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Worthing Saturday

By Anonymous (legacy user)10/11/2014 20:34Mon Nov 10 20:34:29 2014

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I have less right than some and more than others to post this message. My message/plea is to all fans of Hendon FC .

Saturday sees us take on Worthing in the FA Trophy, to many that may seem as a ‘gimme’ in football terms but we all know that the cruel world of fate can play tricks and you only deserve the result after the full time whistle has been blown, not before. Remember Whitstable last year !

What the players and the club need is for as many of us as possible to be there on Saturday, this is an important game. It might not be the ‘big game’ but it is one of the defining games of the season for a whole host of reasons, a big crowd would certainly help .

I could go on about it but I am sure you all get the point and don’t need anything spelling out, all I can ask is please turn up and give the guys your support, they have earned it.

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Re: Worthing Saturday

By mike cox (legacy user)11/11/2014 12:35Tue Nov 11 12:35:30 2014In response to Worthing SaturdayTop of thread

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We really do need to get behind the team on Saturday - it's too easy to get complacent and think it's an easy game - there's no such thing! As Eddie points out we came a terrible cropper last season and we can't afford to have a repeat on Saturday. So please turn out if you possibly can and cheer the lads on to a much hoped for victory.

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Re: Worthing Saturday

By John Fordham (legacy user)11/11/2014 18:47Tue Nov 11 18:47:01 2014In response to Re: Worthing SaturdayTop of thread

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I can imagine Worthing being a real banana skin. Can't believe Gary and the management team will be complacent - maybe Dulwich were when beaten 3-0 at home by Worthing in the FA Cup earlier this season. Will be a difficult tie in my opinion.

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Staines tonight

By Paul Butler (legacy user)11/11/2014 12:18Tue Nov 11 12:18:58 2014In response to Worthing SaturdayTop of thread

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While I agree with Eddie's sentiments here, and fancy that we could get a decent turnout with no top level football due to internationals, I would apply the same logic to the trip to Staines tonight, and hope that it isn't going to be just myself and Jake there tonight!

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Re: Staines tonight

By essex don (legacy user)11/11/2014 15:11Tue Nov 11 15:11:39 2014In response to Staines tonightTop of thread

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paul i will be there but i fear charging conference south prices of £12(i think i am correct with these prices)may put a few people off and i include staines fans in this.if i have the price wrong perhaps someone could post the correct details.

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Admission for Middx Snr Cup

By SteveHFC (legacy user)11/11/2014 18:43Tue Nov 11 18:43:28 2014In response to Re: Staines tonightTop of thread

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As those who have gone to Staines will find out in the next hour or so - Staines are charging £12 for adults - and their normal concessionary prices, whatever they are.

This is apparently because Middx FA rules state that normal admission prices must be charged in the Senior Cup!

Greensnet - The Official Hendon FC Website
Hendon FC Supporters Trust Official Website

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Worthing Saturday

By eddieedd (legacy user)11/11/2014 20:20Tue Nov 11 20:20:36 2014In response to Admission for Middx Snr CupTop of thread

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I understand that tonight's game might be the now moment. My appeal is for people to turn out on Saturday, pay Hendon their entrance fee, cheer Hendon onto a financially rewarding win and then hope to go one further next round in the Trophy, hopefully avoiding a repeat of the crap that was Whitstable last season. It is as important as any fixture we have played this season, please just be there.

Middlesex Cup at Staines, sorry I can't be there but..........................

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Money money money

By Paul Butler (legacy user)12/11/2014 08:54Wed Nov 12 08:54:08 2014In response to Worthing SaturdayTop of thread

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Really disillusioned with the "business" that is modern football. The Trophy is something we've got little or no chance of actually winning, it's importance is elevated by the early FA Cup exit, purely for financial reasons. With the cups we actually have a chance of lifting at the end of the season, because they don't win us a few grand, no one bothers and we play the ressies.

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Re: Money money money

By John (legacy user)12/11/2014 09:50Wed Nov 12 09:50:15 2014In response to Money money moneyTop of thread

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Yes, it's sad that money plays such an important part in modern football, but at a club like ours, where we do not have a money-man pumping money in, we have to rely on every single avenue for financial gain. This includes runs in the FA Cup and FA Trophy. We are unlikely ever to win either, but the rewards in both competitions are there for clubs like ours - just in a different guise.

Winning a couple more matches in the Trophy could genuinely mean the difference between giving Gary a little extra on the playing budget this season that he needs to get us into the Conference South. If we were to go out on Saturday, and come the end of April we finish 6th as injuries bite in the winter and we have no way of bolstering the squad. Would you be utterly gutted? I know I would. Progression in the Trophy could eradicate that potentiality.

