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Pay Attention At The Back There!

By alan ainsworth (legacy user)13/7/2014 23:01Sun Jul 13 23:01:50 2014

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I know nobody reads the NLP nowadays, but this was in it today:

Where Are They Now?

Hendon - Barassi Cup Winners 1973.

The sands of time have done nothing to dampen John Evans' memories of Hendon winning the European Amateur Cup. Even though it is 41 years since Hendon beat Italian amateur cup winners Unione Calcistioa Valdinievole over two legs, Evans still remembers it like it was yesterday.
Hendon were invited to play in the Barassi Cup in 1973 after beating North London rivals Enfield to win their third FA Amateur Cup at Wembley. In the four seasons previously, Evans had seen Leytonstone, North Shields, Enfield and Skelmersdale United all win the competition. But now Evans had built one of the best sides amateur football had ever seen, one that was packed full of internationals and Olympians who had very few equals.
Hendon already had experience of Italian opposition after playing host to Torino in a friendly match in September 1971. The Turin side were in London prior to taking on Tottenham Hotspur in the Anglo-Italian Cup-Winners' Cup and wanted a practice match. Hendon provided the opposition and even though they lost 3-1, the experience was to prove to be invaluable 12 months later.
Goals from Bobby Childs and Rod Haider were enough to see Hendon win the first leg at Claremont Road and Evans reminisces with fond memories.
"I looked at Leytonstone and Enfield with envy when they played in this competition so to have the chance to be involved in it was a joy," said Evans. "What did it for us was winning that first leg, but we had already played Torino and they destroyed our shape. It was a huge learning curve for when we played the first leg of the Barassi Cup. You have to remember this was all at a time when you couldn't find out a lot about teams. When Unione came to us they looked very sleek but the goal from Bobby Childs took the wind out of their sails. What a goal that was. It enabled us to puff out our chests and look forward to the second leg."
They needed the two-goal cushion for the return as the Italians used every trick in the book to try and put them off. Hendon even had to play with the handicap of having John Baker sent off, but they still managed to secure a 1-1 draw thanks to a Tony Bass effort.
Evans added: "It was an achievement for us because it was quite hostile out there. You don't want to hear about some of the things that were going on. It was something that we were not used to. Some of the things we went through were infuriating, but I don't really want to go into it. It was intimidating but it was important that we kept our shape and held our nerve. We got a lovely goal from Tony Bass after Gary Hand did the damage down the left. then they scrambled a horrible mucky goal towards the end of the game to get the draw, but we came away with the trophy. It was a huge experience for us."

The team photo shows them lining-up in civvies in front of the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Disgraceful lack of kipper ties, but some styleless pullovers on display. Jimmy Wilsonham wins the barnet contest. Gary Hand is the worst dressed; Bobby Childs arguably the coolest clad and the only man in shades.

Tony Bass - An England Amateur striker with Tottenham Hotspur, Enfield and Dagenham who worked as a postman for 26 years. He still lives in Dagenham and has delivered coffee for the last 14 years.
Alan Phillips - Wales & Great Britain international centre-back, who for many years was an accountant with Heinz foods. He was based in Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire.
Tony Jennings - Right-back who captained and managed the England semi-professional side. He also managed Carshalton and worked in a London market. is now based in the West Country.
Arthur Paisley - A long-serving goalkeeper who worked for a shipping line and is now retired and based in Chalfont St. Peter near Gerrards Cross in Buckinghamshire.
John Swannell - One of the finest England international goalkeepers in amateur football. A transport manager, then a warehouse manager, who now works for an electronics firm while living in Surrey.
John Baker - A prolific marksman who was an England Youth international, he worked in the family fruit and veg industry in Hayes market for all his working life but now lives in Frimley, Surrey, in retirement.
Derek Baker - A left-winger who was reserve team manager at Barking. He worked ina Degenham factory, Dagenite Batteries, and then became a logistics manager in the City of London before retiring.
Jimmy Wilsonham - Midfielder who did various jobs including owning a fish stall and working in a fruit and veg market. He liven in Dagenham until his death in January 2005, aged 58.
Fred Pudney - A midfielder who had two spells with Hendon, and a lengthy stint at Dulwich Hamlet. He worked at Smithfield meat market before doing the Knowledge and becoming a London Taxi driver.
John Muir - A physio with the NHS who, after retiring, moved to Derbyshire and lived in Chesterfield until his death in July 200, aged 74.
Phil Fry - An England Amateur international defender who worked as an engineer, before opening up a garage in Weald Park and now lives in Brentwood.
Bobby Childs - Midfielder who scored against Hendon for Wealdstone in the 1966 Amateur Cup Final. He worked as a toolmaker but died in June 1989, aged just 45.
Peter Deadman - England and Great Britain international centre-back who was an analytical chemist at the Bank of England printing works before going to work with children in east London and Essex.
Walter Koller - Swiss winger joined Hendon when he worked for the International Master Printers Association. Now lives in Lake Geneva and is a managing director for a real estate business.
Gary Hand - Left-back who served Hendon as both player and manager. He was audit director at Capital Consultants, and now runs G Hand & Company in Garston, near Watford.
Rod Haider - England's most capped amateur international. A midfielder who worked in the insurance industry for all his working life, but is now retired and living in Wokingham, Berkshire.
John Evans - Manager and former Millwall, Hendon and Wales amateur. He was a PE, metalwork and latterly a design teacher in Dagenham, but is now retired and living in Great Bentley, Essex.

