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Not happy

By Whispering Minotaur16/3/2019 19:16Sat Mar 16 19:16:22 2019

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I've kept my counsel up till now - long time supporter (dating back to the mid-80s) who has only recently really explored the world of social media, but long time reader of our excellent website and this forum. After today I felt it was time to share how I feel.

The last half an hour today was unacceptable. I would like to know why we stopped playing after going 5-0 up - a better side than Staines would have taken us to the cleaners. The opportunity was there to our goal difference - we haven't taken it.

As good as the first hour was, lets face it - Staines are an extremely poor side. We need to be much better in our last few games, otherwise we are only going one way, and that is down

We signed two players during the week - one wasn't even involved today. What was the point of signing him? Heard someone say Romario Jonas is out for the season - why has this not been communicated to the general supporter? Very disappointed Gianni Crichlow has been released - one of the few sparks in games since Christmas. Why has he been let go? What happened with Danny Boness, one minute he's first choice, next his loan is terminated and he's back at Hemel? Why is this information not being communicated? I'm not blaming the guys doing the website - they can only put out the information they are given, but the levels of communciation from the management team have taken a huge dip since Gary McCann left.

Whilst I accept James Gray had a tough situation to deal with when he took over, and I think we'd all agree the first half of the season was way ahead of what most of us expected, to me he seems to be panicking in terms of bringing players in, and correct me if I'm wrong, he's not had to deal with a relegation battle in his managerial career so far. Is he the right man for the job - I'm not convinced, but willing to give him a chance to build his own squad this summer - regardless of which level we are playing at.

We hear very little from the trust board or the club board about what is going on behind the scenes - why not? What do they have to hide?

I'll be at the rest of the games this season - supporting the team even when the going gets tough - not sure having a go at the players during the game is really helpful - would you buck up your ideas when all you're getting from the supporters is abuse? I know I wouldn't. We are supporters - let's get behind the team.

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Re: Not happy

By Simon17/3/2019 10:37Sun Mar 17 10:37:48 2019In response to Not happyTop of thread

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I’m always happy to talk about what is happening at the club - on and off the pitch - so feel free to come and introduce yourself to me as the author of this post whenever you want. Alternatively, drop me an email ( and we can exchange phone numbers.

As for player movements, these are entirely Jimmy’s domain and he’s always happy to discuss what he’s doing and why he’s doing it with supporters after a match. If you’ve never spoken to him before, I think you’ll find him open and honest. His opinion of the second half performance was not dissimilar to yours.

In terms of communication, there’s nothing to hide here but we’ve all got busy lives outside of our football commitments and, while we’re not always able to find the time to explain on the club website why a particular change has been made, I think you’ll struggle to find too many websites for clubs at our level who provide news updates as frequently and as promptly as our volunteers do.

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Re: Not happy

By SteveHFC18/3/2019 09:24Mon Mar 18 09:24:26 2019In response to Re: Not happyTop of thread

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This is going to be my last HFC related posting on the messageboard & social media for the foreseeable future. Not going into the reasons why, and when you see me at games, please don't ask. Also, please remember that I don't know what's going on behind the scenes anymore. Some people have been rather stunned when I've said "I have no idea" when being asked questions about things that are happening. Just to be absolutely clear - I am pretty much completely out of the loop now, and I intend to keep it that way.

Having been involved behind the scenes for the past 20+ years, I feel I can comment on frustrations regarding communication from the club, and they are frustrations that I do share, but understand why things aren't perhaps as we'd like them to be.

As I am sure Simon will testify, one of my frustrations whilst being the one doing the day to day updates on the website was getting information from the trust and club boards, and I often had to push for information when questions were being asked. As Simon as intimated, its the nature of the people who are leading the club. With the exception of Daz (our secretary), everyone on the trust board and club board works on a voluntary basis in their spare time around their jobs and as a result communication doesn't perhaps work as we would like it to. It's also worth remembering that we are a non-league club, playing at level 7 of the national game - not a Premier League club featured on Sky Sports 24 hours a day!

My other frustration, which remains, is that there are people who, for whatever reason, seem to have something against the website, and won't send things to the website team. I gave up chasing people as it was a complete waste of my time. I just wish people at the club would realise that we do have supporters who don't use twitter or facebook, so rely on the website for information. But again, that is down to the fact that the people doing things around the club are volunteers - not employees. The guys at SJP were always very good at copying me into things that were going on, its a shame others around the club seemed to have some kind of vendetta against the website (or so it seemed to me).

One of the reasons I have taken a step back is because I felt I wasn't able to put in the time required to do what I had been doing due to positive changes in my personal life. I regret that I hadn't been able to build up a working relationship with Jimmy which has meant that Phil & John haven't got a relationship to build on and I apologise for that.

I think, to be very honest, we were very lucky with Gary that he was so open, and that he and I got on so well, not just in relation to football, but outside of football as well. As I said when Gary left to take over at Hampton, he wasn't just the manager of the club I supported, he's a very good friend who has been very supportive when I've had things going on away from football.

As for what's happening on the pitch - I too came away from Staines rather disappointed and frustrated that we'd not kicked on and improved our goal difference further, and conceded two soft (in my opinion) goals. Do I think we'll stay up - yes I do, but I can see it going to the last game of the season.

Jimmy, Boycee & co have my full support. We went through tough times with Gary and stuck by him, and I'm pretty certain we'll do the same with Jimmy.

