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I felt numb!

By rwakeley26/10/2019 17:32Sat Oct 26 17:32:41 2019

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Thank god I wasn't there! Reminded me of a day at home in the FAT 2010, losing 1-5 at AFC Sudbury. I would imagine it was pretty similar. A couple of weeks later we lost 1-8 at Lowestoft! I do like my history book repeating itself - more as a indication than anything else. Not really surprised, then on the day I equally fancied us. Don't really know what to expect at the moment. Going in thoughts, watched some recent vids. They have been all over the place, and yet some of their approach play seemed effective. But right now it's all about us. No excuses, if we have not bothered to show up. I don't know how much emphasis to place on our inability to adapt to contrasting styles or our apparent lack of style. Was that today, the best formation? I'll leave that one to those present.
James, has obviously got a task on his hands. Tactically, I maintain a short passing game does not best fit the majority of sides we face and it is crucial we find our best personnel for the most effective formation. Today, we may have had to just take one on the chin. I think it goes somewhat beyond that. Difficult tests on the road. How we approach those games, and what personnel are on offer, remain significant factors. Time to dig deep.

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Re: I felt numb!

By rwakeley27/10/2019 16:10Sun Oct 27 16:10:12 2019In response to I felt numb!Top of thread

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Having watched the video and gained some comments my conclusions are drawn. Firstly Luke. Not a character assassination but the lad looks to have a bit of a shocker. Is that form, the loss of Hamblin or wider issues with him in that position? Over to the gaffer. Personally, as stressed previously, I would have the lad patrolling the back line, we now possess options. The one goal, from outside the box, Hayes replicated. These sides have these basic fundamental traits, we either can't or don't counter-act. I accept the loss of Chaps and Corks, but I agree with Rob Bernard over on FB with regards to our formation. I would advocate that despite the same position being Corks best, we need creative links with the wide players and forwards. My take on the snippets, a lot reminded me of the concerns from pre-season. We clearly have not made progress. That video also makes me think despite the personnel issues our problems are also structural and yesterday appears to drive this home markedly.
Personally, I see this as an opportunity, once players come back to garner our style. I worry about that. I look at Poole - many last season raved, I thought they looked a tad sterile. This season a transformation, a step-up in style. I see no reason, with the players we have why we cannot adopt a similar equation. I fear we won't and will take smaller steps in progress. My take from yesterday - clear evidence we need an identity. The home games become critical going into Xmas and I would place significance and intrigue on the minor cup ties as the opposition will provide contrasts in terms of development. I'm nowhere near in panic mode, more one of boredom and repetitiveness. Part of me cannot help thinking we appear to making things more complicated for ourselves. I'm hoping James has his own ideas that come into place over the next couple of months. I can see us evolving in a multitude of directions. We are starting now(ish), effectively from scratch. I look at the teams at the very top as a benchmark. Sides in this league from 7(ish) down are frankly mediocre. I still think we are in the process of trying to establish how to move forward. And I would stress again, we appear to making hard work of things. I'm confused, I don't know if we are any closer or further away from improvement - the formation is critical. I think we'll be fine, based on the overall league. How long this takes remains to be seen.

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Re: I felt numb!

By Weston Don28/10/2019 06:05Mon Oct 28 06:05:29 2019In response to Re: I felt numb!Top of thread

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Luke Tingay is only a makeshift centre half at best and is being played out of position. The fact that he has been played out of position for nearly a year now gives me serious concerns about our Manager. Luke should have been sent off for deliberate handball on Saturday. We could have at least given someone else a go at no. 5 while he was suspended.

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Re: I felt numb!

By John Rogers28/10/2019 10:17Mon Oct 28 10:17:22 2019In response to Re: I felt numb!Top of thread

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The absurd thing about Saturday is that we had the openings and opportunities to have scored four ourselves. But, for the most part, our finishing strongly replicated the other facets of our performance.

