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Ware v Hendon

By David B27/7/2019 22:25Sat Jul 27 22:25:19 2019

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According to the Ware website, we went down to a 3–1 defeat. We conceded to a looping header and then a powerful drive into the top corner, both goals before half time. A third goal came after the break before we pulled a goal back with 10 minutes. The report did say we had a number of good chances but we did not take them.

There were no line-ups to go with their report.

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Re: Ware v Hendon

By dw28/7/2019 00:10Sun Jul 28 00:10:28 2019In response to Ware v HendonTop of thread

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I will try to fill in some facts. Please correct me if I am wrong!

Early good passing moves, but no threat on goal from Hendon. Badly judged looping defensive header (Romario?) from Ware long throw: 0-1. Pass across back line not controlled, great shot from Ware player 0-2.

Substitute players make difference in second half. Though a third calamity in defence makes it 0-3. Great goal from Kameron English (if website summary is correct). I cannot comment on some individual players as trialists were included, but No. 17 certainly gave us some much needed impetus.

Hope this brief resumé helps.

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Re: Ware v Hendon

By Dessie28/7/2019 00:40Sun Jul 28 00:40:11 2019In response to Re: Ware v HendonTop of thread

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Not a bad précis. I have to admit I didn’t realise the first goal was an og, it took about 5 seconds to drop in and the keeper didn’t move. The first half was quite dismal with stodgy play in midfield. Harriott, Hope and no. 7 (Corcoran I presume) all take 3 or 4 touches before moving the ball on so no impetus to release forward players. We were outnumbered on our right flank several times which caused big problems for the defence. Romario miscontrolled for the second goal resulting in a great shot but again the keeper was stationary.

No immediate improvement in the second half and the third goal was a collective mess from a Ware free kick. Subs made a difference with no. 17 Luca showing class on a few occasions. Nice 20 yard shot to make it 1-3 but in general this was a pretty bad show.

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Re: Ware v Hendon

By rwakeley28/7/2019 01:10Sun Jul 28 01:10:24 2019In response to Re: Ware v HendonTop of thread

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My prognosis - Got a spare couple of days!- 6 hours to get home from that! I maintain we have major. elephant in the room, visable from space kind of problems - but overall, personnel wise, and potentially I can see things potentially looking viable. Billers, Tuesday was for me about the defence, today the forwards. Luke, for me has been the standout, even a cameo role the lad looks a Connie South lad in the making.
The midfield looks congested, too many players condensed down the middle. Billers similar, but second 45 they found our achilles heel and when Ware do, I'm begining to think any pub side in the country is going to cause us problems. Specifically, those teams of whom characterise most the ruddy division we reside in. No defensive width at all. Firstly, I think there are one or two or frankly look out of their natural position. The goals conceded have sprung from either the same shooting range or from pincer movements. The positive back play is really encouraging but requires an intense amount of discipline - I heard the gaffer shout 'patience'. Also 'no shot in 25 opening mins' or words to that effect. I worry about Hopey. Not a nautual wide(ish) player - can't beat a man wide tends to go MIA. I think he benefits playing in tandum alongside Matty - by compensating one problem, I think we are creating bigger problems. I do think these can be rectified once we decide on the formation. If 3 - then the starting postions of the wide lads and their defensive qualities need addressing. Not sure which is our best holding midfielder best option. Worried about Connor. Went 10 min spells today without touching the ball. Looked frustrated. I think we need him higher, as a tradtional target man but into his feet. Presume the Hartley lad alongside or out wide with A.N.Other as a third party. Not one cross. other than a massively overhit effort by Howie into the opposing box. That tells another story. I think we have an idea of the back, the template up front - totally inconclusive. Today demonstated how we lack penetration around the forwards. I like Charlie, exposed at times to high heaven. the personal jury is somewhat out on Chaps/Sam - I would prefer Luke in that role at present - but would another adaquate centre-half. The positioning of the 3 up-front and the defensive midfield width aspects have to be resolved or old problems will re-surface. Solutions maybe right around the corner, (which reminds me our set-pieces looked lethargic), or are so embedded it's going to undermine what could be a potentially good season.
I think tactically, the manager has some serious decisions on his hands - we have some quality. Interesting to see how this unfolds and who ends up, to excuse the pun, Ware. A massive amount to digest.

