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By Paul Butler (legacy user)12/11/2014 08:49Wed Nov 12 08:49:20 2014

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Really rather pissed off with last night, if we aren't going to take the minor cup competitions seriously then why bother entering them? And why advertise them as "first team" games? Travelled to Staines yesterday, paid TWELVE F*CKING QUID to get in, to see we've made six changes from Saturday. I understand the need to rotate the squad a bit, but that was an insult. The only silverware we have a real chance of actually lifting at the end of the season, I remember when the Middx Cup actually meant something to us, been to some great finals over the years, really think had we played the first team we'd have beaten Staines yesterday. Really not motivated for Saturday at all now.

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By John (legacy user)12/11/2014 09:41Wed Nov 12 09:41:16 2014In response to AnnoyedTop of thread

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There are a number of reasons, I would imagine, why there were six changes from Saturday, not least the fact that we have a game on Saturday that if won, will bring in much needed money to the coffers. Often, by the time we begin the Middlesex Senior Cup, we are already out of the FA Trophy.

We don't have the luxury of having a reserve / U21 side in which we can give players minutes, the season so far has been full-on with only two blank midweeks since August. I don't think yesterday was a case of not being fussed about the Middlesex Senior Cup, it was more likely a case of protecting certain players ahead of a more important game Saturday and giving others minutes. We don't know who, out of those rested, might have been carrying knocks. All of those who played were in the first-team squad, it wasn't as though Gary suddenly plucked a whole host of 17 year olds out of thin air to play the game. The only players who played last night to have appeared in less than half our games this season were Brendan Hazlett, Max McCann, Charlie Goode (who has only been available to play in two) Peter Dean and Adam Wallace. Two of those names are because of injury problems this season.

We still have good chances of silverware, we are still in the London Senior Cup (arguably more prestigious than the Middlesex Senior Cup), we are still in the League Cup and.... to be perfectly honest, looking at the league this season, a play-off spot is ours to throw away.

I can understand the frustration at paying £12, but I also think a little perspective is required, that was only our fourth defeat in 26 matches this season. Unheard of at this stage.

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Re: Priorities

By Hendonboy (legacy user)12/11/2014 11:36Wed Nov 12 11:36:52 2014In response to PrioritiesTop of thread

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I also don't think even when we were winning the competition regularly we really made much less in the way of changes in early rounds of the competition...

2001 - we beat Kingsbury 5-0. 5 changes from the previous Saturday against Sutton.
2002 - we beat Hillingdon Borough 5-1. 4 changes from an FA Trophy game against Bognor.
2003 - we limped past Potters Bar Town 3-2. Only two changes from our FA Cup game against St. Albans, but that was 10 days earlier.

Likewise, in 2007 when we finished as runners up we made 4 changes after a draw with Bognor.

The only real difference is arguably the quality of opposition - although struggling, they were from the division above rather than one or two below, and although I can't find their teamsheet for their last game against Ebsfleet on a quick search, with a 10 day break, 7 games without a win and looking at what they put out yesterday I can't imagine they went for anything other than a strong team with the intention of getting any win on the board.

I can understand frustration at paying full price and seeing that changes have been made, but I don't see it's much different to the way we've treated the cup in the past.

Hendon FC Supporters Trust

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re: Priorities

By alan ainsworth (legacy user)12/11/2014 14:18Wed Nov 12 14:18:10 2014In response to Re: PrioritiesTop of thread

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I briefly considered going last night.
My intended destination fell victim to a short-notice rearrangement; the replacement was facing a Biblical weather forecast, so I didn't risk it - Sod's Law says it survived, though the pictures look unpleasant. It's a bit of a schlep from Staines station, though - and I ain't in good nick at the moment.
Hendon normally take the MSC more seriously than most clubs, but there are always at least two or three changes.
I'd imagine most fans would prefer winning the MSC to the London Senior Cup.
Incidentally, the London FA site has the London Bari away tie provisionally pencilled-in for December 10th. Either Bromley or the Wombles are likely to be next up in the New Year.
The FA Trophy could see the Club nick another £10,000 in prizemoney, with a bit of luck, so it's arguably worth prioritising it. If Gosport can get to the Final and That Mob In Ruislip can make the S-F, then a lengthy run isn't impossible.
With no League postponements yet, the Club can look to make progress on several fronts.
This time next week, the table may show Hendon half way to a points total that would be worth a 90% chance of making a play-off slot, three games before the mid-way point of the League season.
The Lord alone knows what might happen if promotion were to be achieved, but I'm sure that bridge can be crossed if you come to it.

