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This reminds me of 2016-17

By rwakeley26/12/2018 16:45Wed Dec 26 16:45:26 2018

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Reflections of the season so far. I do have huge sympathies with the management for our injuries. Every selection curtailed by absentees. Disappointments, the loss of Kearney and Cole Brown. Kearney, may not have been percieved as a long-time asset. He has movement, get's a shot off, and quite remarkable for this division, hit's the target. I think his gait has a demeaning interpretation. Cole, likewise as attributes, the likes of which, in recent games, I wish we had. I have a concern with the lack of creativity, more so than the defence. I think that will sort itself out. Gary went through the same re-structuring phases. I have a problem with how we accomodate Calcutt. I think 3 up-front - you have to have all components firing on all cylinders. Under Gary, the likes of Oliyide and Barrington all decent lads, failed to really light the touch paper without the entire team functioning. Other play-off teams appear to be more industrial. I think we've seen this before. I think we are at present rolling with the punches. As one area get's resolved another flags up. In an underlying sense, and despite results suggesting otherwise, I think we are on the right track. We have history on our side if nothing else. A fit squad may give us some invaluable insight as to how things really are. We'll get there - just a case of how long.

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Re: This reminds me of 2016-17

By Deadman26/12/2018 21:03Wed Dec 26 21:03:37 2018In response to This reminds me of 2016-17Top of thread

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It reminds me of 16-17 too.

It was pretty poor today. There seemed to be a fair amount of effort but very little in the way of cohesive play. Harrow punished our defensive lapses and 2nd half we offered very little attacking threat, with lots of extra touches being taken. The game went to form and Harrow, without doubt, had the better performers.

Until we are able to get a settled defence and find a midfield blend, we'll continue to struggle. I see glimpses of ability, but I see little overall class and we haven't looked good since Dombaxe departed and Ngamvoulou disappeared. The simple nature of many of the goals we are conceding is especially worrying.

Footballers moan at each other....I get that. But every now and again, the smarter ones offer some encouragement to a struggling team-mate. After a while, continual moaning becomes a drain....and if I can notice it as a supporter, what must it be like to a struggling player?

Today was a bad day.

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Re: This reminds me of 2016-17

By Claremont Man27/12/2018 16:00Thu Dec 27 16:00:47 2018In response to Re: This reminds me of 2016-17Top of thread

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Although not at the game yesterday it seems that it was more of the same performance wise and as others have said we are lacking in defensive and midfield qualities.We are now 5 months into the season and the revolving door is still spinning,players in and out like day trippers .Surely we should have more consistency by now,Are we in a position wage wise to augment the better players with say 2 or 3 better grade loanees for the rest of the season,I don't know as I don't know the costs involved but if it would give us time for Jimmy to have more quality to work with it could stop our slide down the table.

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Re: This reminds me of 2016-17

By John Rogers2/1/2019 10:14Wed Jan 2 10:14:57 2019In response to Re: This reminds me of 2016-17Top of thread

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These posts are absolutely spot on, there's a lot of parallels... Players coming and going within a few weeks, unable to pick a consistent back-four because of injury problems and the manager trying to remould a side as he goes. I don't know how many of those players pitching up for a couple of weeks and then disappearing from view are down to player-led decisions and how many are down to the manager.

I thought yesterday was better from the Walton game (can't comment on anything post-Walton as I haven't been able to make anything) in terms of the fact that we were more solid and the level of application and attitude was much better. Not a lot went our way in the final third but I thought Calcutt and Toomey put themselves about and at least tried, defensively I was a bit concerned when I realised it was McGleish alongside Pepera. But, he did alright. I also thought Brendan Murphy McVey added a bit more protection to the back four than some of those that have gone before - think he has a little bit to offer.

After working so hard against a strong Chesham side who are far better than their lowly league position, it's such a shame that the ball was lost so cheaply wide on the left - if it had been wellied into the Chesham half, or even better at that stage, over the main stand - we'd have come away with a hard earned point and clean sheet.

It's crucial that we get something sooner rather than later - a point, a scrappy 1-0 - before we're beginning to nervously look over our shoulders.

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Re: This reminds me of 2016-17

By rwakeley2/1/2019 11:15Wed Jan 2 11:15:47 2019In response to Re: This reminds me of 2016-17Top of thread

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Similar to Frome - similar goal, looking at how Hammond and they exposed us down the flank in the latter stages, pegging us back. Frankly, they had numerous chances. I thought their finishing was poor - least they created chances. I think that is our real quandry. How we feed off Calcutt. Arial stuff and flicks on to no-one in particular, we have to link up on the floor. He can't do it alone. Is Toomey a good fit - more-over how to fit him in. Shaq, presumably would have to go wide, given Harriott is in. Does that make Toomey more of an impact type, similar to Kearney? This lad McVey, is a potenially viable partner alongside Harriott - I read on his bio the lad has played wide midfield - So we have a deluge of options. There's still the options of Mbengui and Brown each of which have a viable claim. God help the manager sorting this one out - the more we try to improve, the worse it gets! I do think we are on track, but as for the best combinations - No idea - This feels like pre-season in January! I've never seen anything like our centre-half predicament - presume the lad Locke was injured (after two games). That's 18 different players starting in the last 4 matches. That's a mess. We need some luck on the injury front and to resemble something of a team. I think working around Calcutt remains the key - once we have solidity at the back, the pieces will hopefully begin to fall in place. I do maintain we have the semblance of a solid unit. It's difficult to evaluate the players given the multitude of options. It's going to take a while - but could be favourable. I did think lads looked a tad lethargic, It's draining us all, it can equally revive to the upside once the picture becomes clearer.

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