As I said at the start, this is my last posting on here or on social media that is Hendon related for the time being. I will still be at most games just as I have been for most of the last 25 years, but just to enjoy the football and enjoy not having to worry about anything else.

The website is in very safe hands with Phil & John and I know that as soon as information reaches them, they'll get it on the website at their earliest opportunity.

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Re: Not happy

By Paulinbushey16/3/2019 19:54Sat Mar 16 19:54:01 2019In response to Not happyTop of thread

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Completely agree. Danny bonness started the season well, lost confidence in a weak team, then gets shown the door. Chrichlow was never given a decent run in the side.And for a supporter run club? Information seems to be at a minimum. Never known a club with a bigger revolving door.

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Re: Not happy

By dw16/3/2019 22:36Sat Mar 16 22:36:40 2019In response to Re: Not happyTop of thread

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It’s rare to go home after such a scoreline somewhat despondent. The first half showed Hendon at their best - a good all round team performance against decidedly weak opponents. The chance to improve goal difference was there for the taking, effectively having the potential of another point.

The second half however was a disappointment. There may have been injuries to take into account and I appreciate that Sergio Manesio is dual registered with Hampton, but the substitutions certainly weakened the team and combined with some stunning saves by Dixon for Staines, it was very sad that we lost the 2nd half 2-1. Just a further point on today. The very strong wind did affect playing conditions. 6 out of 7 goals were at the same end of the pitch!

As for player movements, I back the management 100% on this. There are so many factors influencing a squad make up.

We will escape!

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Re: Not Un-happy

By rwakeley16/3/2019 23:03Sat Mar 16 23:03:57 2019In response to Re: Not happyTop of thread

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Wrapped the game up compartively early. Teams in that curtailment often fail to fully capitilise. My thoughts emanate around the defence. The Jonas news, if substantiated is a huge blow and clarifies the weeks developments. Pleased with the midfield lads. Won the ball cleanly. We tackle well and don't concede many free-kicks. The lad Conor, looked mobile. I thought we were definately trying to work the ball short-passing style. Theirs scope for huge all-round improvement. No-one has ranted more about the first/second half performances becoming fragmented. Today, given the circumstances, would actually cut the lads some slack. As for the player turn-over. Our centre-halfs have been rotated due to obvious long-term injuries and the gaffer has worked his socks off trying to constantly improve the players whilst trying to upgrade personnel. I think he's a cracking lad. I would also re-iterate the lads commitment has been sound through-out, including at face value from fringe players. Delighted with Conor today. His movement and all-round contribution is critical. I do think Shaq has a tendancy to go one man to many. A bit of finese around the box required. I do think in summary we are probably better individually rather than collectively, but improvement is for now a race against time. I think the lads deserve credit today, (if only for the first 45). Next week a ninety minute performance will be required. We have it in us. Keep at it.

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Re: Not happy

By jimsredwhiteandgreen16/3/2019 23:02Sat Mar 16 23:02:32 2019In response to Re: Not happyTop of thread

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Agree. We should have scored at least 8 or 9 goals today. At 4 nil up we shouldn't have looked back and as said we took our foot off the gas in the second half with all the players wanting a piece of the action rather than just spreading the ball about and cutting their defence open. Matty had a really decent game and his vision and work rate was excellent today and got his reward for closing down the keeper. Staines were really poor as a team and the 2 defenders nearly ended up having a mass punch up.

The first half we did look like a new improved Hendon and communication and passing was pretty decent. But to come away with only a 3 goal difference is disappointing. Another excellent Hendon following today in which half the crowd was made up of hendon. Thought £5 for kids who are 8 years old is steep considering we are told that young blood watching the games is a must. I didn't count more than a handful of kids present.

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Re: Not happy

By embee16/3/2019 23:45Sat Mar 16 23:45:21 2019In response to Re: Not happyTop of thread

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I think it might have been easier playing into the wind today especially against such a poor team.
Having beaten your defender the wind in the first half seemed to slow the ball down just half a second or so.
Not hugely impressed but an important three points today. Come on lads.

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Re: Not happy

By StAlbansDon16/3/2019 22:56Sat Mar 16 22:56:45 2019In response to Re: Not happyTop of thread

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I have invested a significant amount of time effort and money in HFC. I have strong opinions of where we should be at this point in the season and understand the importance of keeping our current level in the pyramid. We must support the team and get behind the manager to keep our current status. The AGM is the time to change the status quo so join the trust if you want to make a difference. Getting relegated would have a profound effect on our future investment but we have planned for every eventuality. I agree that the Trust Board and the Football Board need to be more transparent. I believe the next six weeks will define the clubs long term future.

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Re: Not happy?

By rwakeley17/3/2019 13:29Sun Mar 17 13:29:27 2019In response to Re: Not happyTop of thread

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The sun's just come out where I live, and whilst some, understandably were not overjoyed with yesterday, I do think an independent opinion may put a somewhat different light on things. With a view to next week, just read an excellent match report over on the Harley website. Opening and closing paragraphs appear to reflect a similar passage of play - with an alternative take. The footy bits in the middle parts seem quite informative too. It is a wonderful quirk of football of how the same events are interpreted when one team is second in the form guide and one has a fight on their hands. Their clearly a short-passing very hard working unit. I think we can exploit them with a bit of pace/or more width in our favour. We win the midfield, we can win. Conor could prove a real handful. Some of our passing into feet yesterday looked positive. Our own form guide dipicts 3 wins, 3 losses. (Two versus Weymouth). I think we are gradually improving. A compelling game - It's time we turned on the charm at SJP.

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