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FA Cup - Wingate & Finchley

By PF2/9/2017 19:54Sat Sep 2 19:54:07 2017

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Tough and typical cup game against a strong W&F side. The 6-0 was a distant pleasant memory and it was patently obvious from the get go that this was a whole different kettle of fish. They started off with pace and power and we just had to contain and stay compact. I don't think we really put in any worthwhile ball or play in an around their box in the first 20-25 but I could tell we were starting to settle down. Their keeper made a fine save although it was one of those "for the cameras" types IMO. Reis had a great chance though but it went wide.

HT and it was all square and fairly even. But Wingate did look strong going forward although I don't recall our keeper having a massive deal to do but the general play hinted that W&F were a strong outfit and weren't rolling over and dying like some might have expected after last weeks gubbing of HB. DOn't forget they won 5-0 themeselves at Staines which is perhaps even more impressive that our own performance.

Well it always happens don't it. A player goes back to his old club and scores a worldy. That was some free kick it has to be said but I always fear for us when the opposition gets free kicks around our box. Tom is a great shot stopper but always susceptible to a perfectly placed curler in the top corner and he had absolutely no hope with that one from ex Green, McCall.

We were in a spot of bother and I'll be honest I just didn't really see us scoring. We had had sniffs around the box but Wingate's rock solid defence seemed determined to see the game out and it looked like they had done. Last season we would have 100% lost this game but there's a stronger resilience about the side this year. The introduction of Casey Mac proved a wise one as he put himself about. Time was indeed running out and a chance or two had gone begging so that final move for the goal was a thing of beauty and also pretty simple when you think about. I hadn't actually noticed Bray marauding up the pitch and when the switch back cross went in I expected one of the centre forwards to be on the end of it but instead the big centre half glanced it superbly giving their keeper no chance. Surely even the most ardent Green in the crowd today wouldn't have seen that one coming! But in it went and queue relieved smiles but was there time for a winner. Well you know what there bloody well could have been. I forget who it was could have been Joseph? Anyway composure was lost and the chance was snatched wide and I was standing right behind it and had a perfect view of the opportunity for glory.

I think a win would have been harsh on W&F and not exactly what we deserved. We'll have to do it all again Tuesday and both sides deserve the chance to stay in the hat. I'm sure Wingate will be a bit pissed off though haha!

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Re: FA Cup - Wingate & Finchley

By SteveHFC2/9/2017 21:03Sat Sep 2 21:03:26 2017In response to FA Cup - Wingate & FinchleyTop of thread

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A good summing up there. Pleased with the way we never gave up even though things weren't working out in the second half. Superbly taken header by Rian, and I believe it was Ashley Nathaniel-George who fluffed the late chance to nick an undeserved winner.

Must also mention Casey - whilst I don't normally condone bad tackles, I have no issue with his booking today. That was very much taking one for the team, and that for me is part of the game. I thought Gary made good substitutions, bringing on the experience of Casey and Kezie.

Looking forward (nervously) to the replay on Tuesday.

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Re: FA Cup - Wingate & Finchley

By dw2/9/2017 23:41Sat Sep 2 23:41:12 2017In response to Re: FA Cup - Wingate & FinchleyTop of thread

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Hendon's strength on the bench and their subsequent substitutions proved to be very well judged, albeit only just! Wingate Finchley were ultimately very lucky to survive in the competition as they tired massively in defence. Tuesday should be another great evening of entertainment.

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Re: FA Cup - Wingate & Finchley

By rwakeley3/9/2017 00:46Sun Sep 3 00:46:54 2017In response to Re: FA Cup - Wingate & FinchleyTop of thread

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Admiration to both sides. Wingate right-back sublime. McCall bossed the middle - take note. Matt Ball hardly a look in. Some SWOT analysis required. What has proved so efficient we lacked to implement giving them the initiative.
Free-kicks, really, past history - then through-out the first 45 - get a grip - closing down shortfall. Closing down. Basics. The lad at centre-half coming on strong. He does climb with an elbow for leverage. Some Refs will take umbrage and penalise.
Keep our width and pace. We lost the midfield battle today and survived. We relied on Lee's distribution - long-ball, it's misguided. We lost some focus when the initiative was lost. That's a get of jail card. Focus on our strengths. Today was a learning curve for the lads.
The onus is on us.

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Re: Replay

By PF5/9/2017 15:43Tue Sep 5 15:43:32 2017In response to Re: FA Cup - Wingate & FinchleyTop of thread

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The bookies have Wingate as faves to go through but to me the tie is totally in the balance. All three results are possible at 90 minutes. By the way is there extra time or do we go straight to pens? I guess it's an extra 30 but I'll stand corrected if I'm wrong. As for the match I think the momentum lies with us. They'll be a bit miffed at this replay having nearly won the game. I think their mindset might be a bit dubious and ours more positive.

It's all about who wants it more really and is the more clinical with their chances. I can't see a high scoring affair and it never seems to be the case with W&F anyway. The way they set up to be compact and strong doesn't make for free flowing football most of the time. To be honest I can see another 1-1 draw at 90 and then a possible winner in extra time for the lads if we can provide a bit of magic. It's probably best we don't get anywhere near pens though! If it goes to pens we're doomed as everyone knows we can't score pens for toffee! I really believe we are the better footballing side but they seem to do most things quite well but not spectacularly. Should make for an interesting battle again anyway. Alas I won't be there tonight but I hope the ones that go have a good night and see the Greens earn a trip to Hemel in the next round.

