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Re Soul Searching

By lesskinner21/1/2017 22:40Sat Jan 21 22:40:42 2017

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Well said John, I totally agree with what you say. I have been a Hendon supporter for 57 years, but have become saddened and disillusioned with what is going on on the pitch. We have had some tough players in our time, non tougher than Roy Sleap many years ago, but I have been disgusted every time I have attended a game at the attitude of the McLarens, by always questioning the referee, never accepting decisions and a lot of the sending off of Aaron Morgan in the play off final against Margate was down to their continue harassment of the referee which cost us promotion.

One thing that must be remembered is that the club is always bigger than the individual and I have always been proud to be associated with Hendon, for many years selling programmes and writing the programme notes, and enjoying meeting supporters and players alike. I do not get to many games now due to age and where I live and after todays' events, I'm glad I don't. That to me is sad, we do have some good and loyal players at present, and why should these be expected to accept this attitude. They both should have been released after the first events as they have certainly not done the club any good since, and we have struggled for the last two years.

Let's hope that the board now take the decision and bring us back to being the happy club that Hendon has always been, both on and off the pitch.

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Re: Re Soul Searching

By rwakeley22/1/2017 00:31Sun Jan 22 00:31:24 2017In response to Re Soul SearchingTop of thread

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Kevin has upset the applecart. Silly lad.
The announcement of giving the Maclarens one last chance really underpins this predicament.
The Boards narrative of one last chance, was always poor, and frankly given their support was un-necessary.
It was always likely to come back and haunt them. I hate to say it but they've made a rod for their own back.
There is too much ambiguity involved. Unless the evidence overrides.
The question the Board have to determine is weather the same action by any-other Hendon representative warrants the same punishment.
Exceptions to the rule don't work. You have to remain objective.
I don't know what happened - so if Gary McCann had done the same thing and warranted dismissal then the answer is straight-forward.
If its's sackable that's it - if not move on. I have my own opinion - but it carries no gravitas.
I always thought it an oversight, post first offence, that the club didn't include their own additional sanctions.
The referees report will undertake a slightly different perspective with differing punnishments decided by the F.A.
Irrespective of personal interpretations, we will presumably have to take that on board. As for the melee, I've seen worst scraps in my local when they've ran out of scratchings.

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Re: Re Soul Searching

By Hendon5922/1/2017 08:07Sun Jan 22 08:07:49 2017In response to Re: Re Soul SearchingTop of thread

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I haven't seen every game this season but more than most and I am amazed by some of the comments following yesterdays debacle. 2 teams fighting for survival and one of the best refs in the league should have provided a spectacle. Unfortunately the official had an OFF day and lost control from the minute the Sudbury bench used a stream of expletives directly to him following an offside decision. 32 players and 2 benches involved in a skirmish in a corner, caused by another act of aggression towards a Hendon player trying to prevent the continuing time wasting by the Sudbury players. The referee was looking on from the periphery and from among all of the shirts and swinging arms identifies ONE player. Come on lads everyone was involved and you are all pointing the finger at Kevin (and some Casey who wasn't even there) Comments before today said we need to stick together and look to our leaders to get us out of this mire. That includes us as well. I was there and couldn't identify any specific protagonists from either side how can it be seen from behind a computer!!!!

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Re: Re Soul Searching

By John Rogers22/1/2017 10:22Sun Jan 22 10:22:52 2017In response to Re: Re Soul SearchingTop of thread

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My comments last night were heavily caveated. IF Kevin was dismissed for an act of violent conduct then x, y and z.

I deliberately stayed away from commenting on the specifics of what happened yesterday as I have no idea - all I have to go by are the facts. Kevin was dismissed for an act of violent conduct and the referee abandoned the game because of goings on - handbags or otherwise - at the end of the game. That doesn't look at all good.

Quite frankly, what the provocation from the opposition was, how good or otherwise the referee was is totally irrelevant. Individuals have a responsibility for their own behaviour and if you are sat in the dugout having been substituted whilst on a final warning following previous incidents, then piling into a free for all (or indeed, handbags) isn't the cleverest move you'll ever make. Perhaps his reputation went against him yesterday, but why get involved and give the referee a chance to brandish the red card?

One of the things about football I struggle with is the whole 'blame anyone my us' or 'we were set-up' culture that pervades. That's why I think we are so lucky to have Gary because he is as honest as they come and will always look inwards after a defeat before blaming external sources such as luck or officials. When incidents in different places against different teams occur with the same people being involved then you have to begin to ask yourself questions. Because, despite what some may want you to believe, they cannot be more sinned against than sinners every time.

