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Not all doom and gloom

By rwakeley12/12/2018 16:51Wed Dec 12 16:51:12 2018

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Putting ref decisons and errors aside - that will run it's course. With a full compliment, I think remain on track. The new lad for me at No 3 encapsulates where we are at. I thought he defended really well. Only once did I see him get overlapped against a decent side. This for me is the conundrum. Chaps, if rumours are accurate, will have gotten back into contention for Saturday. Chaps, working down his playing days, experienced, involved with set-pieces, the new lad, maybe promising more longer-term aspirations. I thought their No3 was impressive. All three left-backs referenced have decidely different profiles, highlighting the complexities - So who does the Gaffer go with on Saturday? Midfield, second half, I thought we matched their intensity. Prince, Lucien performed well. If the new lad is a percieved play-maker, key question remains of whom nails down the remaining positions. The intensity in the middle shown by the Met is impressive. A lot of these players have consistently been inconsistent. They have shown in equal bursts their credentials. In that regard, I don't think we are a million miles away. The right players in the right places as yet to be determined. I want to mention Howie. I've questioned him stemming crosses inward from our by-line. Early doors, I thought he did that. I thought he gave a sterling show throughout. Spoke to my W&F mates in the cafe this morning - they lost to Harlow last night - they were well impressed! I think we'll get over recent hurdles and move on.

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Re: Not all doom and gloom

By John Rogers15/12/2018 09:43Sat Dec 15 09:43:35 2018In response to Not all doom and gloom Top of thread

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I really hope we are able to start the game today with the level of intensity we did the 2nd half on Tuesday evening. I liked the energy, the high tempo - it seemed to suit us going forward for a 20-25 minute spell where we matched Met Police and slowly began to get on top before the sucker punch of the third goal.

Assuming Guri, Luke and Romario are still unavailable today through injury, I am pleased we have another centre-half on-board. He seems to have been pretty regular for Enfield Town this season and played a single game for Worthing.

It looks as though it's going to be another difficult game conditions-wise today. Only thing I ask is for defenders to, if necessary, put their foot through the ball if in even the smallest shade of doubt at all. Stick it into the car park rather than take any risks.

Clean sheet and a 1-0 would do me.

Up the Greens!

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By John Rogers15/12/2018 17:00Sat Dec 15 17:00:02 2018In response to Re: Not all doom and gloom Top of thread

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... Today was totally unacceptable.

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Re: Actually...

By Mike Cox15/12/2018 17:06Sat Dec 15 17:06:38 2018In response to Actually... Top of thread

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If I had said this I would have been crucified!

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Jim'll Fix It.

By rwakeley15/12/2018 17:44Sat Dec 15 17:44:44 2018In response to Re: Actually... Top of thread

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No flippancy intended. I don't know who posted the twitter synopsis. Firstly 'thanks' always appreciate to recieve feedback - even if depressing. Very rare to read a damning summary - scoreline alone suggests not good. Game to game, fans, myself the worst of the worst, jump to conclusions. Had we won, 4 winnable on paper over the festive period. In essence, nothing's changed. Thought's at the moment, 'Too Many Cooks', harsh or not. The downturn in results, co-incides with a revolving door of personnel. Hard to derive continuity on the pitch when there's up-heaval in team selection. 3 different defensive positions today. I feel for the Gaffer, it's mid-December, I doubt he has started his preferred starting XI, (presuming he has one)! I ain't! Counterparts surrounding us, The Met, Harrow have scrappers in the middle. We're in construction mode. The recent additon of Matty could be a mainstay play-maker. I think we need a ball-winner along-side. Not sure if the bulkier lads can execute in that regard. An injury update on the centre-halfs would be welcome. Getting the right players in the right slots remains the key. As to if we are complicating things or not, time will tell. Hardly a crisis, we may well be in better underlying shape than what recent performances have derived. Taking today on the chin, no option. Profits in the White Hart, Shifnal about to go into orbit, before the next evalution instalment. Draw some conclusions and keep those head's up. Winnable games coming up.

