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The Twelth Man

By StAlbansDon6/4/2015 19:32Mon Apr 6 19:32:00 2015

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The three points today was equaled by the volume of travelling away fans which is so integral to supporting the boys over the finish line. The reason I have got involved with Hendon is due to the warmth I have felt from the fans and their passion and desire to keep their club going.

Gary has produced minor miracles putting together a squad on a relatively low budget, that is competing at the higest level. He and our marvellous players deserve greater support than the numbers that have been attending matches in recent years.

I have introduced fifteen youth teams with a further hundred families, hundred children being coached under the Hendon banner, and I am trying to introduce Hendon to the community around Silver Jubilee Park, as a safe, fun environment for all.

On that note, I do not accept fowl and abusive language which may compromise this, and alienate tha families and the children alike. I understand that football is a passionate game and explitives may be used, however we have a responsibility and a moral obligation as role models to the future generations of Hendon FC.

With this is mind, I hope we can all conduct ourselves that is best befitting the club , the supporters , but especially the youth. I am thoroughly enjoying my time with Hendon and especially the season we are having, and want to take the club onto a more stable footing. Let's all look forward to Margate on Thursday, thank you to Gary and the players for what you have given us so far this season.

The future is bright, the future is green.

Robert Morris

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Re: The Twelth Man

By StAlbansDon6/4/2015 19:34Mon Apr 6 19:34:37 2015In response to The Twelth ManTop of thread

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fowl, lol, that's what you get when you dictate and don't spell check!!! FOUL

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Re: The Twelth Man

By hfcyork7/4/2015 10:34Tue Apr 7 10:34:31 2015In response to Re: The Twelth ManTop of thread

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fowl, lol, that's what you get when you dictate and don't spell check!!! FOUL

I spotted four more. Won't even start on the grammar!

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Re: The Twelth Man

By Paul Butler (buts1690)7/4/2015 07:39Tue Apr 7 07:39:26 2015In response to Re: The Twelth ManTop of thread

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Now I've done the serious post, have to say that fowl language would be even worse! Lets leave it to the lads to bring home the bacon!

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Re: The Twelth Man

By John Fordham (Agingdon)6/4/2015 19:48Mon Apr 6 19:48:41 2015In response to Re: The Twelth ManTop of thread

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Well said, Rob. We had a whole thread on foul language before the start of the season and at that time I stated that I was baffled as to why supporters needed to use language that was (a) an embarrassment for the Club they supported and (b) was totally unnecessary. I'm still baffled - the Club and its future come first.

Totally dominated the first half today but, after having given away a soft goal (the first defensive error I can think of for many a game) we were a little on the back foot and I heaved a huge sigh of relief at the final whistle. Well done lads - onwards and upwards.

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Re: The Twelth Man

By StAlbansDon6/4/2015 21:12Mon Apr 6 21:12:49 2015In response to Re: The Twelth ManTop of thread

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Thank you John for your loyal support and I will do my best to safeguard the future!

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Re: The Twelth Man

By John Rogers6/4/2015 20:32Mon Apr 6 20:32:21 2015In response to Re: The Twelth ManTop of thread

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Agree fully with the above. Language like some of that heard this afternoon might be considered acceptable elsewhere, rightly not at Hendon and particularly not in the context it was used today. Hopefully we can draw a line under that slightly unsavoury episode.

On the pitch, we played well first half and were full value for our two goal half time lead - in spite of a tricky first fifteen minutes or so. The second half was largely stalemate, and except for the uncharacteristic defensive lapse, looked pretty comfortable.

Good three points, on to Margate.

Well done all.

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Re: The Twelth Man

By dw6/4/2015 21:18Mon Apr 6 21:18:26 2015In response to Re: The Twelth ManTop of thread

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I was not at today's game sadly, let me say that firstly. However, it is sad to hear that the issues raised last year seem to have reoccurred. I can accept isolated expletives, (it is part of the passion of watching football for many people), but tirades of screamed verbal expletives have no place, whether at home matches OR away matches.

If there were to be a choice of moving forward without the regular embarrassment of extreme foul language, or simply disappearing into oblivion, I know which I would choose.

On Saturday against Maidstone, from my position behind the goal, an exceptionally healthy number of Hendon supporters filled the terrace and I heard nothing that anyone could have quibbled with.

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Re: The Twelth Man

By StAlbansDon6/4/2015 22:20Mon Apr 6 22:20:13 2015In response to Re: The Twelth ManTop of thread

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Hi dw Saturday our fans were amazing! Today the 99% were equally so. The problem is one or two which wlil prevent us from moving on from where we are.

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Re: The Twelth Man

By StAlbansDon6/4/2015 21:13Mon Apr 6 21:13:52 2015In response to Re: The Twelth ManTop of thread

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Thanks John you and your family epitomise Hendon FC!