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By alan ainsworth (legacy user)13/7/2014 23:06Sun Jul 13 23:06:56 2014In response to Pay Attention At The Back There!Top of thread

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...I've forgotten how to use this board to do proper paragraphs and bold text and stuff!
Anyhow, very nice of Mr. Evans not to offend anyone by delving too deeply into what those dastardly Eye-ties got up to.
Oh, and make sure not to invite Fred Pudney to a game. Smithfield Market Porter AND Black Cab Driver?
Bugger me! I reckon Jerry Sadowitz would be offended by his language!

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Re: Apologies...

By Hendonboy (legacy user)14/7/2014 12:03Mon Jul 14 12:03:47 2014In response to Apologies...Top of thread

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Paragraphs are easy - just hit enter twice and you get a new paragraph

Bold text needs a little bit of markup like this [ b ] text to make bold [ /b ] (delete the spaces inside the square brackets)

Hendon FC Supporters Trust

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Also an article on Edgware Town

By Mallorca Don (legacy user)15/7/2014 17:46Tue Jul 15 17:46:40 2014In response to Re: Apologies...Top of thread

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There is also an "interesting" article in the NLP about the welcome return of Edgware Town.

Apparently the Manzi brothers, Edgware chairman Anthony and owner manager Dan have tried several times since 2008 to do a deal on Silver Jubilee Park, but only managed it last year at the right price. They have spent in the region of £500,000 getting the ground up to scratch and they've got a 3G surface going in. They are hopeful Hendon will come and ground share with them next season.

Hendon FC @ Wembley - If the future looks bleak, relive the past

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Re: Also an article on Edgware Town

By John Rice (legacy user)15/7/2014 21:38Tue Jul 15 21:38:02 2014In response to Also an article on Edgware TownTop of thread

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I don't subscribe to the NLP so cannot access the article. The AGM will be lively I suspect. The details you gave differ from what has been said in other forms. It is a disturbing development if true and a less favourable option for us for the future. Not one I personally feel we should entertain.

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Re: Also an article on Edgware Town

By SteveHFC (legacy user)15/7/2014 21:41Tue Jul 15 21:41:39 2014In response to Re: Also an article on Edgware TownTop of thread

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What is in that article - as suggested by Mallorca Don - is not my understanding based on conversations I've had with both Rob Morris and Simon Lawrence.

My understanding is that the Manzi brothers AND Rob are the ones who own and run Silver Jubilee Park - and both clubs will effectively be permanent tenants. I'm sure Rob & Simon will clarify at the AGMs in a couple of weeks.

I suspect the NLP have been selective with the facts, which sadly is something they are all too often guilty of, and it is one reason I've not bought it for many years. I learnt a long time ago not to believe everything that is printed in the NLP.

I've just emailed Rob asking him to clarify the situation - and will let you know when I get a reply.

Greensnet - The Official Hendon FC Website
Hendon FC Supporters Trust Official Website

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Re: Also an article on Edgware Town

By Mallorca Don (legacy user)16/7/2014 01:17Wed Jul 16 01:17:52 2014In response to Re: Also an article on Edgware TownTop of thread

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Just to reign back the indignation a little.