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Re: 2 zip at the mo

By PF5/9/2017 20:39Tue Sep 5 20:39:10 2017In response to Re: ReplayTop of thread

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Looks like we haven't turned up. Not over but our cup exploits are hanging by a thread for the year. Oh well it's not the end of the world. Maybe the gaffer can throw on a few subs and we'll win 4-2! Can't see it though can you hehe

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Re: 2 zip at the mo

By SteveHFC5/9/2017 23:41Tue Sep 5 23:41:04 2017In response to Re: 2 zip at the moTop of thread

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First half was disappointing, never really in it. Gave away another needless free kick just outside the area in Spencer McCall range and were punished for it.

Second half we were very good and deservedly got ourselves back in the game - a good reaction to the first half.

Extra time was pretty even - difference being they scored and we didn't, although we had a couple of decent chances.

Can't fault effort overall, but Wingate are a very very tough side to break down.

Finally, please can we, once and for all, give up with the short corner routines. We have enough big players to get that ball straight into the box every time. So frustrating when we do the short corner thing and the ball never even makes it into the box. We are not going score like that!

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Re: 2 zip at the mo

By PF6/9/2017 10:41Wed Sep 6 10:41:24 2017In response to Re: 2 zip at the moTop of thread

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Yeah it looked like we had pulled it out of the fire but Wingate are a very tough outfit and just when you think you've got them cracked they get one over on you. So we are still doing that short corner routine business? That really has to end. I remember in first game on Saturday too many short corners came to nothing as the big men went up and were disappointed to have to run back without even a sniff of a cross.

I get the feeling that we are trying to be too cute at times when the Wingate school of power and pace would be better. Being slick and skilfull can only get you so far against the bigger and stronger outfits at this level. Also those free kicks outside the box keep biting us on the ass lately. Oh well onwards and upwards..

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Gutted but proud

By jimsredwhiteandgreen6/9/2017 13:46Wed Sep 6 13:46:06 2017In response to Re: 2 zip at the moTop of thread

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Made it to finchley just on kick off. As said by Steve, chances were rare in the first half. Niko was being kept at bay no matter where he went. Had 2 chances at the end of the first half but came to nothing.

Have to say that it was an excellent turn out of hendon fans (old and new) and everyone should be proud of the support we gave the team in the second half that saw us come back to level and that celebration for Niko's second sent those behind the goal wild. Our 2nd half performance was one of the best I've seen from a hendon team in a long long while and we had wingate rocking. When the heavens opened we lost our tempo.

It wasn't meant to be and although disappointed I along with many others were proud of our performance. Very proud to be a hendon fan.

Play like that for the rest of the season and we will finish top 6.

Lastly. Can someone take a look at the website forum as there is not a NEW POST button available on an android phone. Only way i could post is replying to an old one. Doesn't seem to be a way of logging out on a mobile device either.

Edited by jimsredwhiteandgreen at 13:47:33 on 6th September 2017
Edited by jimsredwhiteandgreen at 14:54:05 on 6th September 2017

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Re: Gutted but proud

By Mike Cox6/9/2017 16:56Wed Sep 6 16:56:04 2017In response to Gutted but proudTop of thread

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Could have been worse - might have gone to penalty shoot-out!

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Re: Gutted but proud

By Hendonboy6/9/2017 16:56Wed Sep 6 16:56:01 2017In response to Gutted but proudTop of thread

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Good spot Jim - it's probably something in my customisations for the forum that's making them pretty much vanish. Will try and take a look in the near future.

In the meantime, if you can see it, there is a tiny dash (-) below the Newest/Oldest links at the top that those options are hiding under. Very difficult to see and click on a phone I'd imagine.

Edited by Hendonboy at 16:56:28 on 6th September 2017

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I think that was a very useful exercise

By rwakeley6/9/2017 18:22Wed Sep 6 18:22:45 2017In response to Re: Gutted but proudTop of thread

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Why we allowed them to replicate their dominance in the middle of the park is something of a quandary. I'm not quite sure what that eludes too.
I felt for Keagan, he looked like the little Dutch boy trying to stem the water bursting through the dam. He had, nothing in the way of help. Matt Ball was strangely absent again and Casey has yet to get going. Defensively, the midfield struggled. Whether that is tactically based, or other factors, is one for the management. Either way, the progress to date has been astonishing and we have all had an insight as to what maybe possible. I wouldn't let an FA Cup defeat, by a very efficient opposition diminish our own capabilities. How we set-up to counter-act attacks and influence our own credentials in the middle of the park is something which has been flagged up. My sentiments on the free-kick would get me banned! We failed to close down again on the edge of our box which is un-characteristic. They had us rattled. McCall's performance again highlighting our difficulty in containing them.
Mentally and physically, I don't think we've generally looked better. Murph's energy levels are approaching the danger level. I maintain we are in a good place. Some understandable work to be done. Once up and fully running I expect us to be up there - probably with Wingate - come the end of April.
It's early days.

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Re: I think that was a very useful exercise

By dw7/9/2017 00:33Thu Sep 7 00:33:50 2017In response to I think that was a very useful exerciseTop of thread

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I really feel for the team and management. Pre-season preparations for a quality squad could hardly have been better. But who can legislate for Harlow cruelly putting Daniel Uchechi out of the game and the FA Cup, when he was clearly one of the prize close season captures?

Full marks to everyone last night. As on Saturday, we almost won it after the late equaliser again.

It's a shame that the format for the FA Cup draw was changed a couple of seasons ago, as we now have lost the certainty of meeting lower league opposition in the First Qualifying round, and therefore the good possibility of at least some prize money. With the very regionalised draw local Isthmian Premier rivals are now very likely opposition. I suspect that the main reason for the change was to give lower league clubs a greater chance of prize money.

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