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Safe yet?

By johnnybaker16/4/2016 19:32Sat Apr 16 19:32:19 2016

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Please can someone clarify that we are safe from relegation? I have heard Farnborough will be relegated regardless of where they finish. Once know, I can sleep well tonight...

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Re: Safe yet?

By John Fordham (Agingdon)16/4/2016 21:31Sat Apr 16 21:31:22 2016In response to Safe yet?Top of thread

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I believe we are now safe. See the message from SteveHFC in previous thread "Last Night" on Farnborough.

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Re: Safe yet?

By Paul Butler (buts1690)16/4/2016 22:57Sat Apr 16 22:57:26 2016In response to Re: Safe yet?Top of thread

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Safe via a backdoor technicality really isn't good enough. Three games to get a win and do it properly. Simples.

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Re: Safe yet?

By SteveHFC16/4/2016 23:10Sat Apr 16 23:10:56 2016In response to Re: Safe yet?Top of thread

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Have to agree with Paul - finishing 21st and staying up because Farnborough can't run themselves properly won't feel quite right.

That said, my understanding is that we are now safe - but making absolutely sure would be much more preferable. A win on Monday or Wednesday will do it - as Needham Market would then need a big goal difference swing to overtake us.

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Re: Safe yet?

By Hendonboy17/4/2016 18:30Sun Apr 17 18:30:23 2016In response to Re: Safe yet?Top of thread

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Disagree strongly. The Canvey Island related reprieve didn't sit well with me, as that was simply down to a club not fancying a particular level of football (oddly enough, one that they've spent a large period since then playing at).

Farnborough, on the other hand, have well and truly earned their relegation through ignoring the rulebook entirely for quite some time. It couldn't been clearer; go into a CVA at anything other than 100p in the pound or later vary a CVA = relegation. if they earnt their league status by not paying their way, then they deserve to lose it for the same reason.

Ultimately, as soon at this season wasn't about promotion, for me it was about the cups and preparing for next season; obviously we all want to win, but when it comes down to it there's little difference between finishing 6th and 20th in this division aside from (very minor) associated bragging rights.

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Well said sir

By Dorset Don17/4/2016 19:24Sun Apr 17 19:24:05 2016In response to Re: Safe yet?Top of thread

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Completely in agreement with everything you said. Been thinking the same but you articulated my views perfectly.

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Re: Well said sir

By John Fordham (Agingdon)18/4/2016 08:10Mon Apr 18 08:10:53 2016In response to Well said sirTop of thread

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Also totally agree. Now we are safe, it wouldn't suprise me at all if Gary doesn't worry about results and gives the newly-signed youngsters a run out in the remaining league games to see how they perform.

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Re: Safe yet?

By ChrisHFC17/4/2016 15:35Sun Apr 17 15:35:59 2016In response to Re: Safe yet?Top of thread

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A win on Monday AND on Wednesday would be better still, as that would guarantee Farnborough, Needham Market, and Burgess Hill all finishing below us.

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From Ian Dury to Morrissey

By rwakeley17/4/2016 01:26Sun Apr 17 01:26:10 2016In response to Re: Safe yet?Top of thread

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Personally, I don't give a fig as to our final league standing - I don't think it is relevant.
The underlying aspirations and achievements contained within the capabilities of those concerned, is I maintain more relevant.
A team with a couple less draws and wins could achieve a far higher placing without any real conviction of discernible notoriety. Farnborough's fate has been sealed for months. So I ASK - WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE? No need to PANIC - THIS CHARMING MAN was more fed up today for making yet another 300 mile round trip for nothing. HEAVEN KNOWS I'M MISERABLE NOW!
Now put a ruddy show of defiance on for the last week and the London Senior Cup final.

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Re: From Ian Dury to Morrissey

By dw17/4/2016 12:17Sun Apr 17 12:17:38 2016In response to From Ian Dury to MorrisseyTop of thread

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I agree. The rules from the outset of this season were quite clear. As soon as Farnborough were mathematically unable to be promoted (which would have saved their place in the Ryman Premier), we knew where we stood. Put another way, play to the rules. I know it is an unusual situation, but there it is.

As for the extreme annoyance of wasted journeys, let's just hope that SJP is ready for next season, so as to avoid all these crazy postponements (at least at home!).

Edited by dw at 12:25:21 on 17th April 2016

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Looking forward

By David B18/4/2016 12:28Mon Apr 18 12:28:15 2016In response to Re: From Ian Dury to MorrisseyTop of thread

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So long as we kick off next season in the Ryman League Premier Division, and at Silver Jubilee Park, 2015-16 can be consigned to the history books as a hugely disappointing campaign, and winning the London Senior Cup would be a small bonus.

From the extreme high of the second half of last season (final match excepted) to our struggles in 2015-16, this season has been as depressing as it has been surprising. I know that a number of teams have had horrible reactions to losing playoff finals (AFC Hornchurch and Leyton Orient, both playoff final losers in 2013-14, went down in 2014-15), but I genuinely thought we had a good chance of winning the title. Then came player holidays, injuries, suspensions, departures and form loss and we are where we are.

Here’s hoping the slate grey skies don't go against the weather forecast and dump loads more water on Earlsmead this afternoon - Monday, Wednesday and Saturday is crazy enough, especially with two trips to Sussex. Isn't it lucky we are not part-time!!!

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