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re: Priorities

By rwakeley (legacy user)12/11/2014 14:53Wed Nov 12 14:53:36 2014In response to re: PrioritiesTop of thread

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I agree with the Rogers clan 100 per cent. The Gaffer has a responsibility to manage his resources how ever he sees fit. That was a strong opposition last night. If anything one could actually chastise the gaffer for 'risking' Ibe and Smith having just gone 4-2 down with 25 to go.
You damned what-ever you do. From what I could gather Hendon played very well. If Hendon have genuine play-off hopes then, I for one, am actually pleased these types of games are dispensed with.
Should a seasons more lucrative options have fallen by the wayside these competitions provide an opportunity to win some silverware.
When I read one of the Staines goals was a decent strike, my mind flash-backed to the pre-season encounter. I would imagine last night was however far more keenly contested.
At the very least players, several of whom clearly warrant some games under their belt gave us an opportunity to further strengthen our options in the ensuing weeks.
Had we played a lesser side we would still be in the draw.
Roll on Saturday


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Re: re: Priorities

By essex don (legacy user)12/11/2014 14:53Wed Nov 12 14:53:33 2014In response to re: PrioritiesTop of thread

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i did go and can see both sides of the argument,however(and i know we dont have the biggest of squads)playing dave diedhou at centre back and sam murphy at right back were highly unlikely to be a garys defence it did give peter dean max mcann and adam wallace some game main gripe is that bringing on kezzie and leon when we are chasing the game is in my opinion more likely to lead to them picking up knocks.also paying 12 pounds to watch what could have been fringe players from both sides is a bit over the top.wonder if the essex fa allow southend to charge £20 or more in their senior cup.shouldnt the clubs decide what to charge.

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By David B (legacy user)12/11/2014 15:44Wed Nov 12 15:44:05 2014In response to Re: re: PrioritiesTop of thread

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Gary has explained his team selection in his post-match quotes which will be online later today. Staines were much nearer full strength than we were. It could be said that only Kevin Maclaren was a first-choice first-teamer in his regular position (though Charlie Goode and Andre Da Costa may have shouts about their status in the coming weeks): we were missing - by choice or necessity - our first-choice goalkeeper, 4-5 defenders, 1-2 midfielders and both strikers, plus there were at least three regulars who played out of position.

By all accounts the final score was nothing like a fair reflection of the game and if Staines keeper Jack Turner had not been absolutely outstanding we might still have got something out of the game.

I think you all know my opinion on the obscene cost of watching English football from top to bottom. No non-league team should be charging more than £10 for general admission.

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Re: Priorities

By SteveHFC (legacy user)12/11/2014 20:35Wed Nov 12 20:35:06 2014In response to PrioritiesTop of thread

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No text

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Re: Priorities

By Gareth Coates (legacy user)13/11/2014 00:09Thu Nov 13 00:09:17 2014In response to Re: PrioritiesTop of thread

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"I agree with all regarding the entry fee - but as I mentioned yesterday evening (after those of you who went were already on their way) - the pricing wasn't down to Staines. I have no idea why the Middx FA have brought that rule in! As with David - you all know I think football is overpriced - even at our level."

It's not a new rule - it's been in there for years. The thing is, it is only as football at this level has become more expensive that it has become relevant. I suspect that it was originally brought in during the era when Middlesex Senior Cup ties attracted massive crowds to stop clubs increasing their admission charges but, as is well known, the County Cups are not as important as they were.

Any club hosting a Middlesex Senior Cup tie and wishing to vary their prices should contact the Middlesex FA and ask for permission. Cases will be considered on an individual basis and referred to the relevant people, who might well say yes.

The Association also altered the schedule for this season's Middlesex Senior Cup to eliminate a possible clash with FA Trophy / Vase replays but this has backfired because this round has been scheduled before a round of The FA Trophy. That will be reviewed ahead of next season.

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Re: Priorities

By John Fordham (legacy user)13/11/2014 10:55Thu Nov 13 10:55:22 2014In response to Re: PrioritiesTop of thread

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Many thanks for giving the Middx FA perspective on this, Gareth. I found your statement

"Any club hosting a Middlesex Senior Cup tie and wishing to vary their prices should contact the Middlesex FA and ask for permission. Cases will be considered on an individual basis and referred to the relevant people, who might well say yes."

interesting. I wonder how many Clubs know that this option is available. My guess, from Steve's comments, is that Hendon didn't know. Two comments related:

1. Why not do away with this decision-making option, and save on the admin associated, and leave the Clubs to directly decide on admission prices. Middx FA will not then have to take the flack when fans complain.
2. With this option, or Clubs deciding for themselves on admission prices, I just wonder how many Clubs would (try to) reduce prices. After all, at this level, finances are the highest priority for most Clubs and, for example, revenue from 70 people at full price would be greater than 100 people at half price.

