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Not remotely deflated

By rwakeley (legacy user)12/10/2014 00:57Sun Oct 12 00:57:55 2014

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...unlike my my bank balance! I re-mortgaged my house and bought a train ticket!
13 hours on a train later and I came to the same conclusion as when I departed.
Expectations in check and all that. We could have conceivably got a replay.
I don't believe Dorchester were materially superior - we matched them in endeavour but lacked cutting edge.
Had we had the resources to deliver an 'A game' performance we could have romped home.
The execution of the final ball and one dimentional approach smacked more of fatigue rather than overall appreciation.
The timing of the fixture and its outcome was I believe underpinned by our recent run of form - and nothing else - we ran out of gas, (and personnel).
An untimely intervention - it's a real shame for everyone because a Hendon firing on all cylinders would have buried the opposition. To my knowledge at least half our bench was unfit. I hear Belal got injured in training in the week.
It's not a fair reprsentation of where we are and what we have achieved to date.
It's actually a compliment.
The lads can take solace from the fact that outings like today are a by-product of their underlying character rather than their weakness. Its annoying its on FA Cup day.
Get everybody fit and bounce back. This is still the best Hendon squad I've seen.
It was when we left our homes this morning - and hence it still is.


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Re: Not remotely deflated

By SteveHFC (legacy user)12/10/2014 10:15Sun Oct 12 10:15:29 2014In response to Not remotely deflatedTop of thread

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I must admit I'm not overly deflated either. The biggest blow of losing yesterday is the financial one. Had that been a league game, I don't think many of us would have been too disappointed. There's no doubt in my mind that the players gave 100% - it just didn't happen, and too many had an off day on the same day. I'm not going to name names, they know who they are, you only had to look at their faces on the final whistle to see how gutted they were.

I think Rob's summed things up well - we need to look at the bigger picture. That was just our 3rd defeat of the season in our 19th game - there won't be many clubs nationally who have that kind of record in all competitions. The defeat just happened to come in the FA Cup, and having gone 11 games unbeaten, a defeat was going to come round sooner or later.

The big test comes now - we need to put yesterday behind us and focus on what's ahead. Obviously we have the league cup game at Wingate on Tuesday - in which I suspect we'll see a line up similar to that fielded against Barking - and then a very tough test against Margate on Saturday. However, we often come up to our best in those tough tests.

I must mention our support yesterday - superb, both in volume and in numbers (I estimate somewhere between 80 and 100). Those of you who follow players and management on twitter will know that two or three of them have commented on it - they really do appreciate it. As Mike Cox mentioned before the game - our support is very much a 12th man - and we need to make sure we get behind the team in the same way on Saturday against Margate (as well as on Tuesday for those of us who are able to go to Wingate).

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In dream land.....

By mello (legacy user)12/10/2014 21:51Sun Oct 12 21:51:37 2014In response to Re: Not remotely deflatedTop of thread

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I can`t remember a season like this, a striker in hot form, in third place in the league, only beaten in four games by mid October.....and being disappointed about going out in the third qualifying round of the FA Cup. Personally I think this is probably the best season I have known as a Hendon supporter and it`s only about a third in!!!! Hats off to the players for putting in a shift, the backroom staff especially the physio who has produced miracles long may it continue, and if we carry on as we have started and finish in the play-offs the FA Cup disappointment will be a distant memory????

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Fleeting moments

By dw (legacy user)12/10/2014 22:18Sun Oct 12 22:18:21 2014In response to In dream land.....Top of thread

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IF the very early challenge on Aaron Morgan had resulted in a penalty - I perceived very little contact, but others much better placed than me said it was a definite penalty, and IF Leon Smith had not slipped before trying to place the ball into a virtually unguarded net, then the day could have been so different. But that is football. Big games such as these are all based on confidence. Another day, and the the same players could have sent us all home rejoicing. A great effort all round.