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Re: Jim'll Fix It.

By John Rogers15/12/2018 19:36Sat Dec 15 19:36:11 2018In response to Jim'll Fix It.Top of thread

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It was myself posting the Twitter bits and bobs and today was unacceptable.

I will take being beaten by a side better than us and Walton were that on the day by a fathom. However, the performance from us was totally unacceptable.

There were three players that I felt gave their all, the others were a long way off giving their best in my opinion. This wasn't us losing 5-1 at a side at the top end, this was a 5-1 caning at a side in a bit of strife.

Tuesday night, we had one of our players laughing with an oppo player on their way off the field.

I like Jimmy, I think he's done well so far. But he has a bloody huge job on his hands to get things back on track. Today wasn't a bad day at the office, it was sh*t and totally unacceptable.

I will still take fourth from bottom at the season's end if I feel the players have given absolutely everything. They haven't today and they haven't for a few weeks in my view.

Shape up or ship out.

Edited by John Rogers at 19:37:24 on 15th December 2018

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Re: Jim'll Fix It.

By Scarborough_Rob15/12/2018 20:22Sat Dec 15 20:22:30 2018In response to Re: Jim'll Fix It.Top of thread

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All about opinions and mine is slightly different.

I feel there are some mitigating circumstances to us leaking goals and therefore dropping points. Injuries and suspensions have played a huge part. There hasn't been a stable partnership at the back since Guri got injured and Luke was forced to fill in instead of the holding midfield role that was protecting the defence. We have been inconsistent ever since. Perhaps that has had the effect to put extra pressure on young Dan in goal, who has dropped one or two clangers, despite being a top keeper in the making. He saves us on regular occurances? Another new partnership took the field today; indeed when Howie went off we were down to a completely new regular back four. While our lads were adjusting and getting to know each other we were 3-0 down. Admittedly some of the positional play and marking during this period was abysmal. They truly played like the strangers that they are. I'm sure things will improve but it would be good to hear a loud commanding voice in there. Maybe one of the lads will come to the fore?

OK Casuals maybe eased up a little but Hendon played well for over an hour. Forget the final 2 goals. We were pressing trying to get a vital second goal. Some missed chances and not really having a run of the ball didn't help. Even the wind changed direction at the break. The pressing and pressure immediately went up several notches when the 20 goal man hobbled away.

I'm not sure about them not giving their all. At least with the very vast majority of the starters. I think most of them are doing their best. It's just that we're finding out why they were released elsewhere. Not enough fight when the going gets tough and not enough leaders.

Lovely players when we're winning or the conditions aren't too difficult. Watch how many free kicks we give away for petty niggly challenges rather than going full in. Little nudges that refs see a mile off because the players haven't the guts to challenge properly.

I can spot it a mile off because that's how I used to play. It's why I never progressed.

There's a lot more to football than fancy flicks or millionaires passes. Look how Matty Harriott, Connor Calcutt and Lee Chappell protect the ball. They do the brave essential things. All three were excellent today and must be knackered after those efforts.

This season; particularly up to New Year was always going to be difficult. Perhaps we punched above our weight when we got on a run?

It's certainly not all doom and gloom. We have the basis of a good side. The others need to stop being 5 a side or Powerleague footballers and start doing the hard crappy unseen jobs as well as the nice bits and treasure possession of the ball. It would improve several of them.

If this is the best they can do and genuinely won't listen and learn I'm sure that they'll be phased out gradually as better players become available.

Let's take it out on Frome!

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Re: Jim'll Fix It.

By SteveHFC15/12/2018 21:52Sat Dec 15 21:52:28 2018In response to Re: Jim'll Fix It.Top of thread

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I've not been at the last three games for various reasons, so can't comment on those, but for me there has been one individual who hasn't been pulling his weight off the ball for most of the season and I find that really frustrating. It does explain why he's playing at this level and not higher up. I can fully understand John's frustrations today, I suspect I'd have been the same if I'd been there.

