Mr Stan Storton esq. Manager for about 13 years, (off the top of my head), similar to Gary. Having recently won the FAT, (3rd final, a regular in the 3rd round of the FAC and a 5th round tie at Everton), he quit out the blue and retired into the sunset. The league record had been pretty mundane to say the least in comparison and sides from lower leagues had often by-passed them into the Football League.
I've read comments with regards to Gary coming back, past players and the likes and smiled. Both managers had performed minor miracles, often probably at times given a tough ride. But in both cases, their time had ran its course and it was time to move on. Things got really interesting when he quit - and this is where Hendon come in!

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Re: Be careful what you wish for.....Part 2

By rwakeley28/10/2019 22:24Mon Oct 28 22:24:30 2019In response to Be careful what you wish for.....Part 1Top of thread

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What did Telford United do... Well, a new manager came in - actually it was 2 managers! Liverpool had around that time had dual management and being a fad, Telford caught the bug. They put in charge a bloke no-one had heard of. Derek Mann, an academy exponent of the art from Shrewsbury Town and an under-study, the far more experienced, Gerry Daly, ex Man Utd, Republic of Ireland international.
That lasted about 18 months! Sound familiar. They had to rebuild an entire squad, no past experience. It was akin to watching an Abbot and Costello sketch. The very same individuals, calling for change, really woke up under that period! Then the club went all YTS. 16 year old defenders up against the likes of Mark Carter at Barnet! The next stage, most the BoD quit. A new owner came in, demolished the entire ground and went bankrupt. Next stage, demotion and AFC. A succession of managers, they have never build a base despite the town's population growing to near city status.
I type this because I've seen how things can really spiral out of control - Tongue in cheek - Relegation may well get us back in the Ryman League! Whatever one may think with regards to replacing a manager - it goes way beyond winning the next game of football. There are massive consequences at stake.
Personally, I think James or anybody else would have suffered massively taking on this project, with no side, at this time. The Southern League environment alone throws into the mix massive challenges. I am not happy with life at present, no-one is, but I do support James. No manager could have built a decent side, in this environment, within the timeframe. My only issue is one my personal tactical take - and what do I know at the end of the day.
The lad has brought in players, the Slough lad up-front short-term and tried to enhance the playing staff. He needs time. He's a bright lad who's managed at a higher level. There is no guarantee anybody else could do any better. Given what he has had to do, he deserves more than upto the end of October to put things right. Otherwise, as demonstrated above and everywhere from Old Trafford to Wingate & Finchley, the revolving door will be on the managerial front. That could lead to permanent damage. When Gary left, and with us going Southern, and having to completely re-build, this sentiment was inevitable. Stick or twist. I would personally back the manager. We did with Gary. He would have no doubt gone through similar circumstances. That's my take.

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Re: Be careful what you wish for.....Part 2

By Hendon5929/10/2019 07:38Tue Oct 29 07:38:10 2019In response to Re: Be careful what you wish for.....Part 2Top of thread

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Bravo Rob, excellent words on what is turning into a club splitting period. I am a FB follower for information only and do not post any comments. Early yesterday I left the “Fans” of Hendon group due to the poisonous content that had started to appear. Football is a game of opinions that everyone has a right to, however airing negative damning ones in a public forum is an abuse of that privilege. The dwindling crowds “in my opinion” are as much due to the atmosphere within the clubhouse and terraces as the issues on the pitch. We are Hendon FC and have a famous history that is being tainted by our current infighting. Please if you have negative comments say it in person and keep the petty vitriol out of the public domain.

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Re: Be careful what you wish for.....Part 2

By John Rogers29/10/2019 07:57Tue Oct 29 07:57:31 2019In response to Re: Be careful what you wish for.....Part 2Top of thread

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I too read the Facebook page this morning, for my sins.

A number of disingenuous posts on both sides of the argument. I can understand passions (ugh!) running high but a number of posts, I thought, overstepped the mark.

I'm quite pleased we're not playing tonight now, I'll be able to go and watch a game elsewhere without worrying about any of this nonsense.

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Re: Be careful what you wish for.....Part 2

By rwakeley29/10/2019 09:13Tue Oct 29 09:13:44 2019In response to Re: Be careful what you wish for.....Part 2Top of thread

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My final thoughts, because along with John above, I believe much of this is actually hot air. For those wanting a change in manager, I get the notion. I don't agree with it. Let's say James steps down. One thing we can all probably agree on, our best 2 players, right now, Corks and Hamblin. I would say the lad in goal has produced some steady displays. Players closet to the manager will go. We need these players more than ever. We could suffer a mass exodus and be left with absolutely nothing. A new manager coming in, no players, no budget and no chance of recruitment at this time of the season. The consequences could kill us. We could go into a death spiral. We may go do down, we may struggle. I actually think James has actually done a more than decent job with his situation. We had no playing staff 18 months ago. I do not particularly have any desire to go back there, under any circumstances. James has had injury problems off the charts. From Guri last season, to something resembling a current epidemic. He has lost his best forwards to other clubs. He has picked up the likes of Ricardo, Cole Brown and shown he can where available draft players in to the standard of Francis. I think the young man is in the bloody trenches and frankly deserves some respect whatever happens. I want to see what the lad can do over time. No evidence to suggest anybody could have done any better. I don't agree with everything that's gone on in terms of on field activity. Supporters know Jack. That's why he's in the dug-out and we're not. Final statement. Anybody who slates the Board of for short-term struggles on the field of play, at any club, needs their head examining. This period is tough, we have to try and work through it, grow up and rise to the challenges ahead. My thoughts revert back to making travel plans for the games I intend to turn up at and going back to my bowl of Frosties!

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