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By alan ainsworth (legacy user)12/10/2014 22:59Sun Oct 12 22:59:30 2014In response to Fleeting momentsTop of thread

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Have to say I was surprised Hendon didn't win yesterday and the loss of a £7,500 prizemoney cheque is a blow to the Club. A mite annoying to play a biggish club at the right time - change of manager, player absences, poor run of form - and go out.
Dorchester are a talented and technically proficient team, but I made Hendon 6/5 after Tuesday night's Dorchester debacle against Bideford, even though the Magpies were unlikely to play that badly again. I thought the bookies might have gone a little longer, but 6/5 was the best you could get. With late withdrawals from the Magpies team & players possibly carrying injuries, I'd have gone a shade of odds-on Hendon... even with DTFC signing the ex-Southampton U-18 captain, who was rated a cert Premiership player before injury struck.
Still, good to know that the Club can still raise a respectable following for a good day out.
After seven years adrift, it looks as if the Good Ship Hendon has sighted land. Having lived on Townsend Lane, I don't think the natives will be that friendly when you go ashore. I don't need to tell anyone on here that I didn't think you'd make it.
Congratulations - especially to Simon.
The Ryman Premier doesn't look a great league this year. It's been a brilliant start, but making the play-offs is still going to be difficult. Maths & stats say 50-52 points from the next 31 games should do. Need to avoid stalling over the tricky Gate-Ricay-SWP run, though.
As djw says, it's been a great effort all round.
Right! I'm off to glory hunt somewhere else.

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The big picture

By rwakeley (legacy user)13/10/2014 00:29Mon Oct 13 00:29:22 2014In response to Disappointing.Top of thread

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I saw a video of Howard Krais the stones main man at an end of season champagne celebration following last years title win. I thought he spoke very well. I don't know what goes on behing the scenes of these clubs, but those that survive at this level appear to have the right people at the helm on and off the field.
Seeing those additional Hendon fans on Saturday gave me an insight into what may actually become the norm as we evolve going foward.
I make the connection between 20 years in charge stones gaffer and ten years in charge gaffer Gary McCann.
I agree whole-heartedly with Steve and his big picture analogy and suggest we as a club are quietly turning the corner - or at least I hope that is the case.
I believe supporters follow certain clubs because they adopt an intrinsic mind-set which is prelevant throughout that club.
I admire what the Stones have done. I don't know Mr Krais, but he looks and sounds a sensible chap who despite constant demands from fans for more cash to be splashed, would actually maintain a tight ship in the best interests of its viability.
I'm convinced that our board think along the same lines.
Hopefully Hendon will become more of a going concern rather than that of a growing one. If Hendon can match off the field, with what the gaffer has done on it, then the future is certainly much brighter.
Maybe one day, we will get our own champagne evening.


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Re: Disappointing.

By Paul Butler (legacy user)13/10/2014 00:03Mon Oct 13 00:03:48 2014In response to Disappointing.Top of thread

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The one positive I can take from yesterday was the support - we showed yesterday that as a club we can get a following of 100+ to a far-flung away game and get vocally behind the side - congratulations to JR and Eddie for getting the coach sorted at short notice.

That's it though, no more big away followings until next season's FA Cup (will probably be the same regular 20 people at Dulwich in two weeks, where we'd have had 150odd if we went to Bristol Rovers or Torquay) a defeat to a poor side who are struggling in their league (kinda glad my wish to get in the Southern League didn't come through, as we're in the poorest Ryman Premier I've ever seen, and the Southern League seems to be much stronger) and the financial blow.

A tough couple of weeks coming up, not sure everyone will be shrugging off this defeat as much if we follow it with a defeat to Margat£ and our annual loss over at Champion Hill, and now of course as last season the Trophy takes on more significance.

Referee and assistants didn't help, but we beat 12 men in the previous round by playing well against a far better opposition side, so can't use that as an excuse.

Classic case of a great day out spoiled by a game of football. Glad I've got other commitments so I can have two weeks without watching football after that, as for me it was a sore one.

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Glory Hunting... & Stereotyping.

By alan ainsworth (legacy user)14/10/2014 17:33Tue Oct 14 17:33:02 2014In response to Re: Disappointing.Top of thread

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I'm astounded unemployed Scousers are allowed anywhere near Dorchester, but it's a classic piece of self-stereotyping that the whinger on the Bristol Rovers Ticket Prices thread is a Liverpudlian man of leisure.

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