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The play-off farce

By John Fordham (Agingdon)29/5/2015 18:51Fri May 29 18:51:41 2015

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In their statement confirming the dates of the play-offs that followed the final decision on Enfield, the Ryman League stated that "A further statement will be issued by the Ryman League in due course." I would have hoped that that statement would, from a Ryman perspective, comment on the farce that happened. As far as I am aware no further statement has been released. Maybe the Ryman League and, almostly certainly, the FA just hope that this has now gone away. I personally think that the Clubs involved should not allow this to happen:

1. A definitive statement on compensation for the Clubs involved should be made
2. For those who could not make the play-offs, such as myself, a clear explanation of what happened should be made with any follow-up actions that resulted.

I believe that Hendon should get together with the other Clubs and make a combined appeal for a statement.

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Re: The play-off farce

By Paul Butler (buts1690)29/5/2015 23:58Fri May 29 23:58:17 2015In response to The play-off farceTop of thread

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If the club think there's a chance of getting financial compensation - go for it. If not, forget it. It's not going to change anything and we'll still be playing Harrow again next season.

As for Dulwich, Enfield and Not Police (sure Margate won't be complaining!), let them fight their own battles, after all these are the sides we are in direct competition with next season, so I'm not sure why HFC would want to help them in any way, shape or form.

We've known for a while that the Ryman League is a joke of an organisation, unfortunately we're playing in it next season and we're stuck with it.

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Re: The play-off farce

By John Fordham (Agingdon)30/5/2015 11:24Sat May 30 11:24:56 2015In response to Re: The play-off farceTop of thread

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Whilst not wanting to you the same phraseology as you, Paul, I agree that the League administration could undoubtably be improved. From your message, you are prepared to just accept the deficiencies. Totally disagree. The only way you are going to try and get change is from within and this means the Clubs acting together - it's nothing to do with "helping them in any way". It might not work but at least the Clubs would have given it a go instead of just accepting it. I believe, as stated in original post, that the League should make a definitive statement on the play-off farce and not just let the whole saga fade away.

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Re: The play-off farce

By John Rogers30/5/2015 23:14Sat May 30 23:14:39 2015In response to Re: The play-off farceTop of thread

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Substitute the words 'Ryman League' with the letters 'F' and 'A' and I'd agree with you.

The league were in no way to blame for the farcical play-off situation. Perhaps the only quibble one might legitimately be able to lay at their door is about the original decision to play the Margate and Dulwich game on the originally proposed date. They, like us, were completely at the mercy of the various 'decision makers' at the FA.

From my point of view, it is the complete abdication of any responsibility - never mind any sort of public statement or apology - from the FA that has left an extremely bitter taste in the mouth. They have thoroughly mishandled the whole saga, yet refuse to acknowledge their part. It all feels rather rich for senior figures within the organisation to take the moral high ground when talking about FIFA.

As for any claim for compensation, judging by a response that Dulwich Hamlet's Supporters Trust received from the FA following a letter asking for financial reimbursement, I rather expect that all we would receive would be 'empathy'.

That's not to say that we shouldn't get together with the other clubs affected and try to do something. We would have a better chance in conjunction with others rather than on our own. Whether anything has been done, I don't know.

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Re: The play-off farce

By John Fordham (Agingdon)31/5/2015 12:05Sun May 31 12:05:59 2015In response to Re: The play-off farceTop of thread

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The reason I had suggested Ryman League rather than FA is that they had promised a statement but, as yet, have not produced one.

Three weeks ago I sent a message to the FA asking them to make a definitive statement but they didn't even bother replying.

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Play-off farce and doing sweet FA

By David B1/6/2015 14:02Mon Jun 1 14:02:21 2015In response to Re: The play-off farceTop of thread

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I have to agree with John R on this. The League has been made to look bad by the FA’s prevarication. The rules set by the FA are only endorsed by the Leagues – and, in many cases, they cannot refuse to accept them – so the Ryman League was unable to do anything to change the process.

Whilst I agree that if the League said they would release a further statement they should have done so, once Enfield’s window of opportunity to lodge an appeal to the League had passed without a claim, nothing more needed to be said. In fact, my understanding is that the only thing the League could have said is that they were bound by FA regulations in what were they were able to do, which would have helped nobody and clarified nothing.

Everybody in football is banging on about FIFA and their inadequacies. A look closer to home, at England’s football governing body, reveal much that is unsatisfactory too. We are just one of a number of victims in recent times. Their plan to drop England C as a cost-cutting measure is stupidly short-sighted.

I would have thought that the FA should demand that 5 percent of all broadcast deals done by individual competitions for domestic league football, should go to the FA. The new Premier League deal, £5.1billion over three seasons, works out at £1.7billion per year. If the FA took 5 percent, that would realise £85million per year, or a quarter of a billion over three years. If 1 percent of that 5 percent (0.05 percent, or one-20,000th) was passed down to, say, 600 clubs below what was the Conference (i.e outside the top 160 clubs), that would be worth £85,000 per year to each one – more than enough to keep most going.

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