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Dulwich - apologies from me.x 5

By EE11/4/2015 20:48Sat Apr 11 20:48:22 2015

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In no particular order -
1. I apologise for my bad language towards their number 5 , his ego was obviously hurt more than I could tell when he tripped over it in the second half.
2. Again I apologise to their number 5 , his stupidity is clearly greater than I could comprehend. The word CHEAT has been checked in my dictionary and sadly fits exactly - Dulwich & Proud !!!.
3. I apologise to the Dulwich fans, clearly I did not understand the need to treat Dulwich fans as always right and different from the rest of society. I now know better and will conduct myself differently in future .
4 Again apologies to Dulwich fans as I stupidly thought your pitch side banner was meant to be deep and meaningful . After some research it turns out to be just rubbish and pointless.- sorry my mistake
5 Lastly I apologise to the officials for any outbursts that queried their decisions , which I concede, on reflection , must have been right occasionally. (Sorry I may need to reflect on that some more before being absolutely sure. Perhaps even take a vote on it.)

Anyway sorry all round . Edd

ps just a thought - why were the linesmen only allowed to use their flags once in the whole game ? is this a new directive ? Was it just reserved to award Dulwich a goal , having ignored everything else .

(off to wash my mouth out with soap now , sorry.)

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Re: Dulwich - apologies from me.x 5

By Pink Panther12/4/2015 11:53Sun Apr 12 11:53:18 2015In response to Dulwich - apologies from me.x 5Top of thread

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Frankly I felt Hendon put Dulwich to shame with their commitment and determination after going a goal down with ten men, not only to refuse to accept defeat but also to push for all three points after equalising. Hendon's second half performance was the most remarkable I've seen from any team for several years, and I can now see why you're still challenging for the big prize at this late stage of the season, and why you've lost only five league games out of 43. It would be a great achievement if an 'underprivileged' club could win it. What a shame you haven't even found time to acknowledge your own team's gallant performance, as you're so preoccupied with bitter and twisted sniping at Dulwich.

And for what it's worth, the Dulwich equaliser was well over the line, it wasn't even doubtful. I was right behind the net. It was just like Frank Lampard's 'goal' against Germany in the 2010 World Cup.

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Re: Dulwich - apologies from me.x 5

By championhill11/4/2015 21:51Sat Apr 11 21:51:54 2015In response to Dulwich - apologies from me.x 5Top of thread

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Bitter? I didn't realise there were any Hendon Fans there today I thought it was all Dulwich?

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Re: Dulwich - apologies from me.x 5

By EE12/4/2015 00:59Sun Apr 12 00:59:20 2015In response to Re: Dulwich - apologies from me.x 5Top of thread

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Thanks for coming down from your arrogant perch and accepting we exist.

The next stage in your treatment is to understand that Hendon just happen to be a better team than any of the big money chancers that are occupying the top of the Ryman Premier League at present.. Better Manager , better players and a truly fans owned club.

When we don't get the rub of the green or feel that the officials are wrong we are quick to to look at conspiracy theories As you will no doubt understand my personal view is that no one wants a club with no ground , limited fan base ,where we are ,and apparently no prospects to stuff the money big boys and take away their pay days. .

As for Dulwich we wish you well. We all have a stupid element in our fan base however when it comes to the game itself your number 5 was just atrocious in his feigning an injury that he deserved to be invited to leave the field . What annoyed us the most was that the ref and his assistant knew it but took no action.

Anyway if we do have to play you in the playoffs hopefully it will be 11 v 11 for the whole game.

Edited by EE at 01:20:49 on 12th April 2015

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Re: Dulwich - apologies from me.x 5

By Pol Pot12/4/2015 09:06Sun Apr 12 09:06:22 2015In response to Re: Dulwich - apologies from me.x 5Top of thread

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As a Margate supporter, I hold no ill feeling towards Hendon, the team or club, nor do I believe such feelings are held elsewhere. You're having a great season and are setting an example to other teams (not least our own).

I know football fans love to believe there are grand conspiracies against their team (it's easier to think that than accept their team wasn't good enough on a given day) but why would the Ryman League not want you to go up? Surely they would rather keep the better supported clubs?

Your own team is expert at *cough* influencing referees (and don't take that as a criticism, I wish Margate's players did the same, though that would require actually putting some effort in).

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Re: Dulwich - apologies from me.x 5

By John Rogers12/4/2015 12:48Sun Apr 12 12:48:48 2015In response to Re: Dulwich - apologies from me.x 5Top of thread

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I can't speak about events yesterday as family commitments unfortunately kept me away. However, I personally cannot see any conspiracy against us. It sounds as though certain things may not have gone our way over the last couple of matches, but there's been plenty of occasions this season where I've felt that we have benefitted from some generous decisions and plenty where I've felt they've gone against us. It's part and parcel of football and the rollercoaster of emotions that fans and players experience is what makes this game so watchable.

