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By Paul Butler (legacy user)7/9/2014 01:07Sun Sep 7 01:07:33 2014

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Lucky to get a point in the end after dominating the first hour and being 2-0 up and cruising, it just seemed to all go wrong after scoring the penalty, we became sloppy, and really had to dig deep to cling on. Referee was awful, as usual, and the second yellow card for Ollie was a joke, surely if you get booked for kicking the ball away the ball actually has to go somewhere? It travelled five yards at the most, and didn't stop them taking a quick free kick. Having said all that, they are unbeaten, their 7 was a cheat of the highest order, spent more time on his arse than his feet, and they are definitely one of the best sides in this league, so probably all in all a decent point away from home.

Also - what an absolute joke that we weren't allowed behind the goal, as told by a jobsworth tit of a steward, used to like Kingstonian but now hope the Wombles sell the ground to Tesco's after they move back to Wimbledon.

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Re: Kingstonian

By Oxford K (legacy user)7/9/2014 14:55Sun Sep 7 14:55:21 2014In response to KingstonianTop of thread

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"Also - what an absolute joke that we weren't allowed behind the goal, as told by a jobsworth tit of a steward, used to like Kingstonian but now hope the Wombles sell the ground to Tesco's after they move back to Wimbledon"

Popped on here to see what your fans were thinking about yesterday's superb game...only to stumble on this diatribe. I can only hope, given the time of the posting, that you were severely the worse for wear when you wrote it.

For the record, the "jobsworth tit of a steward" is an unpaid K's fan - as all our stewards are - who is unable to open the seated end due to the law of the land. We absolutely HATE that we can't stand behind the goal, as K's fans have always done, particularly as that is our 'home' end - the end we traditionally attacked in the second half. Our stewards would love to be able to open it up, but they are not allowed to do so.

I thought it was a great game - your side's passing game a joy to watch as always. Best of luck for the rest of the season.

The Kingston Road End (blog)

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Re: Kingstonian

By Colchester Don (legacy user)7/9/2014 20:26Sun Sep 7 20:26:16 2014In response to Re: KingstonianTop of thread

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Why aren't they allowed to open it up? What's so dangerous about it? Jus' askin.

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Re: Kingstonian

By Paul Butler (legacy user)8/9/2014 01:05Mon Sep 8 01:05:21 2014In response to Re: KingstonianTop of thread

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Still (having sobered up) fail to see the logic or reasoning for this - I've never seen stewards anywhere near the stand at Hampton behind the goal, what's the difference?

And just because someone is an unpaid volunteer they don't have to act like a jobsworth, and then spend the second half fishing for a bite once the home side got back into the game, an arsehole is an arsehole whether he's paid or not.

It's unfortunately now on the "places to avoid" list along with Hornchurch (can't get behind the goal unless you're a mile away) and East Thurrock (arse end of nowhere) which is a shame as it's a decent ground if used properly, and the Wimbledon improvements have aesthetically done it the world of good.

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Re: Kingstonian

By Hendonboy (legacy user)8/9/2014 21:03Mon Sep 8 21:03:53 2014In response to Re: KingstonianTop of thread

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I haven't read it, but there's a lengthy government guide that outlines the do's and don'ts of football stadia safety known as "The Green Book".

It's not strictly law as far as I'm aware, but all stadia have to be licensed by the local authority and it's likely that as part of the criteria agreed between AFC Wimbledon and Kingston Council for opening that particular stand a number of stewards that are simply unrealistic for most Ryman League clubs are needed. Those requirements could be based on the green guide, or simply laid down by the local council as part of the planning conditions/safety certificate. If it's opened without meeting whatever pre-requisites have been agreed then they could potentially have their certificate revoked and the stadium closed.

I've got sympathy with Kingstonian on that one, leaving aside whatever issues there might or might not have been with the manner in which that was then communicated to you, which is another issue entirely.

Hendon FC Supporters Trust

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Fussball Geheime Staatspolizei

By alan ainsworth (legacy user)8/9/2014 16:04Mon Sep 8 16:04:33 2014In response to Re: KingstonianTop of thread