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Re: The Twelth Man

By Adrian Warren7/4/2015 00:44Tue Apr 7 00:44:49 2015In response to Re: The Twelth ManTop of thread

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First of all, many congratulations to Gary and the boys for securing another' hard earned win with a gritty performance in the second half of a well contested local derby.
Whatever happens from here, we look certain to secure our highest league position, third or better, in the last 40 years, since the glory days, when as a Hendon born boy,, I started watching my home town club at the tail end of the amateur era. To do this on little more than the smell of a oily rag is an amazing achievement..
We also won the off field battle on Monday, with plenty of noise from our supporters, though not all off it was positive.
I didn't weigh into the behaviour debate on the forum earlier in the season, as living in Australia and not attending games regularly, I didn't feel qualified to offer an opinion.
I've been to three games over the last two
Weeks and Monday was the first time I had any issues with the language.
I'm all for supporters showing passion and I've probably used the odd expletive myself, as have most supporters at some stage.
But it seemed to me that one or two guys went a bit too far on Monday.
All I would say to those guys is please channel your passion in a more constructive way.
When you were singing and chanting you were doing a great job and that's what the Team needs.
I know some people like to let off a bit of steam when they come to a game and the best way of doing that is by directing ALL your vocal energy in a positive fashion behind the team rather than swearing.
If you don't behave like that at home and work, then why do it at the football?
I know one or two of you are worried about being banned by Simon, but I'm equally sure that's the last thing he wants to do, as we'need every fan we can get and this team deserves as much support as possible.
It was pretty hard to concentrate on the game for the last 15 minutes with what was happening behind the goal, but I was heartened by the fact SEVERAL supporters, not just Simon, were concerned enough to raise the issue.
The bottom line is this, we all want the same thing, a successful side we can be proud of.
We're getting that, so let's make sure we perform off the field in a manner that makes the players proud to play for this great club.

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Re: The Twelth Man

By StAlbansDon7/4/2015 06:03Tue Apr 7 06:03:06 2015In response to Re: The Twelth ManTop of thread

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Thank you Adrian for supporting the team and understanding how we need to move forwards as a club.

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Re: The Twelth Man

By Paul Butler (buts1690)7/4/2015 07:36Tue Apr 7 07:36:25 2015In response to Re: The Twelth ManTop of thread

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Waited until the morning to comment on this so I can't be accused of knee jerk reactions.

ONE person was out of order language wise yesterday, and that was my brother. If that makes me guilty by association, then build my gallows and hang me now!

My brother hasn't been at a game since Vale Farm and wasn't aware of the summer's debate, that doesn't excuse his misbehaviour and I told him that. I and a number of others have made a concerted effort to curb the language, and I had the discussion at the end of the game where I was glad to have the opportunity to say that I feel that it has not been policed evenly and that I have been unfairly picked out on a number of occasions including the game at SJP.

Simon has assured me that going forward everyone will be treated equally and I was pleased to have the opportunity to put my side across, as well as have a quick chat with Gary Mac on the way out.

I understand that my reputation precedes me, I had a mate of mine tag me on Facebook with a picture of the Twitter post re the c-bomb, and heard someone shout from the other side of the terrace "tone it down Paul' or words to that effect, again, wasn't me, was my brother.

Long post I know. To sum up, I completely accept that my brother was well out of order yesterday, and would suggest that he was levels above anything I've heard from myself or anyone else in the past couple of seasons. I'm glad it came to a head and the discussion was had, and I'm happy moving forward, going on to Margate and being loud, full of beer, and supporting the team.

If anyone has got a problem with what I've posted, please don't hide away, reply, thats what a forum is for. Similarly if anyone thinks it'd be better if I didn't go to games, rather than whispering amongst yourselves, reply on here or come and talk to me at a game.

Can't get the Chas and Dave song out of my head, Thursday is huge, looking forward to it.

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Re: The Twelth Man

By Hendonboy7/4/2015 10:22Tue Apr 7 10:22:41 2015In response to Re: The Twelth ManTop of thread

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Sounds to me Paul like at least we're all pretty close in opinion, if not on exactly the same page now, which is a big step forwards from the summer and good to hear.

Hopefully whatever happened doesn't put your brother off returning again sometime - it'd be good to see another body back in your group.

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Re: The Twelth Man

By StAlbansDon7/4/2015 08:41Tue Apr 7 08:41:37 2015In response to Re: The Twelth ManTop of thread

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Thank you for your post Paul. I like you singing and being loud the players appreciate it too. You have an important role creating a good atmosphere both home and away where many new fans think it's a good fun and safe environment to be. See you Thursday!

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F & A

By David B7/4/2015 14:35Tue Apr 7 14:35:07 2015In response to Re: The Twelth ManTop of thread

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If the following comes over as pompous, I apologise.

I hate to admit it, but the events behind the goal (and on the pitch in the second half) yesterday afternoon disturbed me enough to give a disrupted night’s sleep. Some of the language behind the goal was thoroughly unpleasant, but not unexpected. The tension – and expectation – levels have risen significantly and I am sure the efforts of the players on Saturday carried over into Monday, especially as Wingate & Finchley had enjoyed a five-day break before the game. That said, at 2–0 up at half-time, I thought it would be relatively comfortable in the final 45 minutes. Then we conceded a sloppy goal.