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Yap Yap Yap

By rwakeley28/7/2019 11:34Sun Jul 28 11:34:50 2019In response to Re: Ware v HendonTop of thread

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Great record by The Piranhas - Yesterday's rumour mill that Ricardo German had joined my local side appears to be a bit of mix-up. Not the biggest surprise! I also discussed it - as you do. They have signed Corey Addai on a months loan and some other geezer on loan until January. 3 stories, rolled into 1 - all partially incorrect!
Just thought I would clear that one up.
Need more sleep!

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Re: Yap Yap Yap

By Warwickshire Dons29/7/2019 00:31Mon Jul 29 00:31:09 2019In response to Yap Yap YapTop of thread

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Ricardo German has gone to Hemel Hempstead Town on loan. I saw Corey on Wednesday at Coventry City vs Liverpool U23's at Rugby Town's ground. He mentioned a loan deal but not where. He's is now 6ft 8in and still growing!

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Obi departs!

By rwakeley30/7/2019 15:23Tue Jul 30 15:23:21 2019In response to Re: Yap Yap YapTop of thread

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Just seen the headline - difficult for me to be objective without being horrible! Seriously, not bashing the lad in the slightest, but probably a good move all-round. Opens up thoughts, 2 up-front? Pretty sure Obi wasn't a viable wide option. An opportunity for the gaffer to consolidate his options and give us a boost in that area of play. I think it's potentially very beneficial. One door closes and all that...
More concerned about the Chairman's posting below. Surprised no-one has picked up on it> Is it my imagination or is our Chairman a closeted Nolans fan?
Do I, or any fan want to log onto the fans forum and read that the Chairman of our esteemed, proud club, is in the mood for dancing and romancing? Could the onset of PSDD, (Post-Stress Disco Disorder). Sadly, he may not even know he's done it!
Ironically, I went through a similar phase. Not proud of it - But I once purchased the Greatest Hits of Buck's Fizz! For a while I genuinely believed that girls from Essex could sing! I got over it. But right now I'm looking out for signs of Showaddywaddy and God forbid the last resort of something known as Kajagoogoo! At which point it's too late. My suggestion is that Bryan Roberts play Anarchy in the UK prior to every home game - just to get him back on track. Mr Chairman, your Hendon family is here for you. Think punk - you'll be fine!

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Re: Obi departs!

By Simon30/7/2019 18:32Tue Jul 30 18:32:54 2019In response to Obi departs!Top of thread

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It was Nat King Cole actually!

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Re: Obi departs!

By Dessie30/7/2019 15:33Tue Jul 30 15:33:29 2019In response to Obi departs!Top of thread

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Oh how I’ve missed these Tuesday afternoon missives!

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Re: Obi departs!

By rwakeley30/7/2019 21:31Tue Jul 30 21:31:08 2019In response to Re: Obi departs!Top of thread

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Relief all round - Great to hear the Chairman's fine! - I'm guessing that was never really in any doubt!
As for events off the pitch - I personally do try to be diplomatic - very rarely do I individually lambast players - but I think it would have become pretty apparent and quite quickly once up and running that our forward line was, well, maybe well have struggled. I would have like to have seen more of the lad Campbell. Maybe, we were a bit short up-front with regards to match practice.
Personally, I would prefer a stronger physical presence alongside Connor. I believe 3 up-front - all cylinders have to fire and I worry about the defensive fraialties left behind. I think we already have an interesting array of talent - Billericay proved that - tactically, I think we need to keep things simple. The right components in place, we're a decent proposition for anybody. How long it takes, who knows, but we have potential.
I think the footballing gods have today given us another opportunity to move forward - in our case quite literally!

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By rwakeley1/8/2019 19:04Thu Aug 1 19:04:12 2019In response to Re: Obi departs!Top of thread

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Heard a rumour doing the rounds during last season that Shaq had recieved interest from Salisbury. Of course it may have no bearing what so ever until confirmed but I have just observed that Shaq did indeed represent Salisbury last night in a friendly vs Paulton Rovers. We'll have to see how much mileage that one has in it!

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Re: Shaq!

By Rainham don5/8/2019 12:22Mon Aug 5 12:22:29 2019In response to Shaq!Top of thread

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Shaq has indeed signed for Salisbury. I thought he might have gone a bit higher than that ,conference south at least. Salisbury must have a pretty big budget as they have signed Ricky Wellard and Kevin Amankwaah amongst others.

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