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I hesitate to make a statement along the lines of "It's not really the Law of the Land" - firstly because Oxford K isn't an idiot & secondly because some of the laws drafted purely for association football-related behaviour/situations are as comical as they're scary.
I'd imagine that K's don't open the stand because it's large enough to require significant levels of compulsory stewarding. Whether this is down to a specific and clearly defined piece of legislation is doubtful, though it may well be. It's probably down to FA regulations that are their interpretation of a club's duties under the 116 pages of toilet paper that constitutes the 1974 Health & Safety at Work Act... an interpretation that will have been arrived at as a result of expensive legal advice.
Practical considerations would suggest that stewarding requirements for a stand would be based on the capacity of the stand - or the area of the stand that's open. It might well be a case of things like fire exits having to be manned if they open the stand - ridiculous if there are going to be fifty people in it, but officially necessary.
It may actually be a law, it may not be, but failure to comply with it can see blazers in action.
Association Football, which may soon stand as the only legally acceptable Opium of the People, does have some daft regulations, designed to control the passions and emotions the Parasitocracy continues to channel into it. While behaviour that would see people arrested in any other environment is actively encouraged, many actions that wouldn't or oughtn't attract a glance in any other environment are criminal offences.
Take that guy sentenced last week for running on the pitch and booting the ball away at a free-kick in a WHU v. THFC game. Quite laughably, there was outrage in many quarters when the judge treated the incident as a joke, fined the bloke £300 and didn't issue a banning order. My attitude to that is, hoy the bugger out of the ground, take his name and leave any disciplinary action to the relevant club. The courts are sufficiently overworked as it is, without this sort of rubbish - which should be "civil" rubbish: minor trespass and nothing more - clogging them up.

Take this jolly fellow by way of contrast: the big lad in the green baseball cap, having a conversation with the linesman and attempting to reach the referee... before five stewards struggle to haul him to the touchline.
This stushie was last weekend, in front of a 45,000 crowd in neutral Limerick for a Kerry v. Mayo Gaelic Football semi-final repaly. The grey-haired bloke in the black shirt is a member of the Mayo coaching staff and is entitled to be on the field, though he's not permitted to grab most of the opposition players by the throat in turn. The other unbibbed dramatis personae are fans.
What punishment do you reckon the big man got?
Er. None. Ushered back to his seat/terrace and that was the end of it.
"Entering the field of play" is not a specific offence, though there have been recent attempts to make it one - in the annual congress of the Gaelic Athletic Association, I should add; not in parliament by the ruddy government!
The bloke was buttonholed for pictures by fans of both teams in a burger joint after the game - sort of Wealdstone Raider deal - and, though there has been some disapproval, has generally been treated as a hero in Mayo. This in a sport where a dozen refs have been seriously f***ed-over in the last two or three years, though at lower levels than All-Ireland semi-finals.

As for Kingstonian, their stewards do tend towards the... er... "cuboid craniumed"... is that a cromulent phrase?... is it "racist"?... when it comes to discharging their duties.
The club should have been playing as AFC Kingston on a park pitch just after the turn of the Millennium. The Wombles saving their sorry ass was unfortunate. As the Wombles handing Kingsmeadow over to them would be unfortunate.
Personally, I reckon the NIMBYs in SW17 and the discordant elements on the council will thwart AFCW's plans for the Pissoir at the far end of Plough Lane. Who the hell wants a 30,000 capacity football ground at the end of their road?
Write to Boris or your MP now and urge him/her to support the redevelopment of London's only remaining Greyhound track. Brent Cross going up on the site - ish - of Hendon Stadium was bad enough, but to lose a track to that bunch of self-righteous.... Ahem!

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A real team effort

By rwakeley (legacy user)7/9/2014 11:39Sun Sep 7 11:39:37 2014In response to KingstonianTop of thread

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What impressed me most yesterday was our organisation - the K's have a distinct way of playing - to the degree where you can telegraph in advance to the very instance. We harried them and imposed our own credentials.
Lee and Elliot for me were outstanding. Casey was sublime until withdrawn, a real blow.
The real star for me was the lad Murphy. You look at players we've had from Barnet and frankly if they've made the grade their - he looks of a similar mode.
I thought we swithced off for their first, showing a tad complacency, which galvanized their rear-guard action.
The final third reminded me of a game there a couple of years ago when we lost it in the final quarter. We needed an outlet that day and as of yesterday the same criteria. It's unfortunate that like most clubs we have restricted options when our squad is stretched. I would love to have seen a blast of pace from Aaron as they surged forward. Don't know where he was. Flegg was on the car-park at 2.40pm with this bike helmet on. I think it's fair to say the lad didn't expect to participate. This is what we have to-do. It's fine margins like this that make a real difference.
That's four points out of six on the road against real, (percieved), opposition and that's testimony to the management for setting us up and the players whom gave every ounce.
The K's have been a benchmark for consistency, grinding out results and tight fought wins. We're to date replicating that mentality.
We have to maintain our home form.
In the grand scheme of things I maintain we have shown material improvement as we have progressed.
Nothing but respect for the lads yesterday.


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