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Some positives...and yet...

By John Rogers10/9/2019 22:40Tue Sep 10 22:40:19 2019

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Damn, that was hard work.

Credit to Cockfosters, they were excellent, played some lovely stuff and fully deserved the shoot-out.

I'm bloody mystified by us right now. At times excellent, at time soporific. Individually it's there, undoubtedly, but at times we tend to either go too long too quickly or turn into a five-a-side team. The frustration from the management team is palable, and darned understandable.

Credit to Dickinson for the penalties - Gardiner did well at right-back and looks to have something about him. Nyama tidy. Otherwise? I dunno.

County cup ties are never a great gauge for form, but one or two were at best disinterested tonight, I thought.

Anyway, I believe it's Met Police or Wimblebubbles next up. Onto Saturday.

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Re: Some positives...and yet...

By Scarborough_Rob11/9/2019 07:23Wed Sep 11 07:23:45 2019In response to Some positives...and yet...Top of thread

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Not a bad game, especially in the second half when Hendon increased the pace. Cockfosters gave it a go and credit to them.

Some bad luck with the run of the ball and absolutely horrendous finishing from Dons. As I remarked, it would cause absolute mayhem if an old "Spot the Ball" coupon featured the opposition goalmouth as nobody would guess how the ball could possibly end up where it does. Not ideal in a team that struggle to create many clear cut chances anyway.

Really liked Gardiner. Enjoyed Nyama and Marwa too.

One or two too many do over elaborate; like they're on an edition of "Hendon's Got Talent" to boost their own profiles, rather than doing what's best for the team. Just pass and move lads. But that's probably more me getting older and not understanding young footballers.

Good company as ever, which usually makes up for what we see on the pitch.

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Re: Some positives...and yet...

By rwakeley11/9/2019 09:47Wed Sep 11 09:47:03 2019In response to Re: Some positives...and yet...Top of thread

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I still think we're in an evaluation mode. Two play-offs in five years, each with a different formation and contrast in personnel. I think that is your basic benchmark and your template handed to us. We have to decide which route we go down. 2 up front in the one year or as looks increasingly likely the gaffers going for 3. Then comparisons are drawn to the latter Gary McCann eleven. Last game I saw at Yate was a mis-match formation of both - absenteees notwithstanding. The lad Corks and his namesake in the play-off side remain for me the defining role in a 3 up-front - and he's here - re-incarnated. Under the 2 up-front model, there were times the lad Big Dave never got a look in. Much to his chagrin it doesn't work. If we go 3, I think the biggest obstacle becomes the goals. Those lads under McCann were devastating and Niko hit what 40! As eluded below, the one aspect of the 2 up-front campaign was the tight close win margins of that side. 2-1 become common place. We can certainly strive towards that - you don't have to blow away sides. That solid composition is what we need and I re-iterate is slowly coming into effect. I think we've been searching for a model. I think we are now capable of putting it into effect. We have lacked cohesion and an identity. I think the gaffers thoughts are consolidating. The role of Connor becomes integral, we have to play to his requirements, not just go long. We have to go beyond just playing through balls down the flanks and letting the wide lads just to get on with it. The roles of the right/left back are then scrutinised. It does need some time to get functional. It can click quickly - I think the gaffers done well, you need the personnel, I think we've a lot to work with. I think it's positive and we're on the right track. We've been here before. Just to conclude my thoughts as a footnote. I re-iterate my pre-season manra - It's all about Tingey. I think the lad is doing a decent job at centre-half - but it's not his natural role. I don't absorb this Hamblin improving him mantra. Which is why I maintain another solid centre-half is the missing link. I don't think it would hurt from a defensive stand-point. Boycs referenced it, you can't marshall players. I think Luke is the potential fulcrum. Corks can equally fill the role, dependent upon the midfield. That's why we become stretched second halfs. Average teams hit us on the counter - building from the back is something which was touched on pre-season - and gone out the window. Annoyingly, we've got it in us.

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Re: Some positives...and yet...

By John Rogers11/9/2019 18:40Wed Sep 11 18:40:52 2019In response to Re: Some positives...and yet...Top of thread

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The point I was trying to get to in my rambling nonsense last night was this.

At times this season we've played some really good stuff. First half an hour at Yate, final 20 minutes of the same game. First 35 minutes at Weston, patches against Met Police, first half against Wimborne. When we get the ball down, involve the midfielders we look good.

Okay, we might not always have the final ball, but we're decent to watch and we have proper footballers in the middle of the park. Marwa and Nyama when they were given the ball last night barely wasted a pass.

All too often though, when one of the centre halves has the ball approaching halfway everything in front of him is static. Last night we had two up top and two out wide - Dan Williams tried to make things happen - but no-one else was trying to manouevre the opposition and create space, neither front man took a punt by coming off his defender and looking to receive the ball into feet. I lost count of the times Jonas ended up going aerial for Connor and not finding him.

Then, conversely, on occasion one or two of our more attacking players are guilty of trying to do too much rather than keep things simple. I realise that's down to inexperience, of course.

The signs are unquestionably there and progress from six months ago is tangible, you can see that a side is being built rather than just having eleven blokes thrown together. Jimmy's done well, and we're not far off, it's just those small clinical details that are missing.

It's been a good start to the season, but with a shred more nous at either end, it could have been an outstanding start.

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Re: Some positives...and yet...

By rwakeley12/9/2019 20:51Thu Sep 12 20:51:14 2019In response to Re: Some positives...and yet...Top of thread

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.....In my case, right now, more confusion.
Just had a quick look at the new lad, albiet his goals at Slough via Youtube. Looks a more than decent acquisition. Understandable move. If it's a realistic assumption to state he is prefered down the middle, that brings in an entirely new batch of thoughts surrounding whom he plays alongside and that relationship.
Moreover, any proposed alterations or reversions the following week.
I'm with John's sentiments in his opening message. My head's in a tizz. 2 or 3 up-front is still wide open for debate. April's encounter and present form suggests Dorchester is almost a must win. Diaz trying to link things up around the box was their only salvation from last season. With Luke, Corks and Matty due back we should get over the line. Beyond the next two games, a settled formation, with a style of play is paramount. We spent last season chopping and changing, understandably so. I'm encouraged, this is part the process. But I agree, it can be at times seriously frustrating. We'll get there.

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