Can swearing be justified? Drop something heavy on your foot, or stub your toe, and tell me “no”! It is all a matter of context. When we gave away the goal, I may well have dropped an eff-bomb, but it was no more than a quiet expression of frustration. This is the whole point. You may think this is a strange angle to take, but it is not the swearing that matters; it is how persistent it is and how far away it can be heard.

If you are five feet away and don’t hear anything untoward, then if someone lets out an oath, it doesn’t really matter – after all, football grounds are not sanctified holy places and “industrial language” will be shouted and or spoken. The Wingate & Finchley centre-half was admonished by the referee for expletives after Casey’s goal – technically, given the way they were uttered, it was a red card offence – but he wasn’t the only one and if the letter of the law was followed, then it would be rare for a match to end at 11-a-side.

Interestingly, while everyone behind the goal could hear every shout, I spoke with someone who watched the game in the stand at the Harry Abrahams Stadium and he wasn’t aware of the bad language.

However, when club directors spoke to one of those spouting the expletives towards the end of the second half, it was incredibly rude and disrespectful for the person to apparently continue a telephone call. Should the directors have held off and waited for the call to be completed? No, the issue had to be dealt with immediately. Should the “offender” have ended the phone call? Absolutely.

Almost the only time I ever use my phone when behind the goal is to give live reports to the local hospital radio station and occasionally do commentary too (as a journalist I am occasionally asked to cover matches other than the one I am at, so I will receive text messages from people at these other matches, giving me score updates and/or results, but they are intrusive so I will normally ask them to keep the texts to a minimum). Yesterday, however, I had to apologise for the language which could clearly be heard over my commentary. Maybe I should have moved away from where I was standing, but there weren’t many places where I could have stood and been able to do my commentary without interfering with the enjoyment of other fans. I must be honest, I am not sure I want do live commentary of Hendon matches if I have to apologise for the bad language coming from the terraces or stands.

With five matches to go in the League, we are on the brink of something more than special, a finish unlike anything we have enjoyed since our days as an Amateur club in the early 1970s. Infighting will not help the cause and everyone should be pulling in the same direction – that is Hendon over the finish line in first place. Please, everyone, let’s moderate the language. Think for a moment before shouting out and don’t bring the club’s name into disrepute.

Our support has grown in the past couple of weeks and that is fantastic (in steps 2 and 3 on Saturday, I think there were four games which had bigger attendances than we did). Let’s not behave in a way that stops them from coming back.


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Re: F & A

By Paul Butler (buts1690)8/4/2015 00:23Wed Apr 8 00:23:42 2015In response to F & ATop of thread

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Can't disagree with anything there David, completely agree re the volume and persistence of swear words being the issue, that has been where I've been guilty in the past, and being naturally one of the louder people behind the goal has maybe drawn a bit of a target on my back, I think the context of swear words is also a factor. Directly calling a referee or opposition player a swear word is worse IMO than an utterance in frustration.

Edited by buts1690 at 00:28:52 on 8th April 2015

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Get behind the team... LOUD and PROUD!

By jimsredwhiteandgreen8/4/2015 16:19Wed Apr 8 16:19:56 2015In response to Re: F & ATop of thread

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After having a read through over the last few days or so I thought I would add my bit. As it's a public open forum, there is no need to do the teacher - naughty school boy act.

As arsenal is increasingly pricing me out for the Cat A games now, i'm finding the joys of watching hendon again are more rewarding... at the moment. Attended saturday's game with my 4 year old lad and my mate and his boy. Now as a youngster some 27 years ago, being a ball boy down claremont road back then found myself hearing OTT language. As I got a bit older a few of us from the local west hendon estate went to the games on our own and became part of the "behind the goal gang", although when my dad came he liked us to stand on the side due to the language.

Now bringing my lad along I found myself keeping him out on the wing or near the corner post due to the OTT language. Very hard when the kids are saying .. i want to go behind the net or behind the goal. or when they ask " What did that man say?"

As Rob and Simon have said, the future support of Hendon fans will come from the youngsters who will hopefully be introduced to Hendon over the next season or two and start attending regularly and then start paying adult prices etc... as they get older. The same with all clubs from premiership to non league.

Was having a read on the maidstone forum and they were commenting on how quiet their game on monday was at home due to supporters feeling tense or continually checking their phones for updates.

I felt that our vocal support at home to maidstone and away at Wingate & Finchley was pretty quiet and not up to the normal racket we are famous for. The drum and Bugle days.

Clap along to "Green Army" or "Gary Mac's Green / White Army" which becomes very affective.
"Come on Hendon" or "Come on You Greens" everytime we get a corner or a free kick.

That aside, a very healthy away following at Wingate & Finchley which must have seen more than 160 of us there.

So ... Let's get behind this team .. and maybe .. just maybe ...

Edited by jimsredwhiteandgreen at 16:22:32 on 8th April 2015

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