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Not hiding behind the comeback

By rwakeley5/10/2019 23:24Sat Oct 5 23:24:05 2019

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This may sound harsh to many. First impressions - the line-up - jaw dropping changes. A boat load of sympathy towards James. Not easy with both central midfielders out. To dis-connect the centre-backs on the day - either a brave or fooloish call. The defensive re-shuffle was either out of desparation or a calculated risk which back-fired wholesale. That's one for the manager to reflect on. Some in-experienced lads thrown in. Could be mitigating circumstances. Defensively, the goals we let in were amateurish. That defensive wall. Basic stuff. County level stuff at times. That first half was amongst the most humiliating and lifeless displays. I felt for James - I felt for myself! As for anybody in my opinion taking solace from our second half comeback, (even had we won), is in my view frankly delusional. I thought we contributed more to our own downfall than anything they could inflict. The amount of overall of personnel was just to much to absorb on the day. Does not justify the basic level errors. First ten minutes set our tone. I thought we were almost trying to give the impression of assurance. Charlie looking casual trotting up to take throw-ins. Trying to project a calmness. If so, I get it. But totally wrong for the day and the occassion. By time we had established, via some changes, what was required we were 3 down against a very average side. Today, my conclusion. I am struggling to recall a day where I have travelled home in such dis-belief at what a complete horlicks we have made of a game. In effect I believe we totally, (insert your own word here), things up. The overall quality on display from both sides was awful. We cannot be far of the bottom of this. I am slightly worried we may lapse into a mode where turnover of players becomes counter-productive. For the record. Totally behind James and the lads. It has got to the point where some semblance of style is factored in. It feels from my view, a clean slate. Tear it up and start again. Today, just further murkied the waters. Back to basics.

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Re: Not hiding behind the comeback

By Colchester Don (<blank>)6/10/2019 08:37Sun Oct 6 08:37:10 2019In response to Not hiding behind the comebackTop of thread

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Hope this works:

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Re: Not hiding behind the comeback

By Michael Cox6/10/2019 16:53Sun Oct 6 16:53:08 2019In response to Re: Not hiding behind the comebackTop of thread

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Oh dear - the 45 minutes syndrome strikes again. When will they ever learn?

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Next up

By rwakeley6/10/2019 20:06Sun Oct 6 20:06:22 2019In response to Re: Not hiding behind the comebackTop of thread

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Personally written off negative thoughts surrounding yesterday. We have to start turning the tide at some point. Astonished if James slept well last night. It's a test for him. One over time he can address. To be fair to all, had we had a full compliment we would probably progressed. Next visit to their gaff, you would expect an all-round improvement. Pretty good indicators if we are moving to the upside. Interestingly, just cast an eye over the Salisbury match report - quite insightful. Some ambiguity with regards their formation, suggesting there may not necessarily be a quasm between the parties. There were positives in some of our traits second half. It has been a tad frustrating. That's an understatement.
The lads head's didn't drop second half. We are a very young side. Keep at it.

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Re: Next up

By Dessie6/10/2019 20:51Sun Oct 6 20:51:26 2019In response to Next upTop of thread

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What is a quasm?

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Re: Next up

By David B7/10/2019 12:36Mon Oct 7 12:36:00 2019In response to Re: Next upTop of thread

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Arabic for chasm? Seriously, I am not sure if I was more disappointed at half-time or full-time. The last 15 minutes of the first half were desperate – this after an even opening 30. Overall, two penalties, both soft, a free-kick – needlessly conceded – and a rebound from the post off the keeper for an own goal; those are four awful goals defensively.

But none were as weird as our second. If I was coaching an under-7s team, I would have been more than angry that my goalkeeper had wondered off to the half-way line after we scored. I’ve seen the H&YU film of the incident and not only was the assistant referee aware of the goalkeeper, but also both the red 3 and Ogo Obi had seen Jack Smith away from his goal receiving attention from his bench on the half-way line. I don’t think I have ever seen a referee count the players on the pitch at a restart following a goal. The bottom line the goalkeeper has to be held responsible if, for nothing else, a complete failure to communicate. I thought the Leatherhead own goal in spring 2016 was craziest goal I had seen, but I think this tops it.

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