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Re: Priorities

By Gareth Coates (legacy user)13/11/2014 20:43Thu Nov 13 20:43:34 2014In response to Re: PrioritiesTop of thread

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The rule about pricing is something that needs looking at given the changing landscape that clubs are in now. The Cup Rules are reviewed annually and feedback from clubs at all levels is always welcome. The Middlesex Cups are for the benefit of the clubs - not the other way round.

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Re: Priorities

By dw (legacy user)13/11/2014 00:26Thu Nov 13 00:26:23 2014In response to Re: PrioritiesTop of thread

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It would make no sense at all to jeopardise a run in the FA Trophy having exited the FA Cup by risking players at Staines. A balancing act always makes sense. Even more to the point, with our stretched resources it is vital that squad players are given match practice. Training alone is insufficient and unrewarding to those players who devote so much time to Hendon but get relatively few opportunities on a week to week basis. Even in the League, Gary rings the changes when he can. Without the extra prize money that FA matches potentially bring in, Hendon Football Club might not now exist. Surely, it is better to have a club rather than no club?

Let's hope that the predicted heavy rain on Friday does not lead to a postponement on Saturday. And, if the rain does come, I trust that the sluice gates will be opened!

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Re: Priorities

By Anonymous (legacy user)13/11/2014 14:18Thu Nov 13 14:18:04 2014In response to Re: PrioritiesTop of thread

Views: 4174 poster here;

I too made the trip to Staines but not being as close to Hendon (at the moment) as other people, I can't really comment on the effect of playing some of the fringe players. But what I would say is that Hendon played a very expansive style which left them open to counter-attacks and it was maybe this that cost them the game. Nonetheless, it was a really entertaining approach and some of Hendon's attacking play was excellent...just the finishing let them down in that regard. I agree with others who have praised the Staines keeper...he was brilliant and without him, that game may well have gone to extra time or resulted in a Hendon win. The one on one save at 2-3 (from Dean?) was a pivotal moment.

But going back to the original point of this thread...if those are fringe players, then Hendon's squad is in good shape. Everyone "put in a shift" and gave everything they had. There was no lack of ability either.

PS: £12 was a bit of a surprise...thought it would be £10 or less but hey ho. And's to some decent weather for Saturday's game. I'm bringing a couple of fellow, game-less, Charlton supporters (I's a long story) and it should be fun. As my Dad would've said "Hendon for The Cup!" or should that be Trophy.....?

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By jimsredwhiteandgreen (legacy user)13/11/2014 15:30Thu Nov 13 15:30:15 2014In response to Re: PrioritiesTop of thread

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Speaking of Priorities, our aim is to boost our home attendances, and to do this we need to promote and spread awareness. If the public are not made aware of the fixture then we struggle to attract new supporters or day trippers.

Having said all that, I have been in communication with John Rice and have created some poster style ads suitable for twitter and facebook, but need to get these up to get people re-tweeting.

Please message me and I can email you them in order for you to add to your twitter / facebook accounts.

I have sent to John, Simon and Paul so drop them a line and they can forward on.

Get the players and gaffer re-tweeting, and get Ian Wright re-tweeting ( as he now loves Hendon ..) and before you know it we may have put another 50 or so on the gate with little effort.



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By John Rice (legacy user)13/11/2014 20:45Thu Nov 13 20:45:45 2014In response to PrioritiesTop of thread

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Having spoken to a few people there is a consensus that we should start promoting the club IF and when we move to SJP. I don't feel we can wait. SJP is not too far from Harrow. If we are promoting on social media then our reach is wider than shoving leaflets through doors in and around the ground. So the support we attract will not be geographically close to Earlsmead. We should be marketing Hendon FC NOT Hendon FC at Earlsmead. That is only our home, at the moment.

Since leaving Claremont Road our three concerns have been - finances, crowds and our own home. As SJP is a potential home that leaves two worries. If we get another 50, 100, 200 at games that would eliminate the last two worries. Bigger crowds is a sustainable future. Asking for donations or bigger donations is short term.

Marketing the club via social media is free, instant and has an incredible reach. Danny Abrahams has had some great ideas and approaches to social media. James Furness has some fantastic graphics and ideas. We have a number of supporters who have social media accounts. So if James creates the graphics and you are willing to help us by adding them to your timeline please email me and I will create a 'Marketing Team' distribution list. This is our club.

I would also request that the Trust, club, Association, Rob, Graham, Steve R, etc meet (subject to availability) to try and create some cohesion and planning for the short and long term future.

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