We were so open. Murderously open. They were able to play around us in midfield so easily, I lost count of the number of times their number 7 flipped the ball over one of our boys and nipped in behind. At one stage in the second half there was at least 20 yards between the centre-halves for their 7 to nip into and through on goal.

Any progress made Tuesday night was completely undone. That high-tempo, highly committed performance a distant memory.

Credit to the two players that fronted up after the game, one in the bar and one on the coach, and were disarmingly honest. I appreciated that.

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Re: I felt numb!

By Deadman28/10/2019 10:27Mon Oct 28 10:27:54 2019In response to Re: I felt numb!Top of thread

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I agree with John....for at least the first 25 mins there seemed an alarming lack of urgency.

It was better after half-time but our finishing largely deserted us. Despite that, we had just got ourselves right back in the game when the bizarre penalty occurred. That completely deflated our already fragile morale.

What with the mad goal for us at Hayes, that's now two things I'd never seen before in a football any level. I wonder what else this crazy season has got in store?

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By rwakeley28/10/2019 11:21Mon Oct 28 11:21:54 2019In response to Re: I felt numb!Top of thread

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I've gone all Michael Palin - Full Circle! It's all about Luke - I recall writing that one back in pre-season - Full Circle!
Best centre-half pairing Saturday, given how likely we are to engage in aerial and physical warfare, (love the prospect by the way), a call for the Gaffer. I can see us equally pulling off a result at their place as equally getting comprehensively beaten. This is a test of our mettle. It's a roll up the sleeves, dig deep kind of day. This is a different test and one I believe we can pull off. On John's point about being open - I expect that confrontation at Farnborough. We have to get to grips with the characteristics of this division, whilst sorting out our own problems. I do think the last month, brutal but necessary, things have come to a head. Never thought, Matty and Hopey combined in central midfield - through adversity, we may have part-solved that one. I think Hopey can play central midfield and can function better, another call for the gaffer. I do think we are crying out for that fulcrum role. I thought pre-season Luke could do it. I saw how Luke and Hamblin celebrated 'that Billericay pass' - these lads are not stupid. They can pull it off. The 2 video's vs Taunton for me last season, particularly at home demonstrated everything we and them characterised in positives/negatives. I believe 100 percent we can replicate their good aspects into our game and even have threats out wide getting the best of all worlds. I have a clear vision, that's my opinion, of how we can move forward. I'm actually quite excited by this, but frustrated as hell as to why as he manager himself stated, that the tactics have "gone out of the window" No amount of changes in personnel can compensate a lack of harmony. We could win 1-0 or lose 1-8 right now - I don't think it changes the overall perception - a positive result would be nice. I don't think we are a million miles away. Seeing us concede goals that I believe are avoidable makes us all livid - understandably that boils over. We need to get some strength in our spine and however we set up, then scrutinise. It's been an ugly phase, I re-iterate, it feels a bit new dawn, we have to go through this regardless. It's what we derive the key determination. Get stuck in Saturday.

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Re: Saturday

By Rainham don29/10/2019 08:24Tue Oct 29 08:24:08 2019In response to SaturdayTop of thread

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Bizarre penalty?. For those of us that weren't there can someone explain please. Also last season there were seats on the team bus for fans is this still the case as nothing has been announced anywhere.

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Re: Saturday

By Don of Caddington30/10/2019 17:26Wed Oct 30 17:26:55 2019In response to Re: SaturdayTop of thread

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The players coach and spare seats for supporters has this season depended on the size of coaches. The club secretary Daz Bloor is the best person to contact to see if there is a coach running/any spare seats. E-mail

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Re: Saturday

By John Rogers29/10/2019 08:39Tue Oct 29 08:39:47 2019In response to Re: SaturdayTop of thread

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The penalty:

Chris Grace was bundled over about seven or eight yards outside his penalty area, down by the corner flag in our right back area. He took the free kick, passing it short to Luke Tingey who, thinking Chris was giving him the ball to set for the dead ball reached down, placed his hand on the ball inside the penalty area to stop it and conceded the penalty.

The coach:

I'll ask Daz what the latest is on that.

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