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Peacehaven Away

By John Rice (legacy user)28/1/2015 07:38Wed Jan 28 07:38:55 2015

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For those coming to the game on Saturday.

If you are travelling by train and wish to travel with fellow fans then please consider:
Catching the 11.37 train from Victoria to Brighton.
Or meeting at The Bright Helm, 20-22A West St (5 mins walk from Brighton station) between 12.30-2pm.
Cab sharing from 2pm to the ground.

If you have space in your car
or wish to travel with others by car please email me:
Or text: 07400 990990

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Peacehaven Away for £7 each!

By jimsredwhiteandgreen (legacy user)28/1/2015 10:37Wed Jan 28 10:37:21 2015In response to Peacehaven AwayTop of thread

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Following on from John’s itinerary post, I thought I would share with you another way to Brighton for next to nothing and you can even join the others who are leaving from Victoria.

I went to Brighton on Sunday for the day to watch Arsenal and we went from St Pancras – brighton on the Thameslink line which cost us £27.80 for 4 (GROUP SAVE ) return!

You can also travel as 3 in a group for £20.85 or if your on your own it’s £10.50. The beauty is these prices are available on the day and you can use another route as specified to get there if you so wish but not the Gatwick express.

Our famous network rail make it as hard as possible to find these deals so if you type it in to national rail from st pancras you won’t find it and it will send you from victoria which costs much more and you also have to get to Victoria.

Also if you get the 11.15 from Farringdon or I suppose its 5 minutes earlier from St Pancras, and change at East Croydon at 11.48 you can then get the 11.53 to Brighton which will put you on the same train as those who have got on at Victoria with you all arriving at 12.28.

If you type in from Farringdon you will find it, so in order to go from st pancras just buy in advance from your local Main line station ( doesn’t have to be a thameslink station ) and make sure you ask for THE SUPER OFF –PEAK DAY RETURN TICKET.

As said it’s disgusting that they don’t make these exceptional deals easy to find when you type them on the net but they are available so make the most of it!

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Re: Peacehaven Away for £7 each!

By John (legacy user)28/1/2015 18:20Wed Jan 28 18:20:17 2015In response to Peacehaven Away for £7 each!Top of thread

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A moot point perhaps, but Network Rail have nothing to do with the setting or advertising of fares and deals. That's all down to the operators.

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NO St Pancras - Brighton trains

By Paul Butler (legacy user)28/1/2015 17:09Wed Jan 28 17:09:38 2015In response to Peacehaven Away for £7 each!Top of thread

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Thameslink trains start at Farringdon this weekend, with no through trains from St Pancras. John doesn't just put these travel suggestions out without them being researched first, it would have been a Thameslink train advertised had they been running properly.

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By Paul Butler (legacy user)28/1/2015 17:21Wed Jan 28 17:21:44 2015In response to NO St Pancras - Brighton trainsTop of thread

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Furthermore to my previous post. If you change at East Croydon to join the train that's advertised from Victoria - you're breaching the terms on the ticket - as the £10.50 return ticket is THAMESLINK ONLY.

Always be careful with the train companies as they will try to catch you out!!

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Possible problem

By David B (legacy user)28/1/2015 18:27Wed Jan 28 18:27:06 2015In response to RestrictionsTop of thread

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I heard this morning that more water has been found seeping onto the tracks in the Snow Hill tunnel (the one between Farringdon and City Thameslink stations). If the line is closed - as it was last weekend - then the services will start, I assume from Blackfriars (if Thameslink had their way, it would be Preston Park!). It may be nothing, but it is probably worth keeping eyes and ears open for changes to the service.

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Not as bad

By David B (legacy user)28/1/2015 21:59Wed Jan 28 21:59:28 2015In response to Possible problemTop of thread

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The story I heard this morning was breaking and the intelligence given to the radio station was slightly out.