What I think is being proposed here, an all weather pitch in a stadium for use all week round by the local community shared by two much loved (in their day) local senior football teams, Hendon and Edgware
sounds utopia to me and can anybody see any other way senior non league football in North London
can survive.

My only concern is that I have not heard of the Manzi brothers involvement before so I am not sure
who is being selective with the facts. They must be genuine non league football fans to be so passionate about Edgware so personally I have no issues with their involvement. I am sure we all have a soft spot for Edgware Town and the current desecration of their iconic White Lion Ground is upsetting to us all.

It's just that if I had any friends, and they were sad geeks like me who followed non league football, it would have been embarrasing for them to read what has been said in NLP contradicting what I had previously thought was going on.

I will be great to just have it all cleared up at the AGM.


Hendon FC @ Wembley - If the future looks bleak, relive the past

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Re: Also an article on Edgware Town

By SteveHFC (legacy user)16/7/2014 07:22Wed Jul 16 07:22:34 2014In response to Re: Also an article on Edgware TownTop of thread

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I've had a reply from Rob - essentially what I said is correct.

He's putting something together with more detail on how things will work at SJP and who is involved, which will go on the website at some point in the next few days.

Completely understand the concerns given what was in the NLP.

Greensnet - The Official Hendon FC Website
Hendon FC Supporters Trust Official Website

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Re: Also an article on Edgware Town

By Paul Butler (legacy user)16/7/2014 09:55Wed Jul 16 09:55:22 2014In response to Re: Also an article on Edgware TownTop of thread

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I had raised this issue on the Facebook group, whether we were to just be tenants at a smaller club's ground (similar to at Wembley and Harrow) or whether we would actually be a part of SJP as our own place, whether shared with Edgware Town or not, there's a big difference.

I think the most important thing for us as fans at the moment is transparency, and being kept informed of what's going on. Local papers and now the NLP have just clouded the issue.

I look forward to reading what Rob Morris puts out.

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By Rob Morris (legacy user)16/7/2014 11:17Wed Jul 16 11:17:16 2014In response to Re: Also an article on Edgware TownTop of thread

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Silver Jubilee Park is owned by Brent Council who have granted Kingsbury Town Management Co a 30 year renewable lease which has 14 years to run. KTMCL are currently in negotiations with Brent Council to extend this lease agreement.

KTMCL is owned by Robert Morris and Arrow Investments who have an equal share holding. Arrow investments is owned by the Manzi family who also run Edgware Town FC.

The arrangement will be similar to the San Siro where two clubs share a home ground and I see this as the only sustainable viable model for non league clubs. Having a home with a great facility with a large number of people using each week will open up many commercial opportunities for Hendon and further reinforce its long term stability.

The introduction of a large youth section introduces a new younger fan base and brings the club to the community. There are a number of other exciting partnerships and sponsorship deals being negotiated at the moment and I will hopefully reveal more at the AGM.

Dan Manzi will also be attending the AGM and we will be happy to discuss all the plans for SJP and clarify any points that may have caused confusion or concern.

I look forward to seeing you all on 29th July at SJP

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By John Rice (legacy user)16/7/2014 11:22Wed Jul 16 11:22:27 2014In response to SJPTop of thread

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Thank you very much Rob. What you have outlined is what I understood the situation to be. The NLP article made it sound like Edgware were inviting us. After our experience with Wembley I would not wish to retutn to a similar situation. That would not serve us. I am sure you are aware of what happened there and would not inflict that on us again.

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By Paul Butler (legacy user)16/7/2014 15:20Wed Jul 16 15:20:53 2014In response to Re: SJPTop of thread

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Just like to echo John's sentiments, thanks for clarifying Rob.

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By John Rice (legacy user)19/7/2014 18:10Sat Jul 19 18:10:16 2014In response to Re: SJPTop of thread

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I should have spoken to Rob before posting my comments above. He has always been open and transparent. I will do in future.

Yesterday I dropped into SJP to see the ongoing work. Have to say a remarkable amount has been achieved in a matter of days. Also spoke to Rob today and he filled me in with a bit more info. I would urge everyone to please attend the AGMs on 29 July because it is a chance to ask questions and find out what is planned. You can find out about the future planned for the club. So many meetings and phone calls have been made and IF it all goes through and we can play there we have a fantastic future. IF we can play there (it is not definite yet) we won't have to pay rent. That is incredibly generous and makes a huge saving. See you on 29 July

The future is bright, the future is green and white.

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