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Last Night

By John Rogers4/5/2018 08:41Fri May 4 08:41:00 2018

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Good grief!

Who saw that coming? I was a little sceptical about just how important Jamie O'Hara's goal and home advantage would prove to be honest but I think in the shake up it must have given us a real shot in the arm and taken the wind out of Folkestone's sails somewhat.

The game was almost the opposite of the thumping of BIllericay. On that occasion it was a fine defensive performance to soak up their best efforts in the first half and then come out of the blocks all guns blazing in the second to make them look ordinary. This time around it was a first half as emphatic as anything I can recall - even more so than beating Harrow at home in August.

The front four again were just unplayable. The speed of thought, the understanding, the pace and the skill - very few sides at this level will have an answer to that if it clicks like that. Josh, Zak and Ashley have come such a long way in a short space of time to be not far off Niko's level at all. I can recall a couple of brilliant attacking partnerships over the past 20 or so years, I've never seen a quartet like this.

The crowd was way in excess of most people's expectations. Many were thinking 400-500 max, 722 is incredible. Of course, there will have been a number of neutrals in that number and a strong contingent from Kent - but beginning of the second half I was walking around from the goal Tom was defending and behind the goal we were attacking the McCann stand and the areas either side were absolutely thronging with people. A brilliant sight - I wish I'd gotten a photo.

I thought Folkestone did well not to let their head drops in the second half and still press forward searching for a way back into the game. Their number 10 was a really tricky customer but I thought Rian generally handled him pretty well. The two midfielders for us, Jake and Casey were superb and even in the second half, it was the Folkestone goalkeeper that was much the busier.

I think the game at Dulwich is going to be very different to the league match at Champion Hill - it'll be more akin to the open game we had at SJP in November. It should be a cracker, particularly if the front four are all fit and firing as they were last night.

Whatever happens Monday, last night was yet another memorable evening in a season absolutely jam packed with memories.

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Re: Last Night

By PF4/5/2018 10:18Fri May 4 10:18:49 2018In response to Last NightTop of thread

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That was an epic night. I haven't been to many home games this year but had to venture out for this one. I don't quite believe Folkestone knew what hit them once the fab four got going. Special mention for our defence and mid field. They were the real heroes of the night. They held firm like immovable rocks in front of the keeper. The game was taken away from them in 2 minutes before HT. With 2 magic goals.

Before that Folkestone were starting to play a bit and looking fairly dangerous but those goals floored them. We could have added to the goals in the second half with numerous breaks but it was more or less a forgone conclusion.

Now we have to finish the job. I know many will say it's an amazing season whatever happens but in our heart of hearts everyone knows that not going up now will be very hard to take. COYG!!

Here's a pic of the home end at the end.

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Re: Last Night

By Hendon594/5/2018 10:49Fri May 4 10:49:38 2018In response to Re: Last NightTop of thread

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2014/15 season Hendon 95 points second, 10 points clear of Margate we know who were promoted
2017/18 season Dulwich 95 points second, 10 points clear of Hendon !!!!
See you all Monday

Edited by Hendon59 at 10:52:11 on 4th May 2018

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Re: Last Night

By Adrian Warren4/5/2018 13:30Fri May 4 13:30:42 2018In response to Re: Last NightTop of thread

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I make tbat 140 goals for the season and four guys with over 15 goals.
I wonder if even the great Hendon sides of tbe 60s and early 70s produced those kind of numbers and scoring spread??

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Re: Last Night

By ChrisHFC4/5/2018 15:22Fri May 4 15:22:27 2018In response to Re: Last NightTop of thread

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The great Hendon side of 1964-65, to be specific, scored 192 goals, with David Hyde scoring 59 goals, Jimmy Quail 36, Peter Slade 34, and Danny Lakey 30. Nobody else that season scored more than 5 (three players, one of whom was the centre-half)!

In 1963-64, our first season in the Isthmian League, we only scored 164 goals, but had six players in double figures, scoring 39, 37, 21, 21, 16, and 13 respectively - that hasn't happened since.

For the 14 seasons from 1963-64 to 1976-77, there were only two when fewer than four players were in double figures; in six of those seasons we had five players in double figures, and, as noted above, six in 1963-64.

Despite the somewhat lesser scoring prowess of the early 1970s team compared to the 1963-66 period, their main strength was defensive. In 1973-74 we conceded 20 goals in 42 league matches. In 1972-73 we conceded 18 goals in 42 league matches, our goalkeeper John Swannell kept 30 clean sheets in the league, and reputedly we didn't concede a goal from an opposition corner in any match that season.

IMHO our current "fab four" up front are potentially the best quartet I've seen since the 1963-65 period, but for me they need to perform similarly for at least another season together. Whether that can happen remains to be seen - depends whether any bigger clubs come sniffing round, or if any of the four would prefer to move on.