I, personally, will be very disappointed, if in view of the facts (not conjecture and opinion, but the facts - match abandonment and dismissal for an act of violent conduct) and with the sword of Damacles hanging over him following previous incidents, Kevin is considered for selection on Tuesday night. Perhaps it's unfair of me to pick on him, but as I said last night, I've felt let down by him on numerous occasions in the past as a supporter. I'm all for giving people second chances, perhaps even third chances - but there's a limit.

What is most important to me is that Hendon Football Club is able to move forward and thrive. I don't think it can if we have to go through this kind of thing every 18 months, rightly or wrongly, where the club's name and reputation is sullied both around the community and wider Non League game.

This is all I have to say on the subject for now. I realise that I am probably speaking for myself and that most will disagree with my point of view. That is football, football is as much about opinions as it is the game.

Hopefully see you all Tuesday.

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Re: Re Soul Searching

By Hendon5922/1/2017 11:24Sun Jan 22 11:24:43 2017In response to Re: Re Soul SearchingTop of thread

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I was not laying blame nor looking for excuses for yesterdays disgrace, I as merely trying to point out that black and white reports do not always represent the truth. Yes Kevin should have sat on his hands in the dugout, so should the rest of the bench, the players and the crowd who lined the perimeter fence. They didn't and probably nor would we had we of been involved in the contest.

The referee didn't pick on the Sudbury player that had minutes before assaulted Keagan Cole nor did he pick on the Sudbury coach nor Elliot Braithwaite who were by far the tallest and most easily spotted. He chose one of the smallest, but the one known to have previous history. At the hearing that will follow the name Maclaren will be the scapegoat and the referees deficiencies (today) will be overshadowed. Unfortunately the final outcome will probably mean we lose the services of some people that give everything in the cause of our famous old club.


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Re: Re Soul Searching

By Jake HendonLoyal22/1/2017 09:16Sun Jan 22 09:16:15 2017In response to Re: Re Soul SearchingTop of thread

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Very close to my thoughts
Sudbury bench had the ref on a string for most of the first half, every 50-50 was given against us (that's how it felt atleast) and every challenge was followed by cries of ref from their players and bench, even heard a call for a nearly free header at one point.
When I was told he was the best ref in the league I laughed by far he is one of the worst I've seen, his apparent bias rather clear and made clearer later on.
With regards to the handbags at the end of the game how anyone, especially those of you not there, can single out one player (and seemingly another who wasn't even at the game) is beyond me, the ref was closer for sure but how it was just one of our and none of theirs given displinary action is beyond belief. With the exception of the goalies all the players and the benches were involved yet one player (ours) was shown red, no one else ? Really?! Again I say bias. And if suspensions or sackings are due then by rights there is no other choice than to do the same to a good number of our staff and players as everyone was involved that I could see, the goalies being the exception.

My final note is that I overheard a discussion on the bar between Sudbury fans and someone in full Sudbury tracky and a kit bag I won't say he's defiantly part of the squad or staff maybe just a super fan and that they have an impressive merchandise line.
I heard him tell them the ref was pretty much absolving them of any blame what so ever, that to me is shocking and again shows how bias this "ref" was. I've avoided saying but I'll say it now he was nothing more than a common cheat, a poor ref that had no control beyond what was exerted per him by their bench and quite frankly was one of the worst I've seen in years.

Green tinted glasses maybe but I stand by what I saw and heard yesterday
The players should not have gone for he bait but I can't say had it been me getting fouled or having every call made against me I'd not of reacted too by the end.

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Re: Re Soul Searching

By Scarborough_Rob22/1/2017 08:41Sun Jan 22 08:41:33 2017In response to Re: Re Soul SearchingTop of thread

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Well said Hendon59. I was also at the game and Sudbury more than played their part. As someone on the Non League Matters forum observed "Sudbury were very good at the dark arts of cynical play". Hendon needing a result were wound up by some poor unpunished challenges at times and fell for the bait. The Sudbury manager was warned by the ref in the first half about his language and feedback.

It was a strange one. I'd been impressed by the ref on the previous occasion I'd seen him at SJP. He's pretty old school and talks the players through the match; maybe giving a bit too much chat? Some footballers can be quite precious and some don't enjoy being spoken to all the way through. He tried to let the game flow but it led to some nasty challenges. Hendon got away with plenty of physical stuff too after the break, once the players realised it was open season. The incident that kicked the real undercurrent off was when Elliott Braithwaite received a shocking over the top challenge. Unsurprisingly, he was pretty incensed after fighting his way back from a career threatening injury.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing, but perhaps suspending the game for 10 minutes, letting everyone cool down and speaking to the managers might have been an option to complete the game? There was around 5 minutes of stoppage time to play.

Hopefully everyone will now take a deep breath and await the refs report. Initial rumours say that he is exonerating Sudbury of any blame. If that is true, I think it's very unfair. Neither side come out of it with much credit.