ALB has told me that the tunnel with flooding is to the north of Farringdon, the one between St Pancras, the now-closed Kings Cross Thameslink and Farringdon. I believe that is why there will be no Thameslink service southbound from St Pancras on Saturday and the Gatwick/Brighton services will start at Farringdon. Apparently although water was spotted in the tunnel, there was nothing like the amount that left the track flooded last weekend and trains were able to get through, albeit more slowly than usual - and the service has been reduced by about 40 percent as a precaution. Hopefully, the water won't get worse and the service will be as advertised at the weekend.

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Re: Not as bad

By ChrisHFC (legacy user)28/1/2015 22:53Wed Jan 28 22:53:55 2015In response to Not as badTop of thread

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It has just been reported on the 10.30pm BBC London TV news that Thameslink have closed the line between St Pancras and Farringdon until tomorrow (Thursday) evening AT THE EARLIEST while Thames Water work to try to find the cause of the flooding in the Clerkenwell tunnel between St Pancras and Farringdon.

Thameslink have cancelled 1,000 trains since last Friday, and have had at least five trains damaged by the flooding. They have warned of further disruptions and running short trains once the service is restored.

A Thames Water spokesman admitted that they do not know where the source of the flooding is, though work is going on to try to find out and then effect repairs. He admitted that it was not possible to give an estimate of when the flooding problems would be resolved.

It was further reported that Network Rail would be submitting a claim of at leat £1 million against Thames Water for the service disruption.

In the light of the above, it might be best to assume no service between St Pancras and Farringdon on Saturday. Whether services to the south will start from Farringdon or Blackfriars (or further south?) is a moot point and something that will need to be checked.

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Best thing to do

By Paul Butler (legacy user)29/1/2015 00:05Thu Jan 29 00:05:51 2015In response to Re: Not as badTop of thread

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Best thing to do is just get the 11.37 from Victoria which takes 50odd minutes, only stops at East Croydon (handy as thats where I get on it) and then go to the Bright Helm for a few pre match beverages!!

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It's just an alternative

By jimsredwhiteandgreen (legacy user)29/1/2015 10:30Thu Jan 29 10:30:19 2015In response to Best thing to doTop of thread

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I just put it out there as an alternative, and maybe the difference of someone going on their own who is not in a groupsave deal to go at an affordable price.

From victoria at the best it's £11 each way for a named train or £26.80 for an off peak day return, when you can go from Farringdon for £10.50 return on any train listed. We found out that the line was shut on sunday as we were travelling down to euston, but we were informed that our tickets were being accepted on any line by any train operator so we just headed to victoria.

Amongst the list of trains, the one i quoted to join the one leaving victoria was flagged as part of the £10.50 super off peak day return and doesn't say anything about only using thameslink, but feel free to check at your local station office before deciding on this option.

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By eddieedd (legacy user)29/1/2015 19:04Thu Jan 29 19:04:16 2015In response to It's just an alternativeTop of thread

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£13.50 return from West Hampstead Overground , no booked trains or rail cards required ( no engineering works either via Clapham Junc), about one and half hours journey time. Looks like 11.46 down(or perhaps earlier to take advantage of drinking time ) and 17.50 or so back. Just need the weather to sort itself out!

Mr Rice can you provide a hat , will pay you in the pub .....

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Re: alternative

By Jake (legacy user)30/1/2015 12:39Fri Jan 30 12:39:36 2015In response to alternativeTop of thread

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Be careful going out of West Hampstead I've had nothing but problems this week trying to get to work from there with delays cancelations etc
Wish I was going with you all but despite nearly begging I haven't been given tomorrow off for the game .....I was given today instead
Need a new job again .....

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West Hampstead

By Jake (legacy user)31/1/2015 07:25Sat Jan 31 07:25:42 2015In response to Re: alternativeTop of thread

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West Hampstead Thames link and trains going along that line will be experiencing delays of up to an hour going through londonnto do engineering works according to their website
There are NO trains between faringdon and West Hampstead this weekend either according to the site
So if you are going by that route check the new temporary time table they have posted on the site (it's all at the top as an alert band)
Checked it as I was going to work and thought I'd also check for you guys heading out to Brighton

Enjoy the trip everyone and Paul make sure I get my updates !

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