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Grey Day (Madness)

By rwakeley13/12/2016 21:49Tue Dec 13 21:49:41 2016

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I was fuming Saturday with the first 45. Their L/B took up full residency in our half. Blood pressure off the charts. Tonight more sanguine. Accumulative effect. Second 45 tonight sounds as if the wheels have come off. I thought Saturday was the real opportunity for a response. Reminds me Hampton away last season and the subsequent difficult post-period. Difficult to bed in so many new players. We may actually need patience and tolerance for a while. It's not inconceivable we get a result at Needham. Lots of festive games may not be bad to get games under our belts. There's talent in these lads. I like Jerome, (needs an end product), and I really rate Karl. Players coming back.
On a jollier note, I read we have a jukebox!!! Can't say I've seen it. Just for the record:- If anybody should ever put on the Vengaboys when I'm present, I swear to God I will go on the pitch on blow my brains out!
We've been here before, it's not we would have liked, keep those sleeves rolled up.

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Re: Grey Day (Madness)

By nw214/12/2016 12:13Wed Dec 14 12:13:53 2016In response to Grey Day (Madness)Top of thread

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Absolutely dire last night first half we could and should have scored at least a couple but as soon as the third goal went in the white flag went up again.

Defence wise, there have been numerous personnel tried with no real improvement, we have been weak at centre back even going back to pre-season and nothing sadly seems to be working. Also there is no leader on the field (especially when Kevin McClaren isnt playing) and heads seem to drop too easily.

Hopefully things can be turned around but a 4-0 home defeat to a bottom of the table side who wanted it far far more than Hendon is another low point in a season full of them sadly.. hopefully Leon Smith will add a little more attacking threat when he is fit again but in a season that we hoped would promise much, new ground, supporters returning to watch the team etc, to be without a home league win in December is far from ideal, if it hadn't been for the considerable Grays support last night I would hazard a guess the number of Hendon fans in the ground was sub Earlsmead numbers? only a winning team will bring some of the floating voters back and sadly at the moment no matter how we dress it up, we look a long way from being a winning team.

On a completely different note and a note to the catering department , the bacon roll I bought last night, was the smallest, stingiest bacon roll I can ever remember been served in 40 years of going to football matches !! One tiny piece of bacon served on a bite sized bun for 2 quid! I hope no one else make the same mistake I did of ordering one!

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Re: Grey Day (Madness)

By StAlbansDon14/12/2016 13:05Wed Dec 14 13:05:44 2016In response to Re: Grey Day (Madness)Top of thread

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NW2 I an so sorry you are having such a bad day! The catering team at SJP have served thousands of customers with the vast majority delighted at the quality of the food and the reasonable prices. Only two complaints ever including yours, the other was not enough water in their tea. Our bacon rolls always have at least two rashers in them and the bread is baked on the day of the game.

Normally if some one is dissatisfied they would make the staff aware who would sort out the problem immediately. If you make yourself known to us at the next game we will make amends for your bad experience.

Hope you don't come out in a rasher over it and we will see you bacon Boxing Day!

Merry Christmas

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Re: Grey Day (Madness)

By nw214/12/2016 13:43Wed Dec 14 13:43:56 2016In response to Re: Grey Day (Madness)Top of thread

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Not having a bad day at all....

As someone who has attended Hendon games for many years i was just passing comment on the experience i had last night...

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Re: Grey Day (Madness)

By nw216/12/2016 12:47Fri Dec 16 12:47:33 2016In response to Re: Grey Day (Madness)Top of thread

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After considering it for a few days , I can?t really see what I said that was so terrible? as a fan with the club at heart and wanting us simply to win games.

It?s December, the club hasn?t won a home game all season and we have just lost 4-0 at home to the side who are rock bottom of the league and yet if anyone so much as suggests all is not well they get silly abusive comments thrown back at them? I am not sure why one post can be constructed by someone as ?40 years of misery?. I was just expressing my views after a very disappointing defeat. Did i miss something? Did others leave the ground on Tuesday with a warm glow?

It seems you pay your money at the gate (which I and many others do) but can?t have an opinion if it doesn?t tow the party line.

I have attended probably ? of the home games and a few away (where they have been some brighter performances) and if we are honest, as Gary has been in his comments the performances haven?t been good enough and a squad that was openly spoken about by the management during pre-season as having ?play off potential? has already fragmented several times and we have far from realised our potential.

My comments re crowds where not meant to be negative just honest, part of the huge achievement from all concerned to get Hendon back into the borough and playing at SJP was that people would return to watch the team, crowds would grow significantly which of course could then see further investment in the squad and even more to look forward to on the pitch, so far this hasn?t happened and crowds especially midweek have been disappointing.

Surely we all want the same thing, to see Hendon winning football matches, crowds growing and a buzz around the place again.

Sadly the pattern has often become a recurring one of late at home, early goals conceded, heads dropping and teams then finishing us off quite easily ( Kingstonian, Leatherhead, Grays etc)?.

Lesson learned though StAlbansDon I will keep my opinions to myself going forward.