Personally, I'd go for a sensible compromise. Award Sudbury the points, whether that means Hendon conceding and probably fine both clubs for failing to control their benches and players? There was lots of pushing and shoving but nothing too violent, even if there was plenty of feeling.

I felt sad more than angry to be honest, but already looking forward to Tuesday night.

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Re: Re Soul Searching

By Dorset Don22/1/2017 10:35Sun Jan 22 10:35:52 2017In response to Re: Re Soul SearchingTop of thread

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Some really thoughtful and measured posts there reflecting a very difficult set of circumstances for the club that we all love. What will be will be and time will tell what will happen. I am very concerned however if the story about the referee going public before submitting his report is true. At best this is huge naivety on his part, at worst his judgement and impartiality has to be seriously questioned. Where any sort of enquiry or investigation needs to be conducted it flies in the face of procedural justice and fairness for the individual writing his report to go public and side with one of the parties involved in the bar after the game as has been inferred by those angels from Sudbury on their public twitter feed. His credibilty is already seriously flawed in my opinion.

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Re: Re Soul Searching

By Claremont Man22/1/2017 12:04Sun Jan 22 12:04:51 2017In response to Re: Re Soul SearchingTop of thread

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An explosive end to a game that had already been simmering,I was too far away to offer my twopennoth as to what actually happened,but our second half performance certainly merited a point at least from the game.We desperately need a settled side if we are to avoid the drop ,it doesn't help when our best players leave for pastures financially greener,nor does it help the constant arrivals and departures of players.Surely we should be playing our best forwards from the start and putting pressure on our opponents,not letting them pound our defence thereby leaving us chasing the game. Whatever transpires regarding yesterday,we now really have got to put it behind us and concentrate on the coming fixtures which are coming thick and fast.

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Re: Re Soul Searching

By rwakeley22/1/2017 13:03Sun Jan 22 13:03:29 2017In response to Re: Re Soul SearchingTop of thread

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I agree one hundred per cent on the footy front. I was hoping we had moved on. The pattern of the game was as predictable as with the vast majority at home this season. With the recent additions and the undeniable talent on display the outcome was for me far worse than anything else.
Here's my take on the other stuff. I hope Kevin stays. I maintain the crux of the matter revolves more around the stipulation set by the board - well documented. I think it is at its heart flawed. The prospect of the Mac lads playing several hundred more games and not receiving a single red for violent conduct is given their role in the team up for debate. Grounds for dismissal have to universal, placing caveats on individuals is for me way too subjective. You cannot sanitise football, it's the wrong environment.
I would personally wait to see what the authorities throw at us and then make a determination as to weather the punishment fits the crime. We owe that to everybody at the club.
I hope the Board and the authorities derive some common-sense. Our reputation remains in-tact - no-one got killed and the games itself could have been handled far better. Both teams likewise - it happens - and it will again.
3 points Billericay.

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Re: Re Soul Searching

By Paul Butler (buts1690)22/1/2017 12:31Sun Jan 22 12:31:48 2017In response to Re: Re Soul SearchingTop of thread

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My thoughts (which I absolutely don't care who agrees with or disagrees with) are that the opposition were the biggest bunch of cheats and snides I have ever seen on a football pitch, having been to thousands of matches in my time at a lot of different levels. Unfortunately, after the last of their blatant attempts to injure our players, our players reacted. BOTH teams players and benches were involved and caused the abandonment, the fact that one player was given a red card sums up the referee's utter ineptitude.

I think if the club has any chance of getting out of the bottom four, what we need is to support every one of this squad, adopt a siege mentality and forget what anyone else thinks (opposition wise especially)

Seems that some on here would rather get relegated and end up in Ryman North with attendances of 50, as long as the opposition like us at the end of the day. Maybe it's the Millwall in me, but for me I'd rather everyone hated us as long as we were winning.

As I said, just my opinion as someone who was there, and will be there on Tuesday as well, don't expect anyone to agree.

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Re: Re Soul Searching

By HendonJohn22/1/2017 18:27Sun Jan 22 18:27:59 2017In response to Re: Re Soul SearchingTop of thread

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To single Kevin out for what happened is grossly unfair. There were 30+ people involved. So that is the personal responsibility of 30+ individuals not just one.

I see no reason why Kevin should not play until the matter has been fully addressed. He offered to play for free when the pay cut was imposed. He has chosen to continue play for Hendon despite the low wages and I would guess no contract. Loyalty is a two way street. We cannot demand it of others without giving it in return.

I am sure the club will get all the facts they can before making any decision. I am sure they will do what is right not make any emotional decisions. I am sure their decision will be measured. Either way there will be fans upset by what they choose.

Edited by HendonJohn at 20:19:45 on 22nd January 2017

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