Yes, it's great lifting silverware at the end of the season, of course it is. But this season, for the first season time since I have been a regular supporter (almost 20 years), we have a genuine opportunity to go full tilt for promotion. Would I take an early exit in the Middlesex Senior Cup if it guaranteed us a shot at the play-offs? Yes, absolutely I would.

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Money & Football

By rwakeley (legacy user)12/11/2014 14:27Wed Nov 12 14:27:52 2014In response to Re: Money money moneyTop of thread

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Slighly off topic and on the same day a chief BOE FX dealer is fired for rigging the market - I should really stay off It did get me thinking how all this corruption in the markets correlates with the mindset of the average fan.
This is what I arrive home to on an average Saturday night - The majority of fans in my local (since 2010)
have whitnessed the following:-
AFC Telford United 2011 promoted, 2012 relegated, 2013 promoted - 2014 currently bottom 5 different managers- soon to be 6!
Shrewsbury Town 2011 play-offs, 2012 promoted, 2014 relegated - 4 different managers
Wolves - 2011 relegated, 2012 relegated, 2013 promoted - 5 different managers
One may argue football is a form of escapism, but listenting to these fans I can't help thinking that football now for most has become a form of self-delusion. These fans would think nothing of splashing £50m on a centre-forward to pursue some unfounded, unrealistic dream. It's the mindset of these fans I find most worrying. Like the external financial world, they themselves contribute to the next bubble and seem constantly surprised when it busts.
These fans all be-moan increased costs - I don't have much sympathy. They feed the monster and are paying down debts which will be passed further down the generations. Its a ponzi scheme.
I recently read an article whereby it suggested that fans are leaving clubs they can no longer afford to watch, certainly in terms of any longevity, in search of non-league football where costs are minimalized.
Unlike the major banks no club is 'too big to fail' - perhaps Michel Platini can ensure that fans are 'Cyprioted' to bail-out (or bail-in), clubs for a new centre-forward.
Better still how long before we see some US backed entity has blown its club out the water by buying mortgage backed securities - Perhaps Monsieur Platini or the Bank of England chap can give them all a 'triple A rating' before they implode.
Where do we fit in - we stuggle on with a hand to mouth existance - hopefully things will improve - even so count our blessings it's better than all the alternatives.
These fans embrace new owners with open arms - then appear to want them ejected forthwith. They seem utterly incapable of identifying the fact that they syptomatic of the underlying problems.
I hope more fans to flock to non-league as an alternative, but I have a horrible feeling this may just perpetuate the problems and make things worse at our level.
As far as I'm concerned you can keep you Oligarchy types - just another bubble waiting to burst.
When we have our moments enjoy them.


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Re: Money & Football

By Anonymous (legacy user)13/11/2014 11:30Thu Nov 13 11:30:00 2014In response to Money & FootballTop of thread

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Worthing fan here in peace. Looking forward to our visit on Saturday and hopeful a great game of football.
We may be a league below but for cup games we always seem to bring a good crowd I would guess we will take around 60-80 on Saturday.

How's the pitch looking this time of year?

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Re: Money & Football

By John (legacy user)13/11/2014 19:20Thu Nov 13 19:20:13 2014In response to Re: Money & FootballTop of thread

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Hello. Looking forward to renewing acquaintances with yourselves as well on Saturday. It ought to be a good tie.

Pitch had a postponement on it last midweek, but played well on Saturday against Grays. There are a couple of slightly uneven bald areas in either penalty area, but during a torrential downpour in the second half of the Grays game the surface became slick rather than boggy and waterlogged.

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re: I come in peace.

By alan ainsworth (legacy user)13/11/2014 12:47Thu Nov 13 12:47:42 2014In response to Re: Money & FootballTop of thread

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That's something a commie-fag-pinko like Nick would say... but his spelling's better than that.
Maybe I'm tripping here, but was a Hendon fan or two not on the wrong end of some shenanigans down there a few years back? I probably am tripping.

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By Paul Butler (legacy user)14/11/2014 12:10Fri Nov 14 12:10:27 2014In response to re: I come in peace.Top of thread

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I remember there was a bit of trouble at a Cup tie in Hastings (one of their fans spat at one of our players IIRC), that's the only seaside shenanigans I can remember!

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...& as for money & self-delusion in football...

By alan ainsworth (legacy user)13/11/2014 12:48Thu Nov 13 12:48:51 2014In response to re: I come in peace.Top of thread

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...You'll all be glad to know I'm not even getting started on that.

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