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Re: Grey Day (Madness)

By StAlbansDon14/12/2016 18:20Wed Dec 14 18:20:19 2016In response to Re: Grey Day (Madness)Top of thread

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NW2 read your post as I and others have! Total negativity! I don't think Gary and the players need your forty years of misery

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Re: Grey Day (Madness)

By Edd14/12/2016 19:43Wed Dec 14 19:43:08 2016In response to Re: Grey Day (Madness)Top of thread

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After 40 years I think the man has right to have a say in my opinion.

Personally I would add (after'The Bard') -

Friends, and Dons everywhere, lend me your ears;
I come to praise Hendon , not to bury them.
The good that managers do lives after them;
The good is oft interred with their bones;
So let it be with Hendon. Praise and hail Gary and his team.

We just don’t know how lucky we are. It just needs a little bit of luck and confidence and it will come good!!

Ps in my opinion a couple of defenders might also help

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Re: Grey Day (Madness)

By David B15/12/2016 12:32Thu Dec 15 12:32:10 2016In response to Re: Grey Day (Madness)Top of thread

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This soliloquy comes just after the brutal murder of the lead character.

But soft, what light through yonder floodlight breaks
It is the Greens and Hendon is the sun
Arise fair sun and kill the envious (pick your opponent here)
Who is but sick and pale with grief.

OK, I know that R & J both end up dead at the end of the play, but there is at least three acts to enjoy first.

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Re: Grey Day (Madness)

By StAlbansDon14/12/2016 19:53Wed Dec 14 19:53:58 2016In response to Re: Grey Day (Madness)Top of thread

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Totally agree to a democratic society where we all have our say. Life is full of negativity and this dosnt help our management team or players on the pitch. Measured response with Hendon FC at our best interest is where we need to be. We are no longer worrying about survival but should be concerned about our growth and future development.

The words you quote are profound and strike a chord but I can't accept negativity when we are now so lucky.

I am lucky to be close to Gary and the players and know how much they need a positive support from all of us.

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Re: Grey Day (Madness)

By Mike Cox15/12/2016 19:45Thu Dec 15 19:45:19 2016In response to Re: Grey Day (Madness)Top of thread

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For more madness (at least I fervently hope it will prove to be so), steel yourselves to go to Ryman League's website and view the predicted final table!!!
To place us marooned at the bottom and gaining just 8 points from our remaining 23 games, should be the spur the team needs to get us firmly back on the upward path, starting hopefully on Saturday against current leaders, Needham Market.

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Re: Grey Day (Madness)

By Scarborough_Rob16/12/2016 09:37Fri Dec 16 09:37:21 2016In response to Re: Grey Day (Madness)Top of thread

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Just got round to having time to offer my musings regarding Tuesday night....

Where to start? Well the positives. Plenty of attacking skill and pace. The penalty goes in it's 2-1 at the break; maybe even better. I was bang in line with the decision to rule out Kezie's goal out. I'm still unequivocal that the lino got it badly wrong, despite having my share of refreshments.

The lino motioned that he came back from an offside position? Well Kezie must have some kind of bionic neck to go backwards and then put such power on his header?

Could it be that the lino got mixed up with the Grays keeper wearing an almost identical shirt? I mean, just what were the officials thinking of letting him wear that?

Less said at the back the better along with the second half.

I don't want to post and regular long standing supporters saying "Who the hell is this Johnny come lately", but for what it's worth I'm positive of an upturn once everyone is available and a settled team beds in.

To me all that's missing is Kevin Maclaren, a big no nonsense leader at the back and someone of similar stature between the sticks. Maybe the players are already at the club, but if they are they need to start doing Gary Mac and the backroom team (who were absolutely mortified in the bar after the match) a few favours, and quickly.

I'm reminded of when Edgware Town first moved into SJP in some ways; lovely football and individuals but in too many cases little game management, team awareness or willingness to do many of the dirty jobs that go unnoticed but are the glue that is desperately required to stick the side together to build a winning team.

Anyway. Good luck everyone at Needham Market. I've got binoculars at the ready for my seat in the away end at West Ham v Hull City.

Have a very Merry Christmas and see you all on Boxing Day.

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Re: Grey Day (Madness) - the goals

By johnnybaker16/12/2016 21:23Fri Dec 16 21:23:41 2016In response to Re: Grey Day (Madness)Top of thread

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For those brave enough to watch...

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Re: Grey Day (Madness) - the goals

By rwakeley17/12/2016 11:34Sat Dec 17 11:34:31 2016In response to Re: Grey Day (Madness) - the goalsTop of thread

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I watched/endured them earlier in the week. My gut reaction for the first time ever, was that denoted the hallmark of a team with relegation stamped all over it. Hopefully that is rock bottom. One of the messages eluded to how shocked the management looked post match. The Gaffer has his work cut out. We could do with a response today, and a win versus Harrow. It's all on the day.

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Re: Grey Day (Madness) - the goals

By Scarborough_Rob18/12/2016 12:57Sun Dec 18 12:57:06 2016In response to Re: Grey Day (Madness) - the goalsTop of thread

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Just a mention to what a friendly impression the folk at SJP made on a pal I introduced for the first time, along with his 2 young Aussie nephews, with special thanks to David Bedford, who took time out for a chat to my thrilled pal as he happily posed for a photo and mentioning that he smashed the world record that Aussie Ron Clarke had previously held.

Thanks. It gives me a greater chance to get them back for another game in the future!

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