No matter what happens over the next three weeks or so, this has been by far and away the most memorable season in my time watching Hendon. These boys keep showing an absolutely astonishing desire and even if we don't achieve promotion, I will never have been prouder to have associated myself with a team. In terms of resources, we have no right to be 2nd in the league. That we are is a testament to everyone at the club and should provide an inspiration for other clubs run on a comparative shoestring.

Can't wait for Weds!

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Tough to take

By Dorset Don11/4/2015 21:45Sat Apr 11 21:45:43 2015In response to Dulwich - apologies from me.x 5Top of thread

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So tough to take that outcome today. The ten men played with so much heart to get to within minutes of another three precious and deserved points. Just simply cannot accept that the linesman could have seen clearly from that distance away whether that ball crossed the line for their equaliser. Not surprising however given that all the other big decisions seemed to go against us today. Massive respect to the Boyz in green for another excellent effort at the end of a punishing week. #greenarmy

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Re: Mutual Respect

By rwakeley12/4/2015 12:20Sun Apr 12 12:20:11 2015In response to Tough to takeTop of thread

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I enjoy watching Dulwich - they have a totally unique style of play - they play with such a high line it's unreal.
They are the closest thing I have ever seen to a Basketball team on a football field.
They miss the Turkish lad at Northants in the middle and I believe it was noticable that even down to ten, we could absorb pressure. They should have killed us off but our never-say-die attitude and the fact for some reason they sat so deep in the second half allowed us in. Great work on the subs by the Gaffer. Big Dave was the lynchpin. He broke so many moves down. What a show.
What a run by our young Centre. Dulwich by-passed their midfield with their high line and constant bonbardment to their own forwards. When it works, its a force, when it doesn't they have no plan B and they look ordinary. With a full compliment we can play through them. It's a great footballing contest.
Spoke to a lot of their fans post-match- good bunch - they seem hell bent on playing Margate - I'm sure their scout yesterday would also respect Dulwich for their strengths.
Margate and Dulwich look powerful units of whom are exceptional up-front - I maintain they have defensive weakness - our defence - again yesterday was utterly outstanding. Braithwaite & Goode are the best pairing I've seen this season.
Bring em on - who-ever I do respect the other sides but I don't fear any of them.

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Re: Mutual Respect

By Deadman12/4/2015 12:58Sun Apr 12 12:58:05 2015In response to Re: Mutual RespectTop of thread

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Good to see Kevin Maclaren get some minutes....he's going to be vital in the next couple of weeks, especially as our centre midfielders are dropping like flies to injury and suspension. Thought Dave did a good job when he came on and gave us the ball winner we hadn't had up until then. Passing isn't his game but in a battle like that yesterday he was ideal. Took his goal very well too.

Dulwich had the better of things generally and certainly registered the more shots on goal but I thought Leon battled away really well in the second half and was always a threat. He just needs a goal to get him going again.

Overall, the wind, the pitch and quite possibly the importance of the match made good football very difficult but there were moments of quality....namely Dulwich's two goals and the Peter Dean first time ball for Charlie Goode's excellent run (resulting in the pen). As ever the commitment was there although it did have the feeling of a defeat about it (probably to do with the controversy regarding the equaliser and the fact that Maidstone won)...but at least we put another point between us and Margate and kept the unbeaten run going.

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Re: Creating our own luck

By rwakeley12/4/2015 13:21Sun Apr 12 13:21:20 2015In response to Re: Mutual RespectTop of thread

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With regards to Kevin. One aspect to me of our season has been our relatively injury free run of players. As one player has been curtailed we have had another due back in as an immediate replacement. Its worked like clockwork. I did hear on the grapevine yesterday that Ells has breached his booking milestone and is due a stint out. Flegg drops in. The likes of Elliott being injury free for the season and the fact that Kezie has remained such a consistent performer and injury free has clearly helped us.
The lads look in good condition. Casey upon his returns has looked, and presently looks, vibrant.
Kevin coming back in having had a few games out can breathe new life into proceedings. Even the odd fixture cancellation/re-schedule can work out for the better. Hornchurch may have been scrapping for their lives suddenly becomes from their perspective a potential 'dead rubber'.
A lot comes down the management and their manipulation of resources - I'm with Steve, the pieces have fallen into place. The game at SJP, small silly things can keep things percolating.
I don't know nine-tenths of what goes on behind the scenes, but the secretarial staff and their input also play an important role. Good management off the field is as important as on it.
First stab at honours this week - a bit more percolating!
Good luck chaps!

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