I told Gary after last night's match that IF he can keep the (great majority of the) squad together for another couple of seasons, AND IF the players perform to the same level as they have this season, then in a couple of years time I would rate them as one of the best three squads I have seen playing for Hendon in almost 60 years of supporting the club.

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Re: Last Night

By dw5/5/2018 11:43Sat May 5 11:43:51 2018In response to Re: Last NightTop of thread

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There should be really no comparison with the Sixties. Whilst there were some excellent teams in the Isthmian, there was a massive gulf in quality between top and bottom. No relegation, no promotion, virtually guaranteed goal feasts against the weaker clubs, a totally different era. But I cannot dispute the statistics.

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Re: Last Night

By Adrian Warren5/5/2018 02:15Sat May 5 02:15:43 2018In response to Re: Last NightTop of thread

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Thanks Chris for providing such comprrhensive stats
The 1960s was a great decade for the Dons.but unfortunately I didnt see my first game till 1971.
This is certainly the most potent attacking conbination of recent times Hopefully theres 2 or more goals to add come Monday!!

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Re: Last Night

By Mike Cox4/5/2018 16:12Fri May 4 16:12:56 2018In response to Re: Last NightTop of thread

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Absolutely spot on, Chris. A truly great season but let's not get carried away just yet.

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Re: Last Night

By rwakeley4/5/2018 16:45Fri May 4 16:45:32 2018In response to Re: Last NightTop of thread

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They may have dressed up like Liverpool, but we played like them! That wasn't a football match, that was an execution! In every sense of the word. The belief evident, the intensity. The midfield pair of Casey and Jake snapping away like Rottweilers. We have players on the bench with differing strengths. Big Dave seems stronger.
Expecting a wholesale different encounter Monday. I maintain the significance of home advantage but for me Toots is effectively a 'neutral' venue. The pitch and physical demands an unwelcome added factor for both sides.
We have a multitude of players capable of getting in behind them. We're akin to a coiled spring. Fascinating stuff.
Footnote. I eat on match-days in the same café and have become acquainted with a Wingate fan. Yes, they do exist. Good chap. Take this with a pinch of salt. He told me this morning that they are about to develop their ground. Work apparently starts in June. The financial figure he quoted, was what I would categorize as 'somewhat ambitious'.
If true, North London for me has always provoked memories of bygone days when the area was recognised for behind a hotbed of talent. Good for all parties concerned.
As for last night - another amazing entry in the chronicles of our illustrious history.
This club is truly unique as are the people involved.
Well done - last night was a privilege to behold.

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Re: Last Night

By StAlbansDon4/5/2018 19:39Fri May 4 19:39:58 2018In response to Re: Last NightTop of thread

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Last nights attendance and atmosphere did not come as a huge shock as we had planned for somewhere between 600 and 800 depending on a number of factors.
The huge effort that has gone on behind the scenes came to fruition with the large youth turnout and the good contingent from UCFB. Expect these again on Monday.
Winning is infectious and the momentum that Gary and his young squad have going into the playoff final counts for a lot. The whole squad believe and are playing with freedom that shows confidence without fear.
Gary and the squad believe they will be promoted and I am expecting it. It is the level we should be at to maintain our viable sustainable community club. It shows our intent and ambition but we have total respect for our opponents Dulwich who we have the highest regard.
The club has come along way in four years and the excellent Hendon family is growing with a new generation of young enthusiastic supporters. This will be the life blood going forwards and help the club grow organically without the boom and bust.
So many people have given blood, sweat and tears to get the club where it is and one final push could see us achieve a stunning outcome on limited resources

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Re: Last Night

By SteveHFC5/5/2018 07:52Sat May 5 07:52:25 2018In response to Re: Last NightTop of thread

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On the attendance, I was hopeful for around 600 - delighted with 722. It was very noticable when our players were arriving that they were very focused - and it seemed to me after the game that they knew the job was only half done. Definitely a successful night, on and off the pitch.

Having watched the highlights yesterday evening - the quality of our play in the first half was simply outstanding - one of, if not the best 45 minutes I've seen us play in the 23 years I've been coming regularly. I don't think any of us could quite believe what we'd witnessed when changing ends at half-time.

Great support behind the goal, wonderful to see so many supporting the club - old & new - over the past few months. There's been a growing buzz on matchdays at SJP, and it was marvellous to see the bar so full after the game - haven't seen that for a long time.

Whilst the front four will rightly get the plaudits for Thursday night - I thought Casey and Jake were fantastic in midfield - full of energy and bite, whilst the back four protected Tom superbly. It certainly helped that we went into the game with everyone fit and ready to go.

Must mention the team at SJP who put so much work into ensuring the ground was ready and have done so much to support us throughout the season. Rob, Tom and the gang have done a great job.

Train tickets and entry tickets booked for Monday. Whatever the outcome, this will be a season to remember for all the right reasons. Encourage your friends and family to come if you are able to be there. For those of you unable to be there, whether that be due to distance, health or other reasons - we know that you'll be there in spirit, and your support is just as important as those of us who will be there in person.

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