I think Rob has made a great post, and I agree with pretty much all of it. The defensive situation is one that Jimmy won't have been able to legislate for - hopefully in the weeks to come we can get things settled down again.

As some on twitter will have seen me post a couple of days ago, before today our points per game under Jimmy (1.63pts per game) was exactly the same as it was in 2018 under Gary. So we can't be doing too badly?

Yes, we're in a bad run, but think back to January - we earnt 2 points in 4 games - that wasn't form becoming of play-off/championship hopefuls but we came through it. I'm sure we'll do that again.

Whether we make the play-offs remains to be seen, but one thing I am certain of, I don't think Jimmy will tolerate players who go missing when the going gets tough for very long.

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Re: Jim'll Fix It.

By rwakeley16/12/2018 00:56Sun Dec 16 00:56:45 2018In response to Re: Jim'll Fix It.Top of thread

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I believe this young man in charge is good. Not only that, I reckon he will also be learning a lot about himself in the role and assessing options in how he goes about his own criteria. I do ascertain, he himself is learning in the role of this curailment. I admire this lad. I think he's top notch characteristally. Both he and those he manage are fundamentally up there. He was appointed for his characteristics. Give him some breathing space to function. He'll evolve personally in his own right. He will evalute his own performance as well as his perceptions. He has to evolve his own thought process as his implementation. I think we have a cracking young man in charge, let him prosper. Hendon is an opportunity to led the lad to realise his scope. Get to work young man!

Edited by rwakeley at 01:01:59 on 16th December 2018

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Re: Jim'll Fix It.

By John Rogers16/12/2018 10:12Sun Dec 16 10:12:29 2018In response to Re: Jim'll Fix It.Top of thread

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Upon reflection, Scarborough Rob's post was rather more measured and balanced than mine was.

There's one thing I can't abide, though, and that's players going through the motions. The moment we went a goal down yesterday the writing was on the wall, there was no reaction at all. Heads dropped. I understand confidence is low and fragile and I'm very careful not to let off steam at players whilst they're on the field but I don't think its too much to ask for a bit of pride to be shown.

I was also hacked off at a cabbie going totally the wrong way to Walton station and then having the nerve to try and charge me £23 for what should have been a 7/8 minute and 2 mile drive. Wasn't having that.

Am sure Jimmy'll get things right and we're still much better off than I expected in August.

We go onto Frome.

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Re: Jim'll Fix It.

By Mike Cox16/12/2018 15:50Sun Dec 16 15:50:26 2018In response to Re: Jim'll Fix It.Top of thread

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John, you, Scarborough Rob et al have made lots of valid points.
The Manager has been given an almost impossible job and we must all hope that all will come good both for him and for the Club.
Come on you Greens - let's make it a great holiday season and a rewarding 2019.
And as the old song (almost) says: "There's no place like Frome."

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Re: Jim'll Fix It.

By David B16/12/2018 14:28Sun Dec 16 14:28:05 2018In response to Re: Jim'll Fix It.Top of thread

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John, you are not alone. I guess cabs from the Elmbridge Hub cannot be trusted. Mine, booked by the staff behind the bar (they must have known a local company or two), turned up 5mins later than agreed time and parked in the wrong car park. Apparently nobody goes from Walton to the Hub because he had never been there. I spent 20 mins waiting in the car park after he arrived. Bar rang a second time and he came out of the other car park to where I was. He wanted to charge me on the meter, but I told him I had agreed a fare (metre showed £4 more than I agreed) when I arrived at Surbiton – for future consideration, worth the extra few quid for a much better service (6–8 per hour) than from Walton-on-Thames. I guess going there on a sunny August or April afternoon might make me